Top 10 Best Clothing Brands In India 2023

The fashion and clothing industries have altered recently. Nowadays, people are becoming more and more brand aware. Therefore, what a person wears reveals a lot about who they are.

Today, brands are just as significant to a person’s social and economic position as clothing. As a result, the brand can occasionally become a status symbol.

Dressing up is a form of self-expression. Even though fashion is constantly changing, some clothing businesses in India continue to provide their customers with unmatched levels of excellence and, of course, style.

In India, some people are trend-conscious, while others are brand-conscious. In any case, Indians are quite picky about their clothing.

There are numerous clothing companies in India that produce and develop the most up-to-date lines of apparel for both men and women.

Let’s explore the world of apparel and look at the top 10 Indian clothing companies.

What is Clothing?

The various materials used on the body are referred to collectively as clothes or clothing. Protecting our bodies from the cold, rain, and other weather or climatic conditions is a trait of humans.

Early people, who lived two million years ago, used to wrap their bones, skulls, and the skin of deceased animals around their bodies to cover and protect them.

Anthropologists claim that it is unknown when humans first began to wear clothing. However, according to other documents, people only began to wear clothing over a million years ago. The first people to wear clothing were the extinct Neanderthals, a subspecies of archaic humans and a separate genus of Homo. They lived in the countries of Eurasia between 400,000 and 40,000 years ago. These Neanderthals, who sewed animal hide, are said to be the first people to knit clothing.

An Account of Clothing

Clothes altered as time went on. As culture, fashion, and wealth changed over history, so did clothing. In the Middle East, wave textiles and fabric extraction were initially practiced in the late Stone Age.

  • Between 100,000 to 500,000 years ago, people first started to wear fabric.
  • Even today’s fabrics frequently use the knitting technique that was originally used to create materials in 6500 BC.

Natural fibers derived from both plant and animal sources are the first type of material utilised for clothing. These include silk, leather, cotton, flax, and wool.

The first plant fibers from which fibers were extracted were flax seeds. Flax fibers date back 36,000 years. Between 5000 and 3000 BC, China became the first nation to produce silk, which was then woven after being taken from the cocoon of the tamed silkworm.

The development of clothing and textiles from plant and animal resources has been a long and vibrant process. Different types of clothing emerged from various cultures. The history of several fiber kinds is known.

The Advantages Of Branded Clothing

I want to know: Are branded garments a good idea for your company? Yes, without a doubt, is the quick response. Today, there are many options for printing clothing, and for a good reason. Printed clothing is a powerful and cost-effective way to strengthen your brand.

Branded clothing has a number of advantages for your company. They establish a connection between consumers and act as walking billboards. We have put together a list of benefits that printed clothes can provide for your company.

Branded Clothes Make Perfect Corporate Gifts

Every company should regularly participate in networking activities. Expos and conferences are fantastic settings for handing out branded clothes. People who wear your shirts will subsequently serve as walking billboards for your company, which is advantageous!

Additionally, you can have apparel printed in preparation for your upcoming customer visit. Giving them gifts will make the client like you and your company more. Therefore, it’s a good idea to wear better apparel to ensure that they value it.

The development of Indian fashion up to the present day

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For many years, Indian fashion has been renowned for its ethnicity and beauty. India is a diverse country, as we all know. There are many residents here, each with their own customs and beliefs. However, while having various traditions, everyone in India has long been influenced by Indian fashion. Many people from other civilizations have adopted Indian fashion. Not just we Indians, but many cultures from other countries adopt our sense of style.

Indian fashion can be traced back to the Harappan and Mohenjo-Daro cultural eras in antiquity. Since India’s independence, the fashion industry there has undergone globalization that has changed the way people dress in India.

1. Indian fashion during the Ancient period

Men of the Indus Valley wore a black cloth around their waists, similar to a dhoti, and a turban wrapped over their heads. Women used to accessorize with anklets, necklaces, rings, and other jewellery in addition to scraggly cotton skirts.

Men used to wrap a single cloth around their entire bodies through the shoulder during the Vedic period. The lower garment, known as Paridhana, has pleats. During the early Vedic era, the Saree served as the primary costume for women. Lehengas and cholis entered the fashion scene during the later Vedic period.

Men wore a pleated, long garment known as a patka during the Mayurian period, which was worn around the waist. Women typically wore a skirt with a long scarf called an Uttariya draped over the top of the body.

During the Mughal era, men wore knee-length, tight-fitting frocks with flared skirts that fastened on the right side of their bodies. Women wore variously ornamented Chudidar, Salwar, and Garara outfits.

Male attire during the Rajput period included Chudidar payjamas, Angrakhis, Pagdis, Salwars, and Dhotis. Lehenga cholis, sarees, polka shirts, puthias, and other clothes were worn by women. 

2. 1970s clothing trends

Three-piece suits became popular in the 1970s, with Bollywood as an inspiration. Fashion trends, including butterfly collars, flared pants, leather jackets, and cloth jackets, were popular during the time. In addition to several types of designed blouses, modelled salwar kameez, halter necklines, and high necklines entered Indian fashion, and women began to wear retro-style sarees. Women also adopted western culture’s denim and polka-dot clothing.

3. 1980s clothing trends

Modernization of Indian fashion took place around this time. Numerous fashion schools have established themselves in India as a result of the adoption of Western culture. “Cable TV’s influence grew, the teenage market exploded, and young people flocked to the latest fashions, which in turn had an impact on the elderly. Fit pants, denim, and strappy sandals were seen. Disco was the beginning of the merging of Indian and Western cultures.

4. 1990s clothing trends

The resurgence of minimalist style in the 1990s helped to define fashion. In the 1990s, full-sleeve salwar kameez, floral dresses, long skirts, denim, sunglasses, and dungarees all became popular. According to legend, Indians adopted increasingly westernized concepts in fashion during the decades that followed the 1990s, making daring and fashionable choices.

India’s 21st-century fashion

The 21st century heralded a shift in fashion styles. Women in metropolitan areas can be seen dressing up in contemporary Indian clothing made by Indian businesses today. For such special occasions, the contemporary young woman still has room for her heirloom Kanjeevaram or Benaras sarees and other handlooms. In the realm of fashion, the Indian woman is making a name for herself. It is safe to say that Indian fashion combines traditional sensibilities with influences from throughout the world. Modern women are currently obsessed with dresses, tunics, slacks, and skirts made of Ikat, Khadi, silk, and Chanderi fabrics and threadwork.

Now, let’s have a look at the Top 10 Clothing Brands in India in 2023 –

1. FabIndia


In 1975, John Bissell established the well-known clothing brand FabIndia. It specialises in numerous traditional Indian crafts and provides a wide range of clothing options. FabIndia began selling apparel in the early 1980s using hand-woven and hand-printed materials. Additionally, it increased the variety of goods it offered by adding non-textile items, including artisan jewellery, organic food, and personal care products.

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For men, women, and children, the brand offers full ethnic wear. Additionally, FabIndia distributes bed covers, rugs, and soft furnishings under its brand name. It buys clothing from all around India to stay current with fashion.

Presently, FabIndia exports goods to more than 40 countries across five continents. Their products stand out in particular since they are made of natural materials, many of which can be obtained nearby. As a result, FabIndia’s dedication to creating high-quality products at reasonable prices is one of its major strengths.

2. Pepe Jeans

Pepe Jeans was founded in 1973, and in 1993 it started to gain popularity as a clothing brand. It is one of those brands that has been tried and tested by millions of Indians. Pepe Jeans, one of the best clothing brands in India, has been able to build a reputable reputation for itself thanks to the high quality of its apparel products.

It offers a classic yet contemporary style and has clothing for both men and women, with a wide assortment of t-shirts, jeans, shirts, and coats.

It has made considerable progress since it first hit the market by developing stylish, posh, cushy, and durable pants for adults, women, and kids. Some of its most well-known products include loose-fitting white shirts and blue slacks with embroidery.
Its attire is a powerful reflection of the brand’s sense of fashion, simplicity, and style. Due to the reasonable and fashionable prices of these garments, you will acquire a high-quality item at a low cost.

3. Flying Machine

Since it originally launched for business in 1980, the clothing firm Flying Machine has been supplying stylish clothing to a variety of Indian customers. It has gained popularity in the Indian fashion industry since 2003. It is one of the best apparel brands in India and is quite popular among youngsters for its premium streetwear.

T-shirts, turtlenecks, polo shirts, jeans, and a lot more items from Flying Machine’s collections, include appealing designs and affordable retail prices. To complement your stylish outfit, the company also sells stylish accessories like handbags and sunglasses. Flying Machine fulfils its commitment to provide customers with stylish clothing while staying current with trends.

4. Wrangler

Wrangler was founded in 1904 and is well-known among men and women for its collection of western apparel, denim, shirts, and boots. As accessories, the business also makes belts, caps, and socks. From its headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina, it has been creating one of the best clothing companies in India (USA).

The majority of its customers in India are working adults and teenagers. You can wear a denim shirt or a pair of jeans to any occasion or on a casual outing as long as you always have them in your wardrobe. A high-end yet affordable Indian clothing line! You can choose from a selection of denim under the Wrangler brand to suit any occasion or fashion preference.

5. Van Huesen

This clothing business was established in 1881 by Moses Phillips, Dramin Jones and John Van Heusen, making it the oldest in India. It was among the first important clothing brands to appear in India under British rule. Van Heusen is currently one of the best apparel brands in India for men’s shirts and formalwear. Its three primary product categories—formal shirts, casual shirts, and formal trousers—are where it offers its products. The firm that creates and markets Van Heusen, Aditya Birla, offers a wide range of elegant and stylish apparel for men and women in segments like neckwear, slacks, polos, shirts, and many others that are also appropriate for business casual.

6. Levi’s

Levi’s was established in 1853 by Levi Strauss and is one of the most reputed and venerable clothing brands in the United States. For miners, Strauss initially created denim pants. Since the company’s first foray into India in 1995, Levi’s apparel and jeans have definitely stood for high quality. In fact, a lot of individuals think Levi’s Jeans represent the best of American culture. This business is currently one of the most reputed clothing brands in India and is well-known throughout the world.

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Levi’s makes both men’s and women’s casual clothing in addition to high-quality denim and other fashionable items. Overall, if you want to wear high-quality, American-made apparel, the Levi’s brand is your best bet. They have expanded to now include things like sweaters, shirts, and coats.

7. Zara

Unquestionably, Zara is one of the best clothing brands in India. Amancio Ortega Gaona and Rosalia Mera founded the company, first selling garments with a Spanish flair to a local market in La Coruna, Spain. It belongs to the Inditex Group and currently has 2270 physical locations across the globe in addition to online shops.

It is a great brand that appeals to both kids and adults. From toddlers to adults, every member of your family can get clothed there. The company also sells shoes. Not only is the clothing fashionable, but it is also comfortable and fairly priced. You can’t go wrong with Zara if you’re looking for stylish but affordable clothing.

8. Tommy Hilfiger

One of the apparel labels in India that are linked to sophistication and style is Tommy Hilfiger. Though founded in 1985, Tommy Hilfiger didn’t penetrate the Indian retail market until much later. The first Tommy Hilfiger store in India didn’t open until 2008. But despite entering the Indian market so late, it has succeeded in becoming one of the most recognisable names in fashion.
Tommy Hilfiger creates high-quality, urban-chic apparel for both sexes. Whether you choose to wear their simple jeans or one of their eye-catching button-down shirts, you will look stylish right immediately. Along with designing clothing for both sexes, Tommy Hilfiger also provides a variety of household products, such as bedding and rugs.

9. Peter England

The Bangalore-based Peter England is one of the most well-known garment manufacturers in India. It was created in 1889, during the Boer War. After Peter England’s 1997 trip to India, the Aditya Birla Group acquired the brand in 2000.

The company manufactures top-notch clothing, such as formal and semi-formal wear, jeans, T-shirts, skirts, and more. You have a lot of options from Peter England, including both traditional and vibrant colours that create strong fashion statements. Because there are so many different colours, patterns, and styles of suits to choose from, professional men also love wearing them.

10. Allen Solly

One of the top clothing manufacturers in India is Allen Solly. High-quality western clothing has been made there since its founding by William Hollins & Co. Ltd. in 1744 for men, women, and children. Known for its edgy, street-style designs that have changed with fashion trends, Allen Solly was introduced in India in 1993.
Its intended demographic consists of urban and suburban residents who are passionate about life and have high expectations. The brand’s mission is to make stylish things affordable by providing products of the highest calibre in both design and quality.

Bottom Line –

The list provided above can be seen as a reference to identify the leading apparel brands in India. If you desire designer apparel or off-the-rack t-shirts, or any clothing in any category, it is clear that there are a tonne of great options to choose from, whether you buy online or visit stores in India.

Even though cost shouldn’t be the main factor when choosing what to wear, it’s important to avoid overspending on designer items just because they are more expensive than their competitors on the market.

What you feel when you put on the clothes is more important than what you wear or how you wear it according to your personal style. You must understand that anything you wear unquestionably identifies you! Therefore, pick what you like!

Edited by Prakriti Arora

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