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Will Government Plan Another Lockdown Or Let India Be Number 1 in Coronavirus Infections

Will Government Plan Another Lockdown Or Let India Be Number 1 in Coronavirus Infections

The lockdown has caused the economy a lot. For recovering the economy, the Government of India, step by step, moved to unlock in the country. But we can’t ignore the rising cases of COVID-19 patients. India is reopening, and the spike in coronavirus cases is moving parallel. 

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The World vs. India: COVID-19 patients

There are a total of 11,307,066 COVID-19 cases across the world. The death toll has reached 531,203, and there is an overall recovery toll of up to 6,412,202.

The statistics showed that the spike in the COVID cases was seen from 10th June. However, the death toll fell after 29th April.

Whereas in India, there are a total of 6,48,315 COVID-19 cases, and the death toll has reached 18,655.

There is a vast difference in the total situation as compared to across the globe. The lockdown in India was implemented many weeks before COVID-19 widespread. Rest, the COVID-19 hit other countries before India, and they were not able to handle the pandemic virus. Countries like America never supported the lockdown concept and got more caused by the widespread of the pandemic COVID-19.

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However, India appreciated its precautionary measures like lockdown, social-distancing, curfew, and much more.

How India witnessed a spike in COVID-19

India saw the rapid boost in COVID-19 cases after 2,500 Jamatis were caught in Tablighi Jamaat in Nizamuddin Markaz, New Delhi. People from across the globe were found living in Jamaat. Many of them were found COVID-19 positive.

Many of them misbehaved with the health workers when they moved to quarantine centers. Also, many of them escaped and hid from the investigation. Those people who escaped caused an increment in Covid-19 cases. They infected healthy people and led them to become positive for Covid-19.

Police are investigating the whole incident. Moreover, the sudden spike was recorded after the Jamaatis hide across the country. Approx 60% of the COVID cases were linked to Tablighi Jamaat. 

So we can have the whole idea from where the COVID cases got increased.

COVID-19 recovery in India

India has a total toll of recovery cases of up to 3,94,227. Apart from this, the recovery rate across the nation is 60.81 percent. Also, the state and central government are taking strict steps to prevent the widespread of COVID-19. The states are showing improvements in the recovering rate. However, after unlocking the cases of COVID-19 with mild symptoms have increased and recovering parallelly fast. Both state and center government are moving towards home isolation for the patients with mild symptoms.

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Balancing the economy of India is vital for survival

The Indian economy is declining, and stabilizing the economy is essential for existence. After moving towards unlocking, India is witnessing improvements in the agriculture, manufacture, and service sector. Unlocking was a part and step that was taken someday after the lockdown to save the declining economy. Also, if we still focus on lockdown regulations, then the survival of every individual will get more complicated. Due to the lockdown, many people got jobless, and many raw materials got wasted, many services and operational units were closed. Thus, the lockdown hampered healthy living, and we can’t expect another lockdown.

What Type Of Government Does India Have? - WorldAtlasBusinessman, salesman, corporates, and everyone doesn’t want another lockdown situation as it caused a lot of losses to them. We all can wait and take precautionary measures to prevent the widespread of Covid-19. 

We will have to work hard to recover our lifestyles back by taking precautionary measures to combat the widespread pandemic COVID-19.



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