Zomato leverages local languages to increase sales in the following ways

Zomato leverages local languages to increase sales in the following ways.

Zomato, an online food delivery service, has announced that its app would now support Hindi in addition to other regional languages, including Gujarati, Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu.

Zomato claims to currently deliver more than 1,50,000 orders each month due to the regional language variations of the software. According to Zomato, 54% and 11% of these orders are now made in Hindi and Tamil, respectively, and the remaining orders are growing swiftly. Zomato has users in more than 1,000 Indian cities right now.

Although we are grateful for the encouraging comments, we recognize that we are only at the beginning. The food delivery service promises to continually improve the precision and context of its customized app.

Since then, Zomato has declared that it will only lay off 3% of its entire employees. The business claims that the terminations were due to regular performance. According to a Zomato spokesman, “Less than 3% of our staff have undergone standard performance-based turnover.

Zomato growth

The Gurugram-based business employed roughly 3,800 workers prior to this turnover. In May 2020, Zomato made its most recent personnel reductions, which amounted to 520 employees, or 13% of its whole workforce, in response to the revenue fall brought on by the coronavirus epidemic.

There will be layoffs as a result of the recent departure of three top-level personnel from the organization. The co-founder of Zomato, Mohit Gupta, has left the company. This follows the exits of Siddharth Jhawar, the previous director of the Intercity Legends service, and Rahul Ganjoo, the director of new projects earlier this month

Gupta leaves the Gurugram-based business after four and a half years of employment. He was in charge of the company’s meal delivery section when he began his employment there in 2018. The business elevated him to co-founder in 2020.

You have been both a brother and a friend to me over the past five years, MG (Mohit Gupta). According to a regulatory filing, Deepinder Goyal, the CEO and founder of Zomato, wrote the following in a note: “You did a great job saving us from extinction, growing the company to new heights, turning a profit, and, most importantly, training me over the years to be able to manage such a large and complex company.

How the business may be impacted by new internet review criteria, from Meta to Zomato

zomato order online

Tech goliaths like Meta and Google, as well as locally developed platforms like Zomato and Flipkart, will now face closer scrutiny of product reviews on their respective platforms as an effect of the new Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) policies going into result to safeguard customers from fake online reviews of products.

The rules are now in effect and apply to all online platforms that post customer reviews as of Friday. Both the review writer and the review manager are given particular responsibilities.

The BIS finalized the new restrictions after the Department of Consumer Affairs received several complaints about e-commerce companies publishing fake product reviews on social media and other sites.

The new approaches for online checks are “designed to cause improved clarity for both customers and labels and enable data accuracy,” according to Sachin Taparia, the founder of LocalCircles, the community platform that made the initial submission to the Department of Consumer Affairs. Taparia also served on the BIS committee that drafted the guidelines.

The new restrictions would compel review-writing platforms like Google and Meta to confirm the legitimacy of the author using particular six-right procedures, meaning fake accounts created exclusively for the purpose of generating reviews would eventually vanish or wouldn’t be permitted to be considered.

Although reviews on websites like Swiggy and Zomato are relatively transparent when it comes to restaurants, Taparia told IANS that the method for ratings at the food item level is utterly opaque and needs to be created properly.


The new guidelines for e-commerce platforms will ensure that negative reviews are not arbitrarily suppressed, allowing other customers to become aware of problems earlier.

According to the updated set of guidelines, both customers and suppliers/sellers have brought up specific problems with online reviews. These problems “may be purposeful or unintentional, but can contribute to a degradation of trust in the online review process,” the BIS statement said.

Some of the identified difficulties include fraudulent positive reviews published by suppliers or sellers with the purpose of deceiving customers and false negative reviews written by competitors of suppliers or sellers with the intent to repel clients from the business.

In exchange for positive reviews, hotels routinely offer free stays to bloggers and influencers on travel websites, but according to Taparia, “going forward, the platforms will have to provide notice of such sponsored reviews so the customer is informed.”

The guidelines will also have an impact on how apps are evaluated on Google Play and Apple App Stores, where creators periodically pay to have their programs rated 5 stars.

Apple and Google must now accept promises from these app developers regarding sponsored ratings in their evaluations.

“Many websites and apps that deliver product considerations and ratings just deliver information and generally simulate negative reviews in order to draw brands. This will need to change, according to Taparia, as the guidelines will require them to reveal information and identify each rating.

If a company has broken the new rules, consumers can complain to the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) or the National Consumer Helpline, both of which are a part of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.

Edited by Prakriti Arora

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