Problems faced by the nurses in India

Nursing is the bidding bond of the society, and with the help of nurses, hospitals can run so smoothly and fast. Yet there are ways through which becoming a nurse in India can be a particular stagnancy in your career. Not only do these nurses have lower pay from their subordinates, but at the same time, they are not treated with dignity and respect.

These common problems are the primary source through which nurses are forming protests, and you can see them rallying up with the same team on various matters. They have a lot of potential in their subject and their occupation, but with the lack of recognition, they don’t find the career interest or going.

Common problems faced by nurses in India

Here are the common issues which are faced by nurses in India. And they have to deal with the same regularly.

Lack of respect

The main or the most common problem which happens to these nurses is the lack of connection into the sphere where they are working. Nurses feel the lack of importance from their peers during their work. They are not seen in the same eyes as their supervisors. Even their colleagues and neither their patients, no one understands the importance of having these nurses around. It is hard for somewhere to work inside an environment where they are shown little to no respect at all. This is the utmost problem that takes place, and stern action should be made for it.

Low rise and pay

From time to time, this has been the topic of debate for people from all around. Nurses do have a small fee, and that is a point that hasn’t been changed over the past few years in India. Most people will think that working as a nurse inside a private hospital will get you the best of pay, but this is a complete myth and hides the real fact nowadays. Most of the nurses don’t have the remuneration as high as their co-workers, and this causes dissatisfaction in their job role.

Always not chosen as the first cut

When it comes to maintaining a hospital and taking care of their patient’s, then nurses are the one who makes it to the top. They work off, day and night to make sure that the needs of the hospitals are met right on time. But with the problems and the discrimination which are set and faced by the team, they are not chosen as the first cut at all. Most of them are remembered at the last hour, and this is why their pay scale lacks so much in the incentive part.

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Discrimination standards are high in India

If you are a female nurse in India, then the discrimination standards will be set high. The problem with the Indian people is the lack of education towards a particular subject and the lack of manners towards a specific gender or profession. Most of the people will think that being a female nurse in a private hospital is a complete tedious job, and it is of a low standard to society. The discrimination bars are set high, especially when the gender role comes to play in it.

Tending duration and longer working hours

Being a nurse means that you have to bid a farewell to your social life. A nurse in India is made to work day and night to the job role that they play, being a nurse in India is not a great thing because it comes with a lot of dissatisfaction from the people themselves. With tending hours and longer duration of works, everyone in the medical industry will think that they are the trashcan of the unit, and they will treat them in that respect. These nurses are not taken much care of. Instead, they are made to work like mad lads over and out.

Multitasking all at once

When it comes to attending all the tasks at once, then the nurses are the ones who are handed out the duties. Multitasking is one of the parts of their job role. Being a nurse in India means that you will have to take care of the reception work and, at the same time, make sure that the patients are doing well or not. It is just like handling and juggling all the things at once until someone readily quits for the role due to a lack of tolerance level.

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Increased exposure to all the infections

These nurses in India are not taken much care of when it comes to attending the sick patients. They tend to take care of them with the usage of no to minimal precaution for visiting the exposure that the patient is facing. Comparing to the other medical healthcare professionals from all around the world, India is an underdeveloped country and still at its ruins. This occurs mainly because about 67% of the nurses tend to catch the infection when the patient sneezes or coughs in front of them.

Lack of medical healthcare insurance

When you are working for a therapeutic community, then you are bound to have medical healthcare insurance as well. It can help you to get secured adequately for the type of work that you do. Nurses in India are not guaranteed to the kind of work that they do, and it can be a massive denominator from their end. They need to have proper care of the scenario which is faced from all around.

Find your goal and stay put

These common problems faced by these nurses from all around India are what falters the hope of the youngsters to become one someday. So if you are aspiring to be one, don’t worry. These are the standard and logical problems that happen in every working sphere where you step in. If you have the determination to work and set your goals right, then nothing can stop you from becoming successful.

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