Since Shein is Banned, Here are Some Alternative Apps which Can Help You Shop Well

There was a time when shopping apparel could only be bought with the help of getting out of your home. But as the digital media have advanced over the ages, a lot of companies thriving digitally have come forward and helped us to get options that are worth the price. As the Shein application has been banned from India, a lot of customers are causing backlash.

Shein was an amazing app that had highly discounted apparel that came straight out of the vogue’s cover magazines. Plus the application was extremely convenient to use as well as the customers suggested that the shipping and delivery were right on time.

If you are still grumpy with the decision, don’t worry because we have got you covered. Shein might have been an excellent site to choose your clothing attires from but these alternative Play Store apps are top-notch.

Take a look at these amazing options before you start your weekend binge shopping.


Romwe follows the tagline of ‘From Runway to Realway’ and brings you options that are close to Shein. The best thing about Romwe is the price and the delivery quotation which are extremely low. This site has awesome products, labels, and fascinating collections. This website offers multi-optional categories from where you can choose something that will fit you perfectly. Romwe utilizes the feature to help you shop by date, which is just like Shein. And if you are worried about the plus size, there are options which help you to get fitting clothes right from here.


Ajio is a multi-branded platform that helps you to get amazing options to choose from, clothes that are stylish and perfectly affordable. The best thing about Ajio is the collection that you will only get from Indian manufacturers. Apart from a large collection of clothes, Ajio even specializes in shoes, accessories in all different styles. It is a good site to explore if you are wanting to get exciting things for yourself. 


Dresslily is the destination for you if you want to get highly fashionable items and choices which are marked at really low prices. Dresslily has the same collection as Shein, most collections out of them are based on vintage wears. Dresslily offers you a discount of about 70% on your first buy from this shop and there are extra coupons, additional offers for the new users. The clearance and end sales of this site are highly valued as you can get an item of rs 1300 at just 300! From gothic wears to girly dresses, this site has it all for you.


Last but not least, Myntra is a fantastic app and one of the most in-demand applications which were created by Mukesh Bansal and Ashutosh Lawnia. It was an individual app that was later acquired by Flipkart, which is also founded in India. The US-based company called Walmart has recently acquired a major stake in it and thus, Myntra now stands with multiple foreign investors from all around the world. This application has specifications based on your needs, prices which are perfectly suited if you are a thrifty shopper. 

These awesome websites are perfectly designed for you to take a peek into the world of a seamless collection with various attires that you can have for yourself. Starting from summer trends to winter jackets, these websites have it all curated just for their shoppers.

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