LOCKDOWN 3.0! Lockdown in India is likely to extend after 3rd may, situations do not permit lifting of lockdown! India is moving towards a doomsday

The novel coronavirus in mere five months has its hands on more than 200 countries now, India is ranked 16th in the most affected countries by COVID-19. The very first encounter of India from the coronavirus outbreak happened in late January, in Kerala and now at present, the country has more than 35,000 cases of the coronavirus and the death toll has crossed 1,000. 

The government of India declared a national wide lockdown of 21 days on March 24, when 21 days lockdown was imposed there were only 500 above cases reported in India, but as you know some incidents took place in the country that violated the first lockdown, the very first incident that took place and shattered the authorities was the togetherness of 1.7 lakh migrant workers at the Anand Vihar bus station this incident gave birth to a lot of chaos at the place, and almost crooked the decisions of the authorities.

The second incident that shattered the whole country was the congregation of more than 2,100 people at the Nizamuddin, Tablighi Jamaat Markaz, after this incident, the cases of coronavirus infection almost doubled in every state of the country.

Tablighi Jamaat: The group blamed for new Covid-19 outbreak in India - BBC News

Despite of the lockdown in every part of the country, the number of cases was increasing rapidly like a forest fire and the spread of coronavirus became unstoppable to an extent, the government decided to extend the lockdown of 21 days, further till 3rd May in the hope that the extension would lead to control of the coronavirus cases and an end to the coronavirus era in India, but unfortunately, the myth of the government and the people has to be broken now.

Lockdown likely to extend post 3rd May:

Lockdown 2.0 is likely to extend post 3rd may as the centre gave some clear indications on extending the ongoing nationwide lockdown beyond 3rd May but with considerable relaxations to people and services in many districts, in the series of tweets the union home minister said it has held a comprehensive review meeting on the lockdown situation in the country and it has been found that some gains because of the lockdown is evident and can’t be ignored, but it is also said to ensure that these gains are not squandered away, the guidelines should be strictly observed till May 3. 

PM video conferencing meeting with chief ministers:

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Step up activities in a calibrated way, CMs likely to tell PM Modi today | India News,The Indian Express

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday held a video conference with chief ministers to discuss the situation of COVID-19. Several chief ministers who attended the meeting with PM suggested the extension of the lockdown in hotspots areas of the country as the coronavirus cases continue to rise in the country. In some states like Telangana and Punjab, the lockdown has already been extended for weeks beyond 3rd May. 

Day by day the situation of India is getting worse:

There have been 38 days today, since when the lockdown has been extended and the slope of the graph of infected people due to COVID-19 in the country is moving upwards despite of moving downwards. Day by day the situation of the country is getting worst it is a matter of big concern that India’s confirmed coronavirus cases jumped to 35,043 on Friday and the death toll in the country rises to 1,147. In 24 hours the cases have raised 1,993, and this is the highest 1-day jump till now. 

On 24th March, PM Modi On Behalf Of Indian Government Announced A Nationwide lockdown of 21 days, despite lockdown, the number of cases jumped from 468 on 23 March to 11,154 on 14th April and to 35,043 on 1st May 2020 at the time of writing the report. One can easily imagine what will happen to the situation if the lockdown is lifted and people will start moving freely. Is it advisable to remove lockdown in a country where people are not able to maintain social distancing?

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Revisit vaccine policy, consider lockdown to curb virus: SC to Centre | India News,The Indian Express

Such a situation in India do not allow the lifting of the lockdown, because despite of the lockdown extension for weeks there has been no stoppage in the spread of coronavirus rather the cases have been tripled, and lifting of lockdown and allowing normal functioning of work and people in the country will definitely create euphoria of COVID-19 in the nation.

Why there is threat of community spread?

The lifting of lockdown can cause the threat of community spread among the people of the country, India has a total population 135.26 crores, which makes it the second largest populated country of the world, and with such a large population the fear and threat of community spread becomes more and the numbers of positive coronavirus cases can even reach to crores in weeks.

We all know how we travel in metros, trains, buses. In our country the public transports like buses, local train, metro etc. are three times occupied from its usual capacity, especially in office hours the crowd in these public transports is unmanageable. Now, you can imagine how well we maintain the social distancing in markets public places and in public transports, how many times do we even wash hands, how many of us use sanitizers, how many of us wear mask.

 So in such a situation maintaining lockdown is necessary to avoid the community spread in India. Because even during the lockdown people have gathered at religious places and only gods know, what are they going to do when the lockdown will open.

How does coronavirus spread: Community spread and COVID-19

How India is moving towards a Doomsday situation?

A doomsday situation means such time or event of a crisis that becomes so much dangerous that it can even lead to the last day of the world’s existence. 

India is moving towards a doomsday as it has almost become impossible for the government to stop the spread of coronavirus, the outbreak of coronavirus has left no part of the country untouched, and it has drastically affected each and every section of the country from the health of the people to the economy of the country. 

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It is that situation in the country where the people and the government are in a huge dilemma, because if people start moving out of their houses for work and occupation the havoc coronavirus will kill them, and if they stay inside, the poverty and hunger will kill them. In such a situation of trench and well people have started becoming more anxious, depressed, and frustrated.  

The spread of the coronavirus infection is taking up speed day by day in India, because of which more and more people are being found infected by the coronavirus, the lockdown has also failed to control the spread of the virus and the condition of the Indian economy is also not hidden from anyone, the former chief economic advisor of the government has said that the country should prepare for negative growth rate. The Fitch solutions have also revised down the forecast for India’s FY2020-21 (April 2020 to March 2021) real GDP growth to 1.8 percent, from 4.6 percent previously. 

Thus, the situation of the country is becoming worst and India is moving towards doomsday, the government has to come up and find out some more effective solutions besides just lockdown if it wants to save its people and economy from this tsunami of coronavirus. because to avoid such a situation the Indian government does not even have enough treasure and resources to feed the people of their country while they are safe inside their home, in fact, the government is itself is very poor that it has to demand for money and donations from the public in order to arrange resources.

So something favourable and effective has to be done to save India from becoming the nation of dead bodies.

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