iOS 12 passes 70% adoption in 77 days while Android Pie remains a mystery

Uptake of Apple’s iOS 12 operating system for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches continues to grow, a new Apple update revealed today, as a full 70 percent of all iOS devices are now on the latest major release. The milestone was reached December 3, or 77 days after the operating system’s September 17 debut.
Once again, Apple has provided two sets of statistics — one for all devices, and a second, higher number of 72 percent adoption for devices “sold in the last four years.” In both cases, the gains came largely at the expense of iOS 11, which lost around 10 percent of its users to iOS 12, while earlier versions of iOS continue to hold onto a less than 10 percent share — a shrinking 9 percent of all devices, versus a stable 7 percent of devices sold in the last four years.
Unlike Apple, which has provided continued updates showing the growth of iOS 12, Google’s Android developers page hasn’t been updated since late October, when Android 9 Pie apparently represented under 0.1 percent of the Android userbase.
Google released Pie in early August 2018, and most recently put out an updated version just yesterday, though relatively few Android devices appear to be running the release. Android 9’s numbers could go up over the next month or two, however, as new devices are sold through the holidays with the latest OS preinstalled.

Source: VentureBeat
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