Still having Irrational Thoughts about the Coronavirus? Here’s how you can eradicate

At this point, there are millions of people who are feeling anxious about the coronavirus and it is quite obvious. The figures, financial status to the job workload everything falling right into the head which invites negative and irrational thoughts. If you are one of them then you are not alone. The situation is unpredictable and complicated so, during this isolation do not let your mind and body down.

Here are 10 practical ways to overcome irrational thoughts about COVID 19.

  1. Take a break

During these hard times, news channels are the only source to keep yourself updated about the pandemic, be it the death tolls or counts in your locality. But excessive media and news can affect mental health. Do not indulge yourself on those news channels rather take a break and watch movies or spend time with your family. It will keep you away from the source and keep you in mental peace.

2. Stay away from social media:

Social media is another reason for negative thoughts. You can run away from the news channel but social media is also no good. Limit your time of using social media and keep yourself sway from the coronavirus news.

3. Pen down your worries

No doubt if you are an employee, rather you would be working from home or sitting at home, this feels like jobless. No one has ever experienced this pandemic hence, nobody as the habit to stay inside home for a long time. Sitting idle invites negative thoughts to mind, it will make you frustrated and angry. Write down your worries and challenge your won thinking that will help you to overcome them.

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4. Spend time with family

This is the best time to invest time with your wife and children. During normal days, you may not get sufficient time to spend with them. Play with your kids, teach them values, and help your wife with daily chores. You will have a cheerful mind throughout the day.

5. Do exercise

Exercise and yoga early in the morning. It is effective for both mind and body. Staying fit is as much important as a peaceful mind. This works for both mind and body. It will keep you away from negative thoughts and energetic for the rest of the day.

6. Read Books

Grab that book which you always wanted to complete. This is the best time to read books. Better go for a self-help book, it will help you to stay positive and inspire you for your goals. Also, motivate your kids to read good books.

7. Get in touch with your old friends

Since everybody is at home, how about calling your old friends and remember the good times you had in college and school? Message and call your old friends and have a chat about their well-being, future and indeed your old times. It will make you overwhelmed and happy to talk to them again.

8. Meditation Helps

Make a habit to wake up early in the morning and meditate for 15-20 minutes. Meditation is actually good for mental peace. Start your day with positive energy and thoughts. Gradually, it will stop your anxiety and irrational thoughts.

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9. Get professional help

If you think you are still not recovering, seek out for a professional therapist who can help you to get rid of these irrational thoughts. Express all our worries and concerns to them, they will find out the best possible solution for you during this pandemic.

10. Believe in yourself

No days are temporary, believe in yourself, this day shall pass too. Make sure you don’t give up and focus to fight this pandemic.

Final Thoughts

During this hard time, keeping yourself and the family safe it the topmost priority. In this long run, we all have to be prepared to fight the deadly disease together. The key is to be mentally sound, which will lead the happiest life during this isolation.

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