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Top 10 Best Software for FMLA tracking in 2023

The Top 10 Best Software for Tracking FMLA in 2023

Consider managing and assessing hundreds of leave applications while seated in front of a laptop in your cabin. Sounds awful? But it gets worse when you also have to deal with other compliances, like FMLA compliance, at the same time. You and your business could get into a lot of trouble if you ignore compliance.

The US Labor Department reported that 966 FMLA complaints were filed in 2020 and that 48% of those complaints led to severe penalties and fines for the employers involved for non-compliance.

Today, however, you don’t need to worry about a thing because we have a tonne of software that turns this difficult chore into lighthearted fun. By considering all the compliances, you may control how much time off your staff members receive.

What is FMLA?

The Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, is a federal statute that was implemented in 1993 that enables employees to take unpaid time off from work for a variety of reasons. This statute grants eligible US employees unpaid time off to attend to their medical conditions as well as those of their families.

If they qualify, employees are given the authority to take up to 12 weeks of leave under this law. Whether a worker’s family member has a serious health condition or a serious medical condition that prevents them from working determines whether they are eligible for FMLA leave.

Additionally, workers must have been employed by the organisation for more than a year to be eligible for FMLA leave. The FMLA also stipulates that if an employer intends to fire an employee due to their absence under the FMLA, they must hold off until at least 12 months have passed since the medically unfit employee’s scheduled to return date.

The 12-week term of unpaid leave may be dispersed throughout the year or taken all at once. Additionally, if an employee requests FMLA leave, they cannot be fired for doing so, but they can be fired while on leave if the reason for the firing is unrelated to FMLA.

What is software for FMLA tracking?

A type of leave-tracking system known as FMLA tracking software includes the capacity to manage FMLA leaves and their compliances in addition to having other functions. Even the management should be well-organized and transparent in a corporation. This FMLA leave monitoring software is essential in ensuring that managers don’t err while calculating and overseeing each employee’s leaves.

Software for managing and recording FMLA leaves includes an FMLA tracking capability. While some software, like FMLA Manager, is solely focused on managing FMLA and other states, federal, and corporate leave compliance, there are also programmes that offer additional capabilities in addition to FMLA tracking.

Best Software for Tracking FMLA

FMLA Manager 

FMLA Manager

The software tool known as FMLA manager was developed by J.J. Keller and Associates to make it easier for HR managers to do one of their most challenging and perplexing tasks. J.J. Keller and his 1,500 colleagues have served more than 6 lakh clients globally since their business began in 1953, including more than 90% of Fortune 1000 companies. We can trust the product because it has more than 50 years of experience managing compliance and regulations.

The fact that the software is called FMLA manager doesn’t indicate that it solely aids in FMLA compliance and management. Additionally, it aids in the management of federal, state, and corporate leave compliance.

When you begin using FMLA Manager to track your employees‘ absences, you will also have free, unrestricted access to J.J Keller’s subject matter experts, who you can contact with as many inquiries as you like each week.

Pros: Prevent severe fines for non-compliance; Have Expertise in This Field; Have Access to Ask Experts Questions; Comprehensively Report Leave;

Cons: Not revealed price; outdated user interface.


Leave source

Since the year 2000, Qcera has been offering leave and compliance-related services through its leave management software called LeaveSource. Quora offers two products, LeaveSource Enterprise and LeaveSource Entrust, to meet the needs of businesses of various sizes.

Even though both systems are packed with incredible capabilities for handling leave and compliance, LeaveSource Enterprise is better suited for larger businesses with a workforce of more than 1000 employees. You can still evaluate the characteristics and pick the best one. Forget the hassle of managing any type of leave because LeaveSource can handle a wide range of federal, state, and municipal leaves.

Benefits include being a SOC2 Type II + HyTrust Certified Audit Approved FMLA SaaS Provider, receiving training on how to use the programme efficiently within 24 hours of a request, having its software updated to reflect any changes to the Act, and having a long list of leaves to manage.

Cons: No price is given.

Zoho Personnel

Zoho Personnel

The brand Zoho is well-known in the world of software solutions, and among its many offerings is Zoho People. This software, which is trusted by over 4000 companies globally, including Zomato, McDonald’s, IIFL, and Spice Jet, is ideal for managing time off, performance, and many other things.

One of Zoho People’s features under leave monitoring and management is FMLA leave management. It offers more than just leave-tracking capabilities; it also provides timesheet, performance, and attendance management tools.

We can confidently rely on the software for leave management, including FMLA tracking, as Zoho is an industry-leading software solution provider and has been active in this sector for the last 20 years.

Pros: Compliance with international security and privacy laws like GDPR; two-factor authentication for an additional layer of security; password protection for any imported or exported databases; access control to grant access to the software based on role; compliance with global security and privacy laws like GDPR.

Cons: The mobile version has bugs and has limited FMLA management functionality.



GoCo is software that has incredible FMLA-compliant leave-tracking tools that make the laborious, manual chore of HR easier. It is listed as the top platform in Forbes, Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur Magazine, and it also has the highest customer satisfaction rating on the G2 crowd. You will never get tired of using this software due to its excellent UI/UX.

You won’t ever need to roam around because everything is perfectly aligned. Using this software, you are equipped with some wonderful capabilities to track your FMLA compliance, making FMLA management easier and more effective than before.

Due to its commitment to the fundamental values of Transparency, Integrity, Collaboration, Evolve, Give First, and Grit since its debut in 2015, it has won over HR managers.

Benefits include: tracking PTO and syncing it with the timesheet; automatically calculating overtime; automatically paying holidays; and providing an advanced user interface.

Cons: There is no free trial.


Over 15000 brands and 1.5 million customers have benefited from GreytHR’s software services in the HR sector over the past 25 years. Your HR manager is given the ability to track all leave applications, verify eligibility, and ensure compliance, thanks to GreytHR’s leave management system.

This software assists in recording the leave and evaluating eligibility because it includes all the features required by key state compliances, including FMLA. Utilize the self-service option for employees to make the leave request procedure transparent to them.

Automation not only lightens the workload but also increases productivity. This solution is already being used by organisations like WeWork, Rapido, Instamojo, and impact guru to streamline the leave tracking procedure.


  • One-click processing for year-end leaves;
  • 50+ programmable parameters
  • Role-based access control,
  • unlimited leave types,
  • leave-the-transaction compliance


  • Monthly subscription fees;
  • Absence of further modules.

CWS Software, TimeOut

CWS Software

CWS Software’s TimeOut is an absence management tool that guarantees precise leave recording and manages daily compliance, including FMLA compliance. The most intriguing aspect of this software is how quickly you may modify the state regulations of any nation so that you never overlook crucial compliance.

The employee can quickly seek a leave of absence using the employee self-service tool, which also allows them to view their remaining leave balances. Your boss is reminded of your leave request through email, and the manager will take care of the rest.


• Country-specific regulations to assure compliance;

• Integration with Google calendar, Outlook, and Apple iCal;

• Mobile apps for iOS and Android;

  • Trials of the demo are available, and it is accessible worldwide.


  • A limited number of add-ons;
  • poor UI/UX;
  • Timetastic


Gary and Matt, two bright young brains, founded Timestatic in 2014. They set out to create this engaging and cost-effective programme. They created Timetastic, which revolutionised leave management, out of frustration with organising the leaves on a convoluted spreadsheet.

Due to its unique features and design, you will fall in love with this software. Give each of your employees a Timestactic-provided personal calendar that shows a clear picture of their vacation time. Your employee may now quickly plan for upcoming leaves and access information about past ones.

You can manage your workload accordingly by having clear visibility into who is taking time off and when thanks to the effective wall calendar.


• Affordably priced;

• Modern and user-friendly UI

  • There is also a smartphone app available.
  • Controlling the approval procedure and the calendar


• Fewer features

  • The request cannot be amended after it has been submitted.


Replicon FMLA Software

Replicon is a provider of cloud-based software solutions that offers software solutions to ease the challenging process of HR. Time-Off, a part of Replicon’s project time-tracking product suite, assists in managing employee leave while upholding state and federal compliance.

Depending on the demands of your company, configure the policies governing the approval process for any desired leave application. In addition to offering seamless interaction with a wide range of other programmes like Salesforce, Zendesk, Oracle, Sage, BambooHR, and many others, this solution comes pre-loaded with sophisticated leave management features.


  • Team Calendar
  • Employee Self-Service Portal;
  • Built-in Configurable Time Intelligent Platform;
  • Advanced Analytics and Flexible Reporting;
  • Alerts and Notification


  • Not free plan;
  • Hard to understand administrative features



A leave management tool called Leaveboard targets small and medium firms with 5 to 250 employees. Your employees are your company’s most valuable resource, and this cloud-based software helps you manage them.

Utilize the advantages of this programme while making sure that no employees are on leave at the same time. Avoid hefty fines and penalties for breaking federal and state regulations governing an employee’s leave as well.

In addition to some cutting-edge features like a chatbot and calendar feeds, enjoy all the standard functions of leave management software.


  • The availability of a mobile app;
  • the centralization of leave reporting;
  • the employee self-service portal;
  • the integration of Google and Outlook calendars;
  • and the automation of intelligent HR processes

Cons: The user interface is dated and ugly, and the mobile app occasionally slows.



The expense of administration is greatly decreased by the all-in-one leave and accommodation software known as AbsenceSoft. It handles all your documentation for FMLA compliance and other state leave regulations.

Since the law is subject to change, it updates its software by changes to state and federal regulations to ensure that you never become a victim of non-compliance.

To ensure prompt compliance, you can also configure the software with your corporate regulations. Utilize this programme to provide your staff with authority to request time off and keep an eye on the situation in real-time.

Checking the leave’s eligibility while keeping in mind company-specific, federal, and state regulations is beneficial.


  • Employee self-service portal,
  • activity monitoring,
  • built-in compliance expertise,
  • leave eligibility calculator and
  • instant access to FMLA and ADA files

Cons: The cost is not revealed, and there is no mobile app.

Advantages of tracking FMLA

  • Storage of Employee Statistics

The capacity to keep an endless pool of specifically customised employee profiles is one of the key FMLA advantages offered by the usage of specialised software. A sophisticated data storage system can promptly log every piece of pertinent information.

Before a suitable decision may be made in response to an FLMA leave request, everything related to the employee’s date of hire must be considered.

FMLA leave is not available to workers who haven’t been recruited for at least 12 months out of the most recent calendar year. Employers that have access to the right statistics can quickly ascertain whether a candidate satisfies the prerequisites for selection.

Live Performance Monitoring

An employer may exercise discretion when deciding whether to grant intermittent leave under the FMLA, for example. Employers will naturally want to be aware of the employee’s objective performance history to make the best choice. Low-maintenance software offers FMLA benefits that include instant access to performance reviews.

The programme can also give automatic updates that remind employers of when new appraisals should be undertaken, in addition to giving an immediate access point to the many pieces of performance information that an employer is guaranteed to need for specific FMLA leave considerations.

Micromanagement of PTO

The employee’s history of paid time off (PTO) may or may not be taken into account when determining how much FMLA time they are eligible for, depending on the specific type of FMLA leave they sought.

When a female employee requests maternity and/or paternity leave, standing PTO is a crucial consideration because federal law requires that the first 8 out of the 12 weeks be supplemented with any leftover alternative kinds of leave.

Employers benefit from software designed for FMLA since it enables them to continuously track all employees’ PTO hours.

Fluid adaptation to all updates to the FMLA regulations

The FMLA standards are continually susceptible to change. Therefore an organisation must always be ready to modify any procedures required to stay in compliance.

When correctly planned for, FMLA benefits to employees are merely nice administrative bonuses, but if the employer isn’t careful in keeping track of them, they may quickly become a full nightmare for everyone concerned.

By always keeping employers and supervisory staff informed of any upcoming regulatory changes that need to be quickly accounted for, monitoring software implementation can help.

Reduced litigation risk

In the worst-case situation, businesses may face severe legal repercussions if they fail to maintain vigilant oversight of all pertinent information. The FMLA standards are etched in stone and don’t allow for much latitude in terms of infringement, even if employers accidentally overlook a little but crucial piece of information.

Employers can prevent themselves from any potential internal misuse or exploitation of the FMLA policy by using appropriate FMLA tracking software to ensure that they can continue to be fair to their employees.

Optimal economic performance

Tracking software aids in maximising the agency’s overall profit margin and calculating the leave time applied to unique FMLA petitions. It is much simpler to maintain an accurate record of the expenses associated with absenteeism in the agency because FMLA software provides companies with an exact figure on the attendance history of each employee.

Employers can more properly gauge their other costs by keeping track of attendance rates because every absence has a cost that the agency must account for in their financial reports.

Improvement of productivity

FMLA software reduces the total workload of the agency while also assisting organisations in maintaining high levels of FMLA compliance. Manual techniques would require an absurd amount of time and energy to attempt to track every element pertinent to FMLA tracking, not to mention the high possibility of human error. Agencies can devote more of their time and resources to other top priorities by letting the software handle all the labour-intensive work.

Management of differentiated leave histories

Employers may ask that their claims for FMLA leave be processed after any accrued vacation and sick time. Except for female employees who have given birth, employers are not required by FMLA policy to add any type of paid leave to the usual unpaid workweeks allowed by FMLA, but they may choose to do so at their discretion. Employers can always be aware of all past leave hours taken by each of their employees, thanks to tracking software.

Improved employer-employee dialogue

FMLA benefits are not just a demonstration of compassionate work practises; they also help to improve relationships and communication between employers and employees. Employers and employees can always stay on the same page regarding any administrative judgements regarding FMLA requests and other situations requiring other emergencies by offering a consistent mutual avenue of communication.

Edited by Prakriti Arora



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