Google’s hybrid Cloud Services Platform is now available in beta

googles hybrid cloud services platform is now available in beta

Google today announced that its Cloud Services Platform is now available in beta — part of a larger effort to expand the range of options for enterprise customers.
The company originally announced CSP at Google Cloud Next last year. The new platform is designed to offer greater flexibility for companies that want a mix of services — based on-premise and in the cloud.
“CSP gives you the freedom to modernize your applications at your own pace, innovate faster, and improve operational security and governance,” Google Cloud vice president Eyal Manor wrote in a blog post.
Enterprise customers face a daunting challenge in adapting legacy systems to the era of cloud-based computing. Google hopes that CSP can ease that transition, allowing companies to do some cloud-native application development while continuing to operate existing networks.
CSP uses Kubernetes, an open source platform originally developed by Google, to launch and manage microservices, or self-contained applications designed to be more reliable and faster.
The beta version includes tools such as CSP Config Management to enable more complex policies by simplifying deployment. Use of CSP also allows access to the Google Cloud marketplace of applications.
Source: VentureBeat

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