Top 10 Promising and Scalable Startups in Pune 2022

Top 10 Promising and Scalable Startups in Pune 2022

With the most efficient ecosystem that has been evolving in Pune, the city has been called the seventh most populous city in India and the third largestr city in the state of Maharashtra. It has been named the city for the coming age of entrepreneurs.

The city has given a significant rise in recent years in the sectors of health tech, SAAS, automobiles and many other different kinds of industries. To some level, it does lack behind the metres when it comes to the sectors of food tech and e-commerce.

The city has witnessed a lot of ex-enterprise resources in the different products and services along with the rich pool of tech developers, product managers, software managers and India’s largest education hub that has been working with the best kind of teamwork and techniques in the city.

The city has been known to be the boost of Symbiosis University, Bharati Vidyapeeth, Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Vishwakarma Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Science Education and Research with even others as well.

top 10 best and most reputed startups in pune 2022 - inventiva

One of the significant chunks of the funding process for Pune startups in 2016 has come so far to Helpshift, with around $23 million from Microsoft Ventures and Salesforce Ventures in June. The city has been known to be the cultural capital of Maharashtra, and primarily for business, the town has been known to be the favourable condition where many people can start the business they want to.

In recent times, Pune has got some success and is one of the fastest-growing industries in the sectors in IT, automobile and manufacturing and many other famous kinds of startups.

The sector of “Start-up” has become one of the most familiar words these days. It is called the first stage of establishing a business. It works with the primary objective of developing distinctive products or different services that are needed and more demanded by the customers. At the initial stage, the startup does not have a high amount of money to invest from the investors.

The city has emerged as one place to be called one of India’s most attractive and popular kinds of startup hubs. It is called to be the home of many educational institutions and give many opportunities to students and people who come to the city.

Pune has offered many talented people from their city and has given the capacity to become the place to provide the best global companies. The city has some great angel investors or different investment firms, but the city has yet to move on from the traditional manufacturing sector.


the rise of startup advisors and micro ecommerce sites

The city has some coworking spaces that are few as compared to the other cities, and despite the most affordable real estate and the quality of life, still Pune lacks some of the most significant opportunities for most of the entrepreneurs as there have been some of the very few startup events. The well-known Blume Ventures has completely invested their trust and money with the city of Pune in the different kinds of funds.

Let’s take a detailed look at each of the startups working in the city and has been providing the best of services to the people and

making the most from the hard work and dedication with the help of their employees and other kinds of helpful investors with their investment funds of firms.

1. Plobal

plobal mobile apps builder - stunning mobile apps trusted by the world's largest brands | shopify app store

It is called the facility to do it yourself, known to be a native application development platform, claiming to help most businesses or organizations and early-stage start-ups develop their application in less than 10 minututes.

The company has helped in the procedure from building the apps to building up the communities and even provides the facility of leveraging the high speed of the push notifications to make a kind of platform where you can even have the right audience.

The company even provides their helping hand in keeping its customers coming back with the native mobile application. Using a drag and drop builder, you can design a beautiful, powerful app with zero code. This is the kind of market with a growing community of application subscribers with the most relevant and personalized push notifications.

The company is trusted with the most distinguished Shopify and the Shopify Plus brands like the Sniper Gang, Baby Online, Bailey’s Blossoms and many other prominent brands that have been connected with this company.

The company does not only build the apps for their customers, and they even carve out the most comprehensive mobile commerce success journey for their customers. In recent years, every kind of business has understood the importance of having a mobile application to make the whole procedure of their business easy for them and their customers.

There are different steps involved in maintaining a mobile commerce success journey like building a great mobile app, driving installs using targeted campaigns, and personalized applications with the help of the Artificial Intelligence Automated push notifications to boost retention. The two-year-old start-up has even partnered with some international e-commerce players to help their company’s merchants.

Company Overview    

         Legal Name Plobal Tech Pvt Ltd. 
          Industries E-commerce & Mobile
         Founder(s) Abhishek Jain & Atul Poharkar 
         Founded Date               2014
Total Funding Amount                NA
             Investors             Acquired

2. Altizon Systems

learn how iot is transforming the die casting industry - webinar - youtube

This company is an Internet of Things, in short, (IoT) platform that has been there in the city helping different companies to build the products and the number of solutions in a few weeks by offering a device connectivity kit, a device management layer, a scalable real-time, big data analytics engine and an alerting and monitoring services.

In February 2016, the company closed a $4million round of series A funding from the well-known Wipro Ventures, Lumia Partners, Infuse Ventures and The Hive. The company brings the most considerable IoT and operational intelligence together to bring power for a digital kind of transformation journey of the different enterprises.

 It is one-in-all called a products company that has paid their focus on the Internet of Things. These products build different data-driven applications to help their connected customers. Their new customers gain insight, boost operational efficiencies, and even make a competitive edge.

The company is striving towards the goal for appreciation and bringing more innovations in technology and with the needs or requirements of the business or organizations.

 It has the most fantastic approach, which involves tapping into the data sources from the Internet of things as they are found under leverage. The platform of Altizon Systems offers reasonable solutions and even powers them with a complete, secure, manageable, available land and a reliable kind of platform which is entirely designed for the emerging markets to give them the service of the unbeatable TCO.

The company began their journey by developing the best solutions for the industrial Internet for most new markets and has worked with its diligent services in its workplace based in Pune.

Company Overview

           Legal Name Atlizon Systems Pvt Ltd. 
             Industries Big data, Industrial & Wireless
           Founder(s) Ranjit Nair, Vinay Nathan & Yogesh Kulkarni
         Founded Date                2013
Total Funding Amount            $11 Million
             Investors HIVE Ventures & Wipro Ventures 

3. Arcatron Mobility

arcatron mobility raises $100k funding - inc42 media

Want the best design for wheelchairs? Then, a platform of Arcatron Mobility is considered the best for all because it is the one place in the city which has been designing some of the most competent kinds of wheelchairs to assist people with the most limited mobility.

It is constantly launching more and more of its innovations. The company even claims to be India’s first shower and commode wheelchair designed to make the easy movement for the people who need the wheelchair to ease the use process like using the restroom and taking a bath for the individuals with the limited circle of mobility.

 The company has raised a total undisclosed amount in the process of seed funding from the well-known investors called the Angel investors. It is called India’s fastest-growing and hot selling in terms of their wheelchairs.

 The company works with the vision and mission to provide advanced global assisted living standards and even make it more dignified and safer. Arcatron is now building the next generation of devices to make people’s lives better with their service and even ensure their best elderly care needs.

The company’s motto is “Purpose Driven Innovation”, which steers the people to apply for the engineering and technology to make the products aimed at solving the unmet needs of every elder in the city. People have been giving a lot of good reviews as they are very much humbled and give guidance in working with a fantastic group of passionate followers.

They have foldable wheelchairs, commode wheelchairs, shower commode wheelchairs and travel wheelchairs. It is an Indian startup that has been building products for all those who have suffered from disabilities. The company has reinvented with the most durable products, with the home delivery, product warranty, and excellent customer support.

Company Overview

           Legal Name Arcatron Mobility Pvt Ltd.
             Industries Assisted Living, Hardware & Healthcare
           Founder(s) Dewaj Baruah, Ganesh Sonawane, Kunal Kamble & Laxmikant Banjarey
         Founded Date              2015
 Total Funding Amount           $464.8 K
             Investors Artha India Ventures & Ketan Dalal

4. Tork Motorcycles

automobile e bike tork kratos launched today 75th republic day one more e bike add in indian electric two wheeler segment know price and features kcnd - tork की मेड-इन-इंडिया ई-बाइक लॉन्च,

It focuses on creating practical kinds of electric mobility solutions in India. It is known to be a company giving the high-performance electric vehicle and charging the infrastructure manufacturing startup. It does not provide the typical electric mobility, backed by the most successful racing background with its eight years of groundbreaking research and development.

Manufacturer of intelligent electronic vehicles and the chargers intended to develop e-bikes. The company has different electronic motorcycles with GPS, mobile applications, storage space, and cloud connectivity. These can go 100 km on just a single charge, enabling the users to ride and even drive the brilliant electronic motorcycles and even reduce pollution.

Their primary industry is the use of automotive, with their specialities in electric technology, battery management, intelligent vehicles, connected vehicles and charging infrastructure. Kapil Sheike founded the company, and the platform is presently looking at having a network of 100 dealers.

 It developed and even manufactured electric motorcycles and was acquired by Kalyan Powertrain Limited. The company started planning the delivery procedure with their first electric motorcycle to customers. It became one of the few companies in the act of selling the motorcycles in the market dominated by electric scooters.

Company Overview

        Legal Name Tork Motorcycles Pvt Ltd.
         Industries Automotive, Electric Vehicle & Transportation
          Founder          Kapil Shelke
      Founded Date             2010
Total Funding Amount              NA
             Investors           Acquired 

5. ProximiT

proximit digital logo vector download - (.svg + .png) -

This company has been providing proximity-based advertising in auto-rickshaw in the city and helping the brands and consumers connect. The company works with the team members by using the tablets installed in the auto-rickshaws that display the feature-rich content-static images with the audio and video ads and all the ads triggered by the geolocation.

 The company has been called a non-government company, and it is even registered as Registrar of the Companies. It is even a private company that was established in 2014 and ti has the authorized share capital of Rs 1,000,000, and it is involved in business activities. It is the most awarded digital, direct and CRM global network consisting of 25 offices, indifferent 22 countries with a significant number of staff members around 2000.

The company has been building relationships with people to make it more valuable to the different brands. It has data-driven, which is not just their buzzword. Our DNA helps redefine business challenges and creative fuel solutions. The company works from the data back, believing that some profound insights help get some of the most effective strategies and make the best customers across the country.

Company Overview

           Legal Name      REEF Technology
          Industries Apps, E-commerce platform & Food Delivery
         Founder(s) Ari Ojalvo, Aziz Ihsanogolu, Phillip Saint-JusT &  Umut Tekin
         Founded Date               2013
Total Funding Amount            $1.5 Billion
             Investors Mudadala Capital Ventures & Target Global 

6. Intouchapp

intouchapp firefox extension - save contacts & data from websites to your phone | product hunt

This company has been able to contact management, and till now, it has completed over five lakhs of downloads and has been managing over 1.3 billion contacts. The application keeps the user’s contacts auto-updated, backed up, and synced. It stores the number of contacts in a cloud-based native database without any additional memory on the phone.

 Sarang Lake founded the company in December 2012. Intouchapp raised their undisclosed seed funding from Blume Ventures in April 2016. The company has introduced a suite of tools that helps in managing and reaching your customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders on smartphones. The company has made a total of 1.5 Million users in more than 190 countries and has an overall rating of 4.4.

Their products transfer the contacts along with the backing up and the syncing of the communications. If your “contacts” are essential for you, then this is your destination.

 It is straightforward to use, yet it has given powerful ways to manage the network of the contacts like never before. You can save unknown numbers and other data information from different social media platforms like Whatsapp. LinkedIn, Gmail and many other venues.

 It has the Intouch spaces, which helps keep all the contacts in sync form, with the easily organize and share the discussions, the documents and the connections between the people. You can say bye-bye to your long messages and the wasteful forwards.

Company Overview

        Legal Name InTouchapp Pvt Ltd. 
         Industries Android, Contact Management & Mobile 
           Founder         Sarang Lakare
       Founded Date              2012
Total Funding Amount               NA
             Investors            Acquired

7. Xpressbees

indian logistics startup xpressbees raises $110 million

Xpressbees is one of the best logistics companies working with the best kind of teamwork and coordination. The logistics business spun has secured Rs 85 crore in February from the SAIF Partners, IDG Ventures India, NEA, Vertex Ventures and Valiant Capital.

 It is called India’s fastest-growing industry. It has been offering solutions with the best-customized logistics services ranging from the different collections and the storage of goods to have the transportation and the door-step delivery.

 It has several industries they are serving like Banking, Finance, Automotive & Auto Parts, Consumer Goods, Heavy Machinery and Manufacturing. The teamwork of Xpressbees has been consciously working towards the process of widening and making the systems work with a deep understanding of the industries they work with.

They have most of the expertise of all the well-known industries, which gives the company a tremendous competitive advantage that has made a point of the chosen partner for the leading companies in each of their segments.

The company has around 3 million shipments handled per day with their 3000 offices or workplaces in different cities and centres. The company works with 52 airport connections with 35k feet on the street operations. It’s called Xressbees, delivering happiness, constantly working towards providing the best services to the people and benefiting the company.

Company Overview

          Legal Name Xpressbees Logistics Solutions Pvt Ltd.
           Industries  Delivery Service, Logistics & Supply chain Management 
          Founder(s) Amitava Saha & Supam Maheshwari 
         Founded Date               2015
 Total Funding Amount          $577.6 Million
             Investors Norwest Venture Partners & Chrys Capital 

8. PlanMyMedicalTrip

medical tourism in india | medical tourism company

Medical services have acquired great importance in people’s lives in the last two years. Because of the country’s situation for the previous two years of Corona, the importance of medical and medical facilities has been emphasised.

As a result, many medical institutes or centres have acclaimed good significance among people. So, in those number of medical services, one of them considered excellent is the PlanMyMedicalTrip which has been giving the most affordable medical services for all the patients from abroad.

The company was founded by Dr Rajeev Rane and his son Anurag Rane. It is a medical tourism platform that provides hotel bookings, vias, and ambulances for free and even charges a referral fee from the hospitals.

It has been dealing with 1,000 treatment deals and more than 1500 affiliations with the doctors and the team members of hospitals. It even claims to have a turnover of Rs 6 crore for FY 2015-2016.

The company got their first round of funding, around Rs 1.25 crore this year. Medical tourism has risen from the rapid growth of an industry where people worldwide are travelling from their country to other countries. It helps obtain medical, dental and surgical care while travelling and even gives the complete experience of the different attractions of the countries they visit.

Company Overview

         Legal Name Plan My Medical Trip Solutions Pvt Ltd
          Industries Health care & Medical 
         Founder(s) Anurav Rane & Rajeev Rane 
         Founded Date             2000
Total Funding Amount           $187 K
             Investors Rohan Desai & Bhanu Vikram Parostam 

9. Icustommadeit

from the founder's desk - youtube

It is an online marketplace for customized products and services founded by the serial entrepreneur Raj Iyer in 2015. The company helpfully brings together artisans and designers and even helps bridge the gap between the customers and the different manufacturers.

Almost 25,000 items on their site are available for the people, in nearly 33 categories. Even the company has raised around $4 million from the Brand Capital, Siddhivinyak Skyscrapers. 

With the help of an undisclosed giant dealing with the corporate operations, Dinesh R Challa, in the pre-series A round in the year 2016, you can buy every one of their products according to your customization like the watches, modified bikes, bike accessories, customized cufflinks and many other items.

Icustommedait is built on the belief that customization is the core of any merchants in today’s time. It has connected many individuals who are looking for unique kinds of creations with passionate creators. 

It is an online platform where creativity has been inspiring the best design and connecting many individuals seeking one-of-a-kind custom products and services from the best people.

 It has a twin marketplace, which is irresistible both for the bespoke creators, designers, artists or manufacturers, like a shopaholic who loves everything about customized products. The company connects customers with well-known creators and spreads their ideas across different barriers.

Company Overview

          Legal Name Icustommedait Technology Solutions
          Industries E-commerce, Internet & Marketing
         Founder(s) Kundan Dhake & Raj Iyer 
         Founded Date               2012
Total Funding Amount           $4.4 Million
           Investors ah Ventures & Dinesh R. Chaila 

10. SpiderG

startup story #70: spiderg - founders ashwani and harshal simplify accounting | pune365

It claims to be India’s first e-invoicing technology provider for most SMEs. The SaaS product developer startup has been giving real-time insights to the users about their business and their business operations along with the transactions with the different buyers and suppliers.

The parent company of this one is Gladiris Technologies, which was started in December 2013, and it has been selling the open-source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). It is a kind of software for all small and medium-sized businesses.

Ashwani Rathore founded the company, and it serves around 400 businesses and has even received angle investment of $150,000. It is called the payment collection platform or application and an API ecosystem to help the different kinds of businesses collect information. It helps automate the sending of recurring invoices with the payment link to the other business customers through Whatsapp, Email and SMS.

 It easily enables the additional payments and sends their Ai-driven intelligent reminders to ensure on-time payments. The company makes links to the existing current accounts with the help of spiders or even the request opening of the new bank accounts. You can access their current account directly through SpiderG to make the different transactions, check the balance, and even add a level of the beneficiary.

Company Overview

           Legal Name SpiderG Pvt Ltd. 
          Industries Information Technology & Mobile Apps 
           Founder Ashwani Kumar Singh Rathore
         Founded Date                2013
Total Funding Amount             Funding
         Investors Rahul Kirloskar & Adi Saravanan

indian startups: startups bring in industry veterans as advisors to help scale up - the economic times

The startups in Pune are giving Maharashtra’s tech and entrepreneurial sectors their name and fame. The companies working in the city delivers a real-time dynamic work environment, energetic teammates and even different ideas in the bursting of the meetings.

There is no other thought about the startups in the city being so unique and creative with the best kind of workplace and having the best experience. There have been dozens of companies that have been started, and from the time it was founded, it has been giving the best facilities and services. So, whether you are looking to create your own business or just the one who is very eager to learn about the new and fast-growing startups or companies, Pune is the destination for all of them.

These companies are always connected secure and enable the end-to-end solutions to have the best management system in the city. The companies have taken a lot of effort and hard work, and with the blend of dedication and innovation, they tend to present s structure based on their ideas and thinking.

In 2021, Pune was making a mark on the international market platform by offering birth to startups and many unicorn forms. There are [plenty of states and cities are immensely contributing to the country’s economy, and in all those, Pune is the one who is making a good start in bringing more people into the coworking space.

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