Top 10 Best Medical Mobile Apps in India 2023

Top 10 Best Medical Mobile Apps in India 2023

Software applications known as medical mobile apps are available for best smartphones and other communication devices. They could also be software and hardware combinations, such as attachments that snap into a phone or other portable communications system.

Software technologies are becoming widely adopted and used, creating new and creative opportunities to enhance health and the provision of healthcare.

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Mobile platforms, other computer platforms, or the operation or management of a physical device are all possible deployment locations for software functions that fit the criteria of a machine. The FDA’s rules are function-specific, cross-platform, and independent of the system on which they may be implemented. Mobile apps are referred to as “software functionalities” (apps).

Mobile applications can support healthy living, assist in self-managing health and well-being, and provide quick access to information. The adoption rate of these tools is virtually as rapid as their development. Patients, consumers, and members of the medical community all constitute users.

The FDA supports the creation of mobile health applications (MMAs) that advance healthcare and offer consumers, healthcare workers, and professionals valuable health data. In addition, the FDA is tasked with ensuring the efficacy and safety of medical equipment, including smartphone medical apps.

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The Agency’s oversight of handset software functions, including portable medical apps, as devices are explained in the Policy for Device Software Systems and Mobile Medical Apps Guidance, which was first released in 2013 as “Medical Service Applications” (MMA guidance) and revised in 2015, 2019, and 2022. Our focus is only on software that poses a greater risk to patient populations if it doesn’t function as intended and on apps that cause cell phones, computers, or other digital apps to malfunction.

Article 3060 of the 21st Century Remedy changed part 520 of the United States food and drug, Drug, and Cosmetics Act (FD&C Act), eliminating some software functionalities from the definition of a device in paragraph 201(h) of the FD&C Act. As a result, the FDA updated the advice in 2019 to reflect these changes. The features not included in the device specification are irrespective of the operating system they may use. The FDA also underlined that the rules for software are platform- and function-specific.

What are mobile health applications?

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Mobile medical apps are either medical equipment that are smartphone apps or that convert a mobile operating system into a controlled medical product and contain device software functions that fit the definition of a gadget in paragraph 201(h) of the Food, Pharmacy & Cosmetic Act.

Customers can control their own well-being and health with mobile applications, including mobile medical apps, by tracking their calorie consumption for good weight maintenance.

10 of the best blood pressure apps for 2017For instance, the Milestones Tracker External Link Disclaimer from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers checklists for parents and other caregivers to use when determining whether a baby or young child is meeting critical developmental milestones.

Other applications aim to enhance and facilitate care delivery for medical personnel. The Radiation Medical Emergency Management (REMM) app offers medical professionals advice on identifying and managing radiation injuries. Some mobile health applications can identify cancer and heart rhythm problems or act as an insulin-dependent diabetic patient’s glucose meter’s “central command.” Mentioned below are the top 10 medical mobile apps in India that has been serving the patients with utmost care and giving them their satisfactory results. 

1. Medscape

Medscape Endocrinologist Wealth & Debt Report 2022

A well-known medical news app is Medscape. The app compiles the most recent scholarly articles for medical professionals and students into a unified, user-friendly platform. Although Medscape is best known as a source of medical news, it also offers additional services like a medical calculator, prescription safety data, CME/CE activities, and a network of other physicians. Both Apple and Android devices can use this software. You may immediately access the information you need to keep current in your field once you’ve registered your free account.

The primary purpose of Medscape is to provide news, but it has lately developed a unique app for medical references. This software, which is accessible on both iOS and Android, enables clinicians to browse the archive of pharmacological information and stay up to date on the most recent medical news. They can also look for disease reference resources on the online doctor’s visit app to ensure prompt and precise therapy.

This medical reference software is equally well-liked by nurses and students as it is by doctors. They access health-related calculators and receive instant information about various medications and illnesses.

The best feature is that you may use this software while working offline.


  1. Receive medical news and clinical references
  2. You can research the most recent clinical recommendations
  3. Locate online business courses for practicing doctors.

2. Goodbye Doubts by Practo

Designing your home for health – The Practo Blog

One of the most well-liked healthcare applications is Practo, which has over 30,000 doctors with 25+ specializations in fifteen different Indian cities. The application is used for meetings, blood tests, hospital and clinic searches, and more.

The Practo App has the following features:

  • Instant video chat with more than 25 specialists
  • Book hassle-free online medical visits • Order medications with home delivery
  • Family membership options for limitless consultations
  • Family membership options for limitless consultations

If you frequently schedule doctor appointments through apps, you must be familiar with the Practo App, which lists nearby practitioners such as dentists, gynecologists, general practitioners, Ayurveda, etc. The app is well-designed and may be used to make, change, or cancel appointments.

This increasingly well-liked mobile software enables users to care for loved ones and their health. They may quickly schedule appointments with the top medical professionals in their area. Patients can even talk with doctors online to assure complete treatment in an emergency.

3. Better Help

Online Therapy: Is it Right for You? -

This is among the most well-liked healthcare applications that pioneered counseling. Patients can more quickly and conveniently access online professional help from licensed therapists, counselors, and medical experts thanks to Better Help. According to its almost 14,000 ratings, patients enjoy this app’s personalized approach and hospital insurance through video chat, texting, etc.

Reviews are provided by patients who prefer online therapy sessions over conventional in-person sessions and who are happy with the latter. This life-changing event enables a secure online treatment environment. One of the top medical applications for patients, Better Help, has more than 3000 experienced trainers and counselors who specialize in a range of fields, including depression and anxiety disorders, family and relationship therapy, etc. Additionally, they provide assistance for clients and the linked community through group webinar services.

4. Skyscape Medical Library

Skyscape Medical Library App - smARTlink™ Tutorial - YouTube

The Skyscape Medical Library provides doctors, pharmacists, and other care providers with pertinent medical information. The app’s library offers access to numerous medical textbooks and pharmacological data. Additionally, a medical calculator is included. Although the app is free, several features need in-app payments. It works with both ios and Android platforms.

5. Epocrates

epocrates on Twitter: "epocrates is already the #1 medical reference app. So every new aspect of its redesigned home screen is made to help clinicians work more efficiently. We put high-priority tools

A medical referencing app with a focus on drug information is called Epocrates. It provides prescribing and safety data, such as the variations in dosage between adults and children, potential side effects, and caution. The app may also determine if a particular insurance plan covers a specific prescription. Epocrates is compatible with iOS and Android. Either a free edition or a membership plan is available.

Epocrates App supports physicians by providing the most recent safety, diagnostic, and therapeutic information in real-time. This medical software offers clinical practice recommendations and in-depth disease information, and doctors rely on alternative treatments. Many evidence-based doctor guidelines are distilled at the app to guarantee proper patient treatment.

Additionally, doctors can look for any potential adverse drug interactions. They may take as many as 30 different medications to screen for exchanges at once.


  1. Backs up medical judgments
  2. Offers immediate reports on any disease
  3. Users have immediate access to Epocrate’s intelligence. 


PEPID Tutorials for Phones & Tablets - Favorites & Notes - YouTube

PEPID is a medical reference that medical professionals like doctors, nurses, EMTs, and ambulances can be altered for use. The information is organized into industry-specific bullet-point checklists that give you the necessary knowledge and is meant to be rapidly understood before being used in the field. Alongside medical calculators and pictures, PEPID offers a database of medications.

The app is available for Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, and more platforms.

This medical reference app may find an encyclopedia of varied disease profiles, ailments, and treatment choices. Additionally, it provides medical professionals with hundreds of reference movies to help with diagnostic practice and physical tests.


  1. Quick access to medical solutions
  2. Complete data and components for HIT systems, EHRs, and EMRs
  3. Action-oriented, dependable resources for your team

7. Lexicomp

Lexicomp Premium Account Registered one Year - YouTube

A drug references app called Lexicomp gives users access to more than 20 data sets. The app has complete drug information, including patient education materials, a pharmacogenomics library, IV compatibility, and information on current drug shortages. Additionally, because everything is kept on your device, you can utilize it even without an online connection. The reference app works with both iOS and Android devices. The app provides a one-month trial version so users can assess if it’s suitable for them before they commit to a subscription, even though it does.

The most widely used mobile application for doctors is Lexicomp. Doctors can select the optimal subscription package from various options according to their demands. One of the most complete clinical reference applications for doctors is Lexicomp.

Users of the app have access to more than 20 databases containing data on medications, particularly those for infectious and oral disorders and IV compatibility. Additionally, the clinicians have access to an extensive medical library that collects data on calculators, drug interactions, and other topics.


  1. Reliable app for clinical knowledge
  2. Depth of understanding of medications, interactions, and other topics
  3. Modern data security and privacy procedures.

8. DynaMed


It is simple to use because DynaMed is a clinical reference program that mimics Google’s search engine. Other doctors review the medical information. Because the app seamlessly integrates with your PC, you can work anywhere.

Both Android and iOS devices may access DynaMed. However, access requires a subscription plan. One of the top medical applications for patients and doctors, DynaMed offers up-to-date information for medical professionals. You can make the best judgments quickly because the text is clear and easy to understand.

Additionally, you may write emails, create notes, save your favourite articles, and, most crucially, access information even if you are not online.


  1. Encourage the use of evidence-based patient care
  2. Easy access to current information for users
  3. Mobile access to medical information

9. UpToDate

UPTODATE ® – Faculdades Souza Marques

Providers can utilize UpToDate as a resource to help them make better medical judgments. You can download pertinent medical and pharmaceutical content from this medical reference and distribute it to peers. The app supports several dialects, including Spanish, Chinese, and Russian.

IOS devices, including iPhones and iPads, and some Android smartphones can use UpToDate. You must have a subscription (individual or institutional) to use it. Additionally, it has medical calculators that will enable you to rapidly and adequately calculate various medical parameters. Clinicians can quickly check for any potential drug-to-drug and drug-to-herb conversations thanks to its drug interaction program. Through a collaboration with Lexicomp, the app offers a successful drug interaction program.

To ensure optimal diagnostic tests and treatment, you can subscribe to the UpToDate Advanced and gain exclusive entry to UpToDate Paths and Lab Interpretation.


  1. Comprehensive patient education
  2. Practice making modifications
  3. Simplifies search options
  4. The graphics search function

10. MDCalc

MDcalc - ICT&health

Over 550 medical decision tools are available in the medical calculating software MDCalc. Calculators for dosing and patient risk scores are among the available tools. Reviewing various medical computations can also earn providers CME credits. The use of the app is free. You only need to sign up to get started; after that, you may begin right away. You will require a paid subscription to examine various calculators and earn CME credits.

One of the greatest free medical apps for doctors is MDCalc, which was created to enable them to focus more on the health of the patient and less on computations. You can use it to assist you in making better judgments about the long-term health of your patients because it provides over 350 tools and covers 35 areas of specialization.

Over a million users, including over 65% of US doctors, use this app weekly. The content is authored and validated by doctors and other top medical specialists.


  1. Quick and straightforward tools for providing high-quality patient care
  2. Verified content produced by medical professionals is accessible on the app
  3. Expert medical calculators created by renowned physicians

Top Medical Mobile App Benefits

The future of healthcare is mobile, and whether you’re a patient or a doctor, you can be sure that using mobile health apps will provide you with many advantages in your daily life.

Let’s examine these advantages in greater detail:

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1. Increased Patient Engagement

  • In today’s patient-centric world, the importance of high-quality care has increased. Through efficient patient-focused treatment, individualized experiences, and knowledge sharing between physicians and patients, Health apps promote engagement.
  • Without having to leave their homes, patients may access and keep track of the information in their medical records and prescriptions.

2. Reduce the Chances of Misdiagnosis

  • Handling patient records manually can be time-consuming, inaccurate, and prone to diagnostic errors. However, the health applications eliminate all of these potential issues that could be fatal to the patient.
  • Assists in storing an accurate digital report of the patient’s health status in the application. This makes it easier for doctors to provide the proper medication with the appropriate dosage and chemical makeup. This information can be easily collected when a patient switches between healthcare providers so that timely medical decisions can be made.

3. Immediate Access to Care

Top 10 Health Apps – Make Your Health A Priority - Migraine Buddy |#1 Migraine Monitoring App & Headache Tracker App

  • Anytime, Anywhere! Mobile health apps make it simple and secure for patients to send signals, schedule appointments, and connect to the client-side 24/7 for telemedicine visits, in contrast to inefficient, traditional telephone connectivity to healthcare professional organizations.
  • To prevent physical visits for minor concerns, customers can ask their inquiries via video calls, chat, or phone calls. This increases the process’s efficiency significantly.

4. No-fuss Payments

  • Paying bills used to be a laborious process both for patients and healthcare employees. Thanks to mobile applications, people no longer have to spend hours in line only to pay for healthcare services.
  • The app’s highly secure payment gateway integration enables users to make instant, secure payments with only a few clicks.
  • They can also choose their preferred payment option, make an online payment (using a debit or credit card), and, if necessary, use apps to connect to their insurance.

5. Improved Medication Alerts

  • A number of health apps allow users to set up automated reminders to remind them to take their medications, attend specialist appointments, renew prescriptions, and more. Patients now have far more flexibility over their treatment without worrying about missing a session.
  • By sending out automated reminders eliminates a significant amount of tiresome and repetitive admin tasks and improves the patient experience.

6. Improved Data Management Every day

Launch of the WHO Academy and the WHO Info mobile applications

Healthcare companies process enormous amounts of personal data. Consequently, it needs to be organized properly. Healthcare apps that are integrated with EHR automatically record essential patient data from wearables or other connected system devices.

  • This makes it possible for healthcare professionals to compile detailed patient profiles and meet HIPAA requirements.

7. Improving medical settings through the Internet of Things implementations

  • IoT-connected healthcare applications, such as wearable technology like fitness bands and other connectable devices like blood pressure and heart rate monitors, glucometers, and more, provide real-time tracking that enables doctors to gather accurate patient medical data at any given location or time.
  • Additionally, devices like electrocardiograms, thermometers, and others are starting to connect and enable people and medical professionals to monitor health.
  • Doctors can make wise decisions and provide top-notch care thanks to the data gathered by IoT healthcare equipment.

8. Lower expenses for hospitals and patients

8 Apps for Field Data Collection (Teamscope, ODK, etc)

  • Telemedicine and telehealth are two examples of virtual care services that improve cost-effectiveness for both service recipients and providers of health care. Digital services have the potential to save the US healthcare system some $300 billion, according to a Goldman Sachs paper titled
  • The Digital Transformation Comes to US Healthcare. Mobile health apps generally lessen the chance of contracting preventable chronic diseases and inpatient readmission rates, decreasing unnecessary treatments and lowering healthcare costs.

Finally, the growth of mobile applications in the healthcare sector has been phenomenal. Therefore, investing in health apps would undoubtedly assist increase the revenue and reputation of your medical business. Though, given that it necessitates more in-depth expertise in back-end peace and integration regulations, breaking into the healthcare mobile app industry can be challenging.

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And by now, we hope that you understand and agree with the need for health apps for every medical environment to better prepare for delivering interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary health services shortly. We can assist if you’re a provider of healthcare services wishing to create a mobile health app.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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