Top 10 Most Innovative Startups in Kolkata 2022

Top 10 Most Innovative Startups in Kolkata 2022

Kolkata, the capital of East Bengal, is much more famous for the kind of delicacies and the vibrant culture it has. It is called the financial and commercial hub of India’s eastern and North-eastern parts.

It has some of the significant primary activities going on in the city, and for that, it is called the entrepreneurial hub, which is bustling with some successful startups. Many successful ventures had already started their beginnings in the ‘City of Joy.’

The start-up in Kolkata has been catching great speed recently, and many start-ups in the city of Joy are evolving with time.

This city has been very different in terms of the revenue model compared to other start-ups in other cities like Bengaluru, which is known for cash burns and always follows the hockey stick revenue model. Most Kolkata start-ups are mainly cash positive from the very beginning.

This city is also known to be the culture in the commercial centre of eastern India, which is no longer the name that strikes one’s mind only for its tasty food, tourist places and monuments.

In recent years, the city’s progress has proved that it is time to look at the city’s up and coming vibrant start-up culture that is making it a metropolis of choice in the country. It is slowly and gradually gaining a lot of recognition as a start-up hub.

 As provided earlier, it now offers much more than delicacies and cultural heritage. It marks its status as a prime business, commercial and financial support of eastern India and the main communication port for the north that East Indian states.

The city has been showing a boom with a battling start-up ecosystem of most passionate intrapreneurs, great mentors, innovators and a supportive government.

Many significant start-ups have gained a lot of fame and positive result from the audience and, again, a lot of appreciation from them. It has shown tremendous growth in recent years and has strived to become the best in the future.

1. Taxmantra

taxstore blog – page 2 – advisory, tax and regulatory compliance in india, singapore and usa

This is called the most famous industry for fintech services; it is a fintech start-up based in Kolkata that has been helping its customers with fundraising, legal services, cross dashboard attacks and legal compliances.

It is a platform called to be a bespoke, digital-first global consultancy Form that has been providing advisory, tax and regulatory services in India and other countries.

 It was founded in 1983 by a group that rebranded the name of Taxmantra as Taxmantra Global (TMG) group in the year 2010 into a digital-first tax with the motto to offer top-notch advisory and tax services to global businesses.

It has 600+ professionals with a very diverse team and team members who have a multi-sector experience with this subject matter expertise.

Alok Patna is the managing partner of Taxmantra Global, who founded this platform to help businesses or companies with due diligence and valuation-related activities.

They have been opening several offices every year and have expanded their business significantly. Taxmantra is one of the strongest players in the tax on legal compliance services and has grown to the international waters.

The CEO and founder of Taxmantra, Alok Patnia, was a chartered accountant by profession, and he was the one who used a couple of years to set up Taxmantra.

He always aimed or believed in making Taxmantra a global powerhouse concerning tax and legal affairs. The best advantage is that they have 30 years of their core area specialisation experience in the cross–over expertise with global tax and regulatory assistance.

It provides customised business solutions with the most affordable pricing and is conveniently located in major cities like Bengaluru, Kolkata, Mumbai, Singapore and Los Angeles.

Company Overview

                Legal Name  TM Solutions Private Limited 
                Industries  Accounting & Professional Services 
                Founder            Alok Patnia 
             Founded Date                2009
   Total Funding Amount                NA
                 Investors               Acquired 

2. Wow! Momo

wow! momo - wikipedia

Wow! Momo India’s fastest growing Momo chain was started by two classmates, Sagar Daryani and Binod Kumar Homagai. They decided to start selling the steamed momos from the six by six kiosk in Springdale Spencer in 2008.

This food company has Acquired great appreciation from the audience, starting from a garage in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. The first kitchen of a Momo was a 200 ft.² room, and they took the raw material on credit local grocery store to get their things started.

Their first kitchen started with only a single table and two part-time chefs who worked on a nominal salary. This has become an Indian chain of fast-food restaurants that started with a meagre investment of just Rs.30,000 and now stands at an astonishing net worth of 860 crores.

When this food ordering and the delivery platform started getting recognition and appreciation from the audience, they got an investment from the Tiger global management of 130 crores when the food company was valued at over 860 crores in 2019.

The initial days of this platform were a bit challenging as the two founders of a Momo approached every person entering the Spencer store and asked them to sample the momos.

They would always wear a Momo T-shirt, and over the next two years, they opened similar kiosks In the various commercial locations of the city like tech parks, malls and hypermarkets.

This chain expanded from Kolkata to Noida, then Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai, Lucknow and Delhi. It provides 16 different varieties of momos for vegetarians and non-vegetarians for all vegetarian lovers.

It has offerings that include corn and corn and cheese, among others. And the non-vegetarians have chicken and cheese, chicken, and prawns.

In 2010, Sagar Daryani and Binod Kumar Homagai came up with their first independent outlet at sector V in Salt Lake, Kolkata, where they began has now expanded to 1200 ft.² which was opened with an investment of Rs.14 lakhs.

The food company has been known and recognised by so many people that over 900 people manage storefronts, and over 700 people are employed in the back end productions.

Company Overview

                Legal Name    Wow Momo Foods Pvt Ltd. 
              Industries   Food Delivery & Online Ordering 
             Founder(s)  Sagar Daryani & Binod Homegai 
          Founded Date                 2008
  Total Funding Amount            INR 860 Crores
             Investors                 Funding 

3. Notebook

notebook- edtech startup story | notebook company profile

It is one of the famous high–quality education platforms for every child, working with the vision to enable access to the best quality of education. It has been striving to establish a benchmark in most educational content quality for Indian schools.

Notebook is known to be a subscription – be service operating on a premium model, working on Google cloud and delivering the best video streams through the same pathway as YouTube.

It has got best–in–class DRM to protect itself against piracy. It has also attempted the creation of audiovisuals that students find very interesting and a form informative. The course is currently available with the notebook platform in English for the year, ninth and 10th grades of CBSE schools.

This platform provides the students with the best study material, study notes and solve questions included in the course. It is an ed-tech start-up based in Kolkata which is just revolutionising the Indian Education system.

It has ignored the days when the students spent hours in the library section searching for the one reference book for the study material or notes.

This platform has covered every kind of topic in every subject if found available them. It was founded in 2018 by Achin Bhattacharya, Shubhayu Roy and Abhishek Dutta.

The notebook platform and the team members are guided by some of the core beliefs like, every child is talented and equally capable, the society will always need to improve as a whole only if every child can be provided with access to high–quality education.

According to Google and KPMG, the online education industry in India will be growing from two $47 million to 1986 billion $ by 2021.

There are approximately two 16 million school students in India as per the reports of the education system, which has been offering a massive opportunity to deliver a high–quality product.

Currently, the notebook platform works and manages every student with 50 members, coordinating very well with the students and their parents regarding their improvements, weak points and strong points.

Company Overview

                Legal Name  Notebook Private Limited.
                Industries                Education 
                Founder Subhayu Roy, Achin Bhattacharya & Abhishek Dutta. 
             Founded Date                    2018
   Total Funding Amount                   NA
                 Investors                    NA 

4. Sleepycat

sleepycat mattress company profile - founder, revenue, funding, competitors

India’s first mattress-in-box brand has been manufacturing the box using a unique technology that makes it compact enough to be packed in a small package.

The mattresses that are manufactured in the Sleepycat are significantly compressed using automated compression technology, and always after the compression, the mattress easily fits into a small box and eliminates any transportation-related problems.

 It has been providing the services at your doorstep and also delivers a specialised cell memory foam-based magnet that comes packed in a box, straight from the factory to the customers without any shipping cost.

This start-up in Kolkata has just expanded within 1.3 years. The company has sold over 10,000 Miles and has been known to be the highest–rated mattresses on the internet across Google, Facebook and Amazon. This platform has flown every level best to make all customers sleep the most luxurious experience you can ever have.

The medium of making your life easier and elegant with the kind of luxury mattresses that deliver to your doorstep. The company strives to provide the best sleep experience to the customers through a simplified and curated range of premium sleep products that are fresh, freshly manufactured and delivered to your home at factory prices.

This brand is billed to provide a personalised shopping experience as it is driven by constant innovation and a constant need to enhance the way India sleeps.

It was founded by Kabir Siddiq, the CEO of VP cat and founded this start-up, in 2017. The start-up delivers to more than 20,000 pin codes and has made more than 20,000 reliable customers.

Company Overview

                Legal Name  Sleepycat Management Pvt Ltd. 
                Industries        Sleeping mattresses
                Founder           Kabir Siddiq
             Founded Date                 2017
  Total Funding Amount                  NA
                 Investors                 Acquired 

5. Karma Kettle

startup story of karma kettle - the artisanal tea makers

It is one of India’s finest artisan and tea blenders, offering 60+ different pretty varieties and has specialised itself in the branding process by providing a wide variety of people to choose from.

Drinking tea in India is a trend that can never go out of fashion Indians always have joy and an authentic cup of tea, be it any weather or any occasion.

This platform has offered some of the most authentic come of Moroccan mint tea, Japanese Matcha and Genmaicha tea at the most reasonable prices.

This platform was first started online and acquired as customers or through their online process only, but now they sell their products to the website and other e-commerce portals. The company was founded in 2015 by Priti Sen Arora and Dheeraj Arora, who believed in delivering the best kind of tea experience to Indians.

The founders’ mission is to positively impact the customer’s body, spirit, and mind with the best tea recipe. They always believe in brewing wellness, from the grass Garden Street to your teacup.

This is platform works directly with the tea plantations in Darjeeling and Assam to source the freshness that was packed in the beautiful tin boxes and provided through different cafes and retail spaces in Kolkata.

Drinking is considered a vital habit in every kind of culture worldwide, but it is also accompanied by some of the most mesmerising preparation and tedious rituals. This platform always wants its customers to have access to some of the most incredible moments at home and have collaborated with artisans in India to craft limited edition gift boxes, teaware, tea accessories, and all services available just at the click of a button on the website.

Company Overview

                Legal Name  Kharma Kettle Pvt Ltd.
                Industries   Tea ware & Tea accessories
                Founder(s) Dhiraj Arora & Priti Sen Arora
             Founded Date                 2019
  Total Funding Amount                  NA
                 Investors                 Acquired 

6. Sasta Sundar

sastasundar - enhances the wellness of life with its healthcare solutions!

It is a start-up that formed its base in West Bengal in the section of pharmacy, beauty and health care. Is the one platform offering online pharmacy to people with their office headquartered in Kolkata? It provides the most quality medicines, health care, and beauty products. It also brings a knowledge-based web portal that includes information on medication for the users to know all about the medicines before selecting what they want.

The platform has also extended its hand to the numerous Ayurvedic and herbal medicines, orthopaedic and even the surgical care unit for the numerous kinds of alignment. This platform is called to be one of India’s fastest-growing and reputed healthcare brands, which has a hundred per cent genuine product is the best marketing support. It even gives the customers access to the knowledge of the repository providing helpful information about the medicine delivered. The Sasta Sundar has technology support to manage all the business operations and customer training to manage their platform.

The team members focus on building a compromise on their health care platform, with the promise of hundred per cent genuine medicines and offering a wide variety and fast delivery to all the valuable users with an honest and trustworthy approach. After seeing the effects of the pandemic, this platform has also included Face masks, sanitisers and essentials to keep their customers safe during the time of the pandemic. This platform was founded in 2013 by B.L Mittal and Ravi Kant Sharma just wanted to extend a helping hand to many people in terms of healthcare and wellness.

Company Overview

          Legal Name  Sasta Sundar Private Ltd. 
           Industries  Healthcare & Wellness 
          Founder(s) B.L. Mittal & Ravi Kant Sharma
        Founded Date                2013
   Total Funding Amount                 NA
          Investors                Acquired 

7. Sweethandi

36 successful startups in kolkata | list of kolkata startups

Kolkata, also known by the name the city of Joy, is known for the kind of sweets that the town has, particularly Sandesh and Rosogolla. There have been many shops and cafes or restaurants providing different varieties of both the famous sweet dish in the city. But, Sweethandi is the one platform with an entire spectrum of flavours that the city has to provide, and it simply exposes this spectrum with its platform.

This is in Kolkata start-up, an E-commerce set up selling the best Bengali sweets across the country, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. It has been allowing customers to place orders online. The charges can be customised according to the geographical location.

This company has also collaborated with all the major sweet retailers in India, making the delivery of Bengal sweets across India as easy as possible. The start-up was founded by Abhiroop Banerjee in 2015 and has acquired a total funding amount of up to $140.1 billion. This platform gives a lot of varieties or alternatives to the customers, but it also provides them with a lot of additional possibilities. The online portal Is responsible for facilitating the distribution of Bengali sweets across the country, including Kashmir or Kanyakumari. This means that they can distribute all of the items from top to bottom.

Company Overview

            Legal Name  Sweethandi Foods Pvt Ltd. 
             Industries  Delivery Service & Retail 
             Founder          Abhirup Banerjee 
          Founded Date                 2015
  Total Funding Amount                  NA
            Investors                Acquired 

8. Tripmamu

36 successful startups in kolkata | list of kolkata startups

Trip Mamu is the one start-up in Kolkata which believes that holidays are worth remembering if they are memorable, joyous and exciting. It is a kind of start-up in Kolkata that has been helping people find the right travel agent for holiday destinations at a very reasonable price. It also serves as a marketplace that allows customers to connect.

 It is an online leisure holiday marketplace start-up from Kolkata, which is only engaged in connecting customers with the local reputed travel operator for various holiday needs or planning future holidays. All users looking for holidays by comparing the prices or want to customise their plan according to themselves. This platform allows you to have all of it in a straightforward process and at a very pocket-friendly price.

Somdev Dutta Gupta founded this platform, a successful second-generation I want to promote and has acquired more than ten years of experience in business and financial management. He currently owns and manages a Chino coffee shop and resto-bars in different cities. You started this business to provide the people with the best advice and help them make up their customer’s holidays cheaper without compromising on the quality.

It has a big operation team that is always powered, supported through the guidance of the founder and always makes a point to deliver the best service to its customers. You can easily create your account on their website, which allows you to access some of the best agents as, through signing up on the side, this platform connects you to the third party, which provides you with the agent according to your destination.

Company Overview

                Legal Name Pvt Ltd. 
                Industries         Travel & Tourism 
                Founder      Somdev Duttgupta 
             Founded Date                2016
  Total Funding Amount                NA 
                 Investors                  Acquired 

9. EazyCoach

36 successful startups in kolkata | list of kolkata startups

It is a famous edtech start-up based in Kolkata that connects many students across the country with different coaching institutions and schools. This platform offers customers or parents an easy method to get complete information or details about the various education centres. It is always a hell of a task about changing school for any reason or situation.

EazyCoach is the answer to your problem, as this edtech platform acts as a saviour to such conditions. Parents can get detailed information regarding any school or institution in any city where they want to enrol their child. This platform offers a reliable medium that makes it easy for the students in their college admissions while taking personal coaching programmes and dealing with the specific areas of college commissions.

The price and duration have said the student coaches, and this platform takes a 10% commission on every programme. It was founded in 2013 by Om Agarwal, who worked with three trusted and reliable employees and made the company attain worldwide recognition. In simple words, this platform helps you get into your dream college by getting personal help from students currently studying in the same respect as your entrances.

Company Overview

          Legal Name  EazyCoach Educational Solutions Pvt Ltd. 
          Industries                 Education 
           Founder              Om Agarwal 
          Founded Date                   2013
  Total Funding Amount                    NA
          Investors                  Acquired 

10. FusionChart

4 most successful bootstrapped startups in india - 2022

It is an industry leader in enterprise with excellent starting components for most web and mobile applications. This platform has gone above and beyond to assist developers. It is working on the Moto “by developers, for developers” and has witnessed more than 1.4 million downloads by over 750,000 developers in 118 countries.

This company or start-up offers 90+ charts and 1400 data-driven maps, which have also been featured in Forbes magazine and the recipient of various awards. Stab list in 2002, fusion charts have been downloaded by many developers worldwide. It has been focusing on making developers’ lives joyful and easy while helping the world communicate and understand the data effectively. It has made more than 28,000 happy customers and has acquired significant experience in the section of making data-driven charts.

It holds more than 15 years of experience creating market-leading chatting solutions and saves a lot of time for most developers. It has a variety of products like their FusionChart Suite XT, Fusion Time, Fusion Export and compares the Fusion Charts. It was founded by Pallavi Nathani, who founded the start-up to offer high-performance time-series visualisation and export the entire dashboard as PDFs for use in reports and emails.

Company Overview

          Legal Name  FushionCharts Private Ltd. 
          Industries  Business Intelligence & Software 
           Founder            Pallav Nandani 
       Founded Date                    2003
   Total Funding Amount                    NA
         Investors                 Acquired 

The companies or start-ups mentioned above are considered some of the greatest in some ways, and they have risen in recent years because of the kind of service they provide and the feedback that they are getting from the audience. It has completely changed or transformed the traditional ways of the city, Kolkata and now it is all coming to the forefront, matching everything to the trend. The city even provides different types of coworking spaces for the customers, which you can select according to your preference and establish a business.

Within the last few years, internet use has created a more significant impact on people to develop or establish their businesses. There are millions of internet users, and the time pandemic even caused some entrepreneurs to think of something from their homes and start their businesses. Earlier, this city was only known for the kind of sweets and delicacies. Still, in recent years, the city has been emerging powerfully in terms of introducing new and relevant types of start-ups benefitting the town’s people a lot and contributing to the Indian economy.  

edited and proofread by nikita sharma 

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