Taali-Thaali, Torch-Diya-Baati, Next What? The Nation Wants To Know

Since the onset of coronavirus, people all around the globe are terrified out of their minds. If not educated properly, this mindset can cause a lot of harm. People are oblivious bout the specifications and in-depth analysis of this pandemic. During this time, under these questions, some people are being fooled and some are blatantly following what is told to them. Unfortunately, India falls into this category.


We all are being treated like puppets in the hands of PM Modi. We are doing what is told to us, yet the condition is not improving, it is deteriorating. All that was asked from us is being followed religiously, at times even in the wrong ways.


TASK 1: “Taali and Thaali Bajana” task was perfectly performed by us, the puppets. This task was assigned to us for the first lockdown which was imposed on March 22,2020. People clapped, hooted, banged thaalis and even started bursting crackers. Our sole motive was to motivate the doctors and health care workers. We worked religiously and we tried to threaten the virus. We were a total hit at that time. Now let us see whether this order made by the PM worked or not. On march 23, India reported 69 new corona virus cases. The morale of the doctors was surely rocket high, but all social distancing measures were violated which resulted in this increment in the cases. Videos have been circulated online where people are seen in groups of hundred people and they are bursting crackers or simply dancing on the road. Social distancing seemed to be zero at that time, hence the increment in the cases.


Are we mere puppets? Why don’t we ever question the higher authorities.


Doctors whose morale is boosted now, must have been very happy on March 23? The answer is no. they were highly disappointed because doctors at that time were being illtreated by the police, the government and patients. Till date, doctors have a dearth of the essential medical equipment. Some of them are using their personal funds and buying the equipment. More than fifty doctors have tested positive and few of them are protesting against the government. Doctors in Delhi, Aligarh, Bangalore and Mumbai have reported cases of being manhandled by the patients or by the watchdogs of the government. The opposition suggested that we should have gathered outside our homes and instead of clapping, we should’ve sensibly questioned the government about the well being of the doctors.


Status of task 1: FAILED!


TASK 2: Now comes the second task which was announced during the second phase of lockdown. Indian government imposed a 21-day lockdown throughout the country. When a lockdown is announced, a task follows. Now this time, the task was quite innovative and different. People had to come out of their houses and light diyas, torches and candles. Rumours circulated on whatsapp and other social media platforms pointing out to the numerology-based facts regarding this. Some said that all the diyas can drive away the evil spirit, aka, the virus. Since this task, the cases have been soaring high. The reason for this is unknown till now. Puppets again followed it with full enthusiasm. Whenever a huge decision is announced, it is always followed by a coinciding task to distract us. We get blind sighted and end up following it. No questions asked, ever. On April 10, cases were up by 813. Over eight hundred new cases, the people were baffled. They started questioning their abilities. Weren’t the following the tasks properly?


Status of task 2: FAILED!


At the moment, the cases are rising in huge numbers every hour. People/ puppets are still waiting for their task. Another lockdown extension is announced, we are eagerly waiting for the next task. Can we all take a moment to open our eyes, dry our tears and come face to face with the reality. Are we merely puppets? Will we follow orders again?  And even if we will, will it actually help the current situation? It has been proven that all these tasks are merely ways to get time and they aren’t really helping us in any way. We all must act in a better manner and introspect. The thought process behind this needs to be questioned. All information must be given to us including proper answers for the “why” tangent of any task.


As now the lockdown has been extended, the people are eagerly waiting what do they have to do now. What would be the next task to do. The Nation Wants To Know!

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