Mukesh Ambani and his family increase personal shareholding in Reliance Industries

  • Mukesh Ambani, wife Neeta, daughter Isha and both sons took shares in the open market
  • Reliance Industries promoter firm Tatvam Enterprises also bought shares
  • A total of 9145 crore shares were purchased, these shares were sold by another promoter firm Devarshi Commercials

Mukesh Ambani, his family members and a promoter firm bought shares worth Rs 9,145 crore of Reliance Industries. Shares were bought on Friday through the open market. Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries, bought 2,68,308 shares, despite another news surfaced on multiple media houses that Mukesh Ambani is out of the list of world’s richest people.

Who bought how many shares?

Name / number of shares purchased
Mukesh Ambani 2,68,308
Nita Ambani 7,03,708
Isha Ambani 7,71,220
Akash Ambani 7,73,620
Anant Ambani 73,00,000
Tatvam Enterprises 7,67,35,388

Shares were purchased at a price of Rs. 1077 and 1056
Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani, his wife Neeta, daughter Isha and elder son Akash had an average price of Rs 1,077 for the share purchase, while the average price for the purchase of younger son Anant was Rs 1,056. Tattvam Enterprises LLP also received shares at a price of Rs 1,056. All of them bought shares from another promoter firm of Reliance, Devarshi Commercials LLP.

Mukesh Ambani had 0.12% shares as of December 2019.
As of December 2019, Reliance shareholding held 6.97% of Reliance Industries and Devarshi Commercials held 11.48% of the shares held by Reliance. Mukesh Ambani had 0.12% shares. Neeta Ambani, Isha and Akash had shareholding of 0.11–0.11 per cent.

Reliance Industries shares fell 0.86% on Friday
Devarshi Commercials also sold shares worth Rs 11,000 crore on Wednesday. The shares were bought by Samarjit Enterprises LLP, the promoter firm of Reliance Industries itself. On Friday, the Reliance Industries stock closed at Rs 1065.50, down 0.86% on the BSE.

Guess What?

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Tatvam Enterprises Also belongs to Ambani’s, The designated partner of the promoter firm Tatvam Enterprises is none other than Anant Mukesh Ambani


    • Tata Trust donates 1500 crores for the nation n Reliance family out in the market buying shares, while India reels under an epidemic.

  1. By the way who’re the partners of Devarshi ? Is it owned by any of the Ambanies ? Are they buying and selling their own shares through various entities and under different entities to stop the falling of share price by creating false demands ? I’m just curious about the legalities of these transactions. I’m sure they must be taking advantage of all the loopholes in the Company’s Act.

  2. Why are animals not dying because of the Covid 19 is there anything in them as to not get infected. Can be make the cure for covid 19 from their dna Or something. Just a thought.

  3. Ambanis are real business men and
    Just imagine they r busy buying shares in this times
    And I am sure they haven’t given any money to the cause of covid
    Simply Great indians
    we got their inner intentions
    All Indian must boycott all such industrialists

  4. Ambani’s are selfish persons they will not donate to corona virus it’s shame see Tata trust they have donated 1500 crores.

  5. Enko kali paise Chaiye.. Bass lena hai dena kuch nahi hai… Kidhar tata jaise loc and kider es jaise loc.. Unko Bolna nahi padta donate karo.. Or apko Bolna pdta hai kuch to sharam karo..

  6. A business man/men or industrialists, particularly big business houses main aim is their profit and they will take any step for it. Their associates or friends companies are incidental and instruments of their play. Excepting few business houses like tatas and wipro most of the big business houses most of the big business houses having political links are self profit oriented

  7. Sonia auntie,Rahul baba,privanka Babi and vadhera Bhaiya..
    Together the richest family in the world should also do some thing for the nation…as rightly pointed out by meneka Gandhi…Sonia auntie brought nothing in her dahej and yet becomes the richest woman…should pay something to the very country she has looted over the years


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