Colleges in Bengaluru restrict the usage of ChatGPT

ChatGPT recently enraged several institutions in Bangalore by passing a few university tests in the United States, all while it was having a round of chat and doing so. Recent reports claim that Bengaluru’s RV University has outlawed ChatGPT. An official from the institution stated, “A prohibition has already been established to discourage plagiarism.Bengaluru colleges ban ChatGPT, here's why? - India Today

According to a written warning from RV University, the tool shouldn’t be utilized. The dean of the faculty of computer science and engineering at RV University, Sanjay Chitnis, has issued a warning to students and staff members to emphasize that using AI agents like ChatGPT, Github Copilot, and Blackbox is not recommended.  The institution blocks ChatGPT during lab and instructional sessions. Additionally, it will do arbitrary checks by having pupils copy material. On January 1st, RV University’s policy went into force.

By completing their writing assignments, lab tests, and online examinations, this AI application helps college students unwind while undoubtedly creating difficulties for professors. Due to its widespread use, institutions in Bengaluru have started to take precautions to stop students from utilizing the chatbot for academic purposes. “Students are instructed to submit only original works for evaluations, not the ones done with the help of AI-generated material,” Sanjay Chitnis, dean of computer science and engineering at RV University, stated in an official notification. 

If the faculty has any concerns about the originality of the submission, the institution will undertake unexpected checks on college students, according to Chitnis. The dean said, “They can also require the students to redo the material on their own. A representative from RV University has also stated that additional AI tools such as GitHub Co-pilot and Black Box are also prohibited in addition to ChatGPT.

Are other universities considering prohibiting ChatGPT?

Due to the current problem that this AI chatbot brings, RV University has now deactivated ChatGPT for general lectures and lab sessions. According to sources, Dayananda Sagar University and the International Institute of Information Technology – Bangalore are two more colleges, in addition to RV University, that are having the same problems (IIIT-B).

 Additionally, rumors indicated that IIIT-B intended to set up a small group to create a framework for employing ChatGPT to avoid plagiarism. This committee will provide several precise guidelines and actions for the same, verified sources. One of France’s premier universities, Sciences Po, has launched a program to combat plagiarism and fraud. has made it illegal to use ChatGPT, an AI-based chatbot that can write logical text. Sciences Po will no longer use ChatGPT or any other AI-based technology, according to the college. in an email sent to all students and teachers on Friday, according to the institution.

Sciences Po declared that “without apparent reference, students are forbidden to use the application for the production of any written work or presentations, save for specific course purposes, with the supervision of a course leader,” though it did not specify how it would monitor usage.

Bengaluru university bans ChatGPT after students found using AI tool for exams, assignments and lab tests - India Today

According to American media sources, ChatGPT has already been outlawed in several public schools in Seattle and New York City, and several American institutions have announced intentions to replace take-home tests with more oral exams and handwritten essays. According to Sciences Po, whose main campus is in Paris, the consequences for utilizing the program may include expulsion from the school or perhaps from all of French higher education

Regarding fraud in general and plagiarism in particular, the ChatGPT software is posing crucial problems for educators and academics all across the world, according to the statement. 

Because it was recently revealed that the ChatGPT has passed tests at a US legal school after composing essays on subjects like constitutional law, taxes, and torts, the worries can be concerning. Because of the excellent outcomes, educators have issued warnings that they may encourage widespread cheating or even put a stop to traditional classroom instruction.The exact 95 multiple-choice questions and 12 essay questions were given to ChatGPT by Professor Jonathan Choi of Minnesota University’s law department.Bengaluru university bans ChatGPT inside the campus: Here's why | Mint

In a Monday-released white paper titled “ChatGPT goes to law school,” he and his coauthors disclosed that the bot overall scored a C. Although this was enough to pass, the bot continually performed in the bottom half of the class and “bombed” multiple-choice arithmetic exams.

Colleges intend to alter coursework to combat plagiarism

Institutions like Dayananda Sagar University and the International Institute of Information Technology are located in the Indian state of Karnataka. looking at ways to stop students from relying on ChatGPT and other AI technologies. Administrators at Dayananda Sagar University plan to change the assignments to address the issue. Other institutions, such as Christ University, are also considering ways to prevent students from using AI technologies.

A committee has been established at the International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore (IIIT-B) to create standards for utilising ChatGPT. The committee will create a list of dos and don’ts for ChatGPT. KN Balasubramanya Murthy, the vice chancellor of Dayananda Sagar University, told TOI that they will make assignments more technical and mathematical, if feasible, to get over ChatGPT’s obstacle. 

RV University has foreshadowed disciplinary measures against violators in the guidelines. The main campus of Sciences Po, which is located in Paris, has also said that expulsion from the program might mean expulsion from the whole French higher education system.

There will be fewer take-home tests and more handwritten essays and oral exams, according to some US institutions. Abraham V, vice chancellor of Christ University in India, similarly stated that evaluations based on ChatGPT assignments should no longer be accepted. “Students should be requested to complete tasks during class time if they are to be used as part of evaluations. “Following the implementation of ChatGPT, we have chosen not to utilize assignments for evaluation due to the increased likelihood of cheating and plagiarism,”he explained.

ChatGPT and other AI technologies are prohibited at a top AI conferences.

One of the most famous machine learning conferences in the world earlier this month prohibited writers from using ChatGPT and other AI tools to create scholarly papers. “Papers that incorporate text created using a large-scale language model (LLM) such as ChatGPT are banned unless the produced text is given as a part of the paper’s experimental analysis,” the International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) stated the policy. 

Meet GPTZero, an AI that uses ChatGPT to detect cheaters.

Over 6,000 academics from Harvard University, Yale University, the University of Rhode Island, and other schools have signed up to use GPTZero, a tool that promises to quickly detect AI-generated material, according to Edward Tian, the program’s designer and a senior at Princeton University. Tian stated in a tweet that software called GPTZero can “quickly and effectively verify whether an article is ChatGPT or human penned. Teachers will be able to distinguish between writings produced by AI and those produced by humans thanks to GPTZero. The app is currently in beta.BU set to be split into 3 smaller varsities this year | Deccan Herald

While it appears that just a small number of institutions, colleges, and universities have proclaimed a ban on ChaGPT or are taking action to combat plagiarism so far, it won’t be long until this number rises to thousands and beyond. The world’s educational institutions will need to address this challenge, and only time will tell if they are successful.



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