Learning with Edtech can give a new perspective on career growth and development

Learning with Edtech can give a new perspective on career growth and development

India, which has a knowledge-based economy, has been working diligently to advance its educational system. An increase in young professionals seeking and expecting flexible job possibilities is supporting these initiatives even more as the need for tech-savvy competent people is at an all-time high.

The nation’s development must include investment in education, human capital, and training. The Indian economy will grow and excellent outcomes will be ensured by a highly qualified workforce. Digital advances can speed up this process. Automation progress and the need for new skills to equip the working population for the future are typically interrelated. In the same perspective, it is now essential for educational institutions and governments to modernize the conventional course structure with digital involvement and enhance the regular pedagogy with skill-based learning and development.


The necessity of a democratic and fair learning environment

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Having a strong learning ecosystem is essential in the present environment so that young people may acquire the education they need. The skills gap between urban and rural learners is growing as many pupils continue to struggle to obtain high-quality education in many places. The education is limited to the already offered traditional academics, which do not satisfy the criteria of future occupations, which only depend on advanced talents combined with an exceptional education.

The basis for lifelong learning is established in school, and incorporating technology into the way that education is delivered may greatly benefit a child’s development and make him or her more holistic. Children may learn and understand things quickly and even remember them effectively thanks to digital and smart classroom technologies. In addition to foreign languages, there are language learning platforms accessible in English, Hindi, and regional languages. These platforms seek to enhance communication skills and allow children to acquire language as a skill. Technology is now spreading outside of metropolitan regions thanks to government initiatives at different state government levels, which is a significant improvement.

Not only do modern technological abilities need to be taught, but also soft skills like inventive conceptualization, decision-making, problem-solving, leadership, and management training.


Importance of the academic study of fundamental skills

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The young of the nation must urgently develop new skills as the economy and technologies continue to advance. Academics with enhanced skills are in high demand. The World Economic Forum estimates that by 2025, 97 million new jobs will be created as a result of the rapidly evolving dynamics between technology and the labour market.

The survey also notes that by 2022, 42% of the fundamental skills required for current employees are anticipated to change. Because of this, the only way to stay up with the pace of the constantly changing corporate environment is to skill up, reskill, and upskill. Companies are now concentrating on hiring highly qualified, future-ready employees who can keep up with the pace of change that technology is bringing to the workplace.

Based on this trend, the government is also emphasizing skill-building opportunities and integrating cutting-edge technologies into its educational practices to expand access to excellent education, further education, certification, and degrees online.

Here, EdTech platforms are making these skills more widely available by offering a wide range of online courses that are specifically adapted to the needs of the youthful workforce. Students and professionals have a higher chance of finding a good job and moving on in their careers because of the upskilling possibilities provided by these platforms.

For professionals in a variety of fields and sectors, EdTech companies use cutting-edge, technologically advanced approaches that simplify and speed up learning. Because they provide the ideal mix of live instruction and pre-recorded courses, digital platforms enable students a wide range of possibilities.


Summing up!

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The benefits of technology improvement in the education sector depend on how well we can use it for skill development and education. Therefore, it has become crucial that our efforts are coordinated to combine government, education, and skill-building to realize the dream of creating a continuous learning ecosystem and providing a supportive environment for young people so that they are prepared for the future and able to propel the country’s growth.

EdTech platforms must be promptly implemented across the country to reduce the skill gap between the available and current workforce. This industry can potentially be a key driver for attaining the objectives, creating a highly efficient environment, and empowering the next generation.

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