Top 10 Most Promising and Scalable startups of Bhopal

Top 10 most Promising and Scalable startups of Bhopal

Contrary to common belief, the startup party is not limited to major cities; even tiny towns have innovative concepts to make their presence felt.

Madhya Pradesh’s cities, home to more than 500 entrepreneurs, are vying for a piece of the pie. Overall, Indore and Bhopal are home to the most of these startups.

It’s been suggested that in Madhya Pradesh, almost every national aggregator would have to compete with local counterparts.

Ritesh is the founder of and Startup Space Station, and two businesses stated that, Unlike comprehensive areas where entrepreneurs abound, Bhopal is relatively new to the startup scene.

“People here have great ideas, but they lack the practical understanding of getting started and working on them. We’ve come to assist the startups here. Networking and finance are two other crucial aspects of a firm.”

“We help them interact with one another, develop a strong startup network, and meet potential investors,” Ritesh explained. He went on to say that we don’t operate for profit but rather to help Bhopal-based entrepreneurs achieve a golbal stage, which is why they bring in global startup ecosystems to connect with the startups.

“We went to colleges to obtain ideas and discovered that there would be a boom in the startup arena of Bhopal in the future times,” he added. “The kids had fantastic ideas that may alter the face of Bhopal in the world of startups.”

In Bhopal, there are 338 IT startups. These startups from Bhopal are placing the city on the map, from traditional enterprises to a flourishing digital ecosystem.

The top ten most promising and scalable startups are listed below:


Swaayatt Robots- Provider of AI-driven self-driving technologies for on- and off-road vehicles

AI-powered self-driving technology provider for on- and off-road vehicles. According to the business, its motion planning, decision frameworks and perception technologies can manage complicated traffic conditions seen on Indian highways.

Trucks, tractors, campus driving vehicles, and industrial vehicles may benefit from independent technologies.The company is working on level-5 self-driving technology. Its next aim is to exhibit independent driving at 100 km/h on Indian roads, exemplifying the potential of technology.


Their research primarily focuses on reinforcement learning and diverse fields of theoretical computer science and applied mathematics. Decision-making and motion planning accounts for 70% of the R&D.

Previously, the company exhibited its system in India in two situations:

  1. Traffic scenarios with stochastic, complicated, and frequently hostile dynamics; and
  2. Unstructured environmental circumstances. In addition, the company’s leading research and development efforts are focused on allowing independent driving without the usage of high-definition or high-fidelity maps.

Using their Mahindra Bolero car, the company has been performing both algorithmic and complete independent driving displays since 2016. In 2017 and 2018, it demonstrate independent driving in challenging traffic circumstances on Indian roadways.

Sanjeev Sharma is the founder of Swaayatt Robots.Sanjeev began his study on automatic navigation in new environment as an undergraduate student at IIT Roorkee in January 2009.

Since 2014, his research has focused on applications in autonomous driving, like deep learning, computer vision, SLAM, and visual odometry, spanning numerous fields of theoretical computer science and applied mathematics.

His work at Swaayatt Robots, which aims to allow autonomous driving in challenging locations like India, has been featured in both national and international media on multiple occasions.

Swaayatt Robots has raised $3 million in a single round of fundraising. On July 18, 2021, a Seed round was raised.

Company Overview

Legal Name Swaayatt Robots Pvt. Ltd.
Industries Automotive,Autonomous Vehicles Transportation
Founder(s) Sanjeev Sharma
Founded Date May 21, 2015
Total Funding Amount $3M
Investors Startup Reseau, NSRCEL, and 1 Other Investor


Ondoor- Provider of fruits & vegetables, grocery staples, branded foods, and many others

Ondoor is an online grocery retailer. Provides fruits & vegetables, grocery staples, branded foods, and many other components. Ondoor has an app for Android and iOS.

On Door, Concepts Private Limited is a Private company established on December 15, 2014. It is a non-government Company registered with the Registrar of Companies in Gwalior. It has Rs. 30,000,000 authorized share capital and an Rs. 20,250,580 paid-up capital. It’s engaged in non-specialized retail establishments.

On door Concepts, Private Limited is an e-commerce company that delivers food and home supplies right to consumers” door. Ondoor was founded on the principle of “creating value for our clients to develop a long-term relationship.”

Ondoor Grocery Super Store Chhatarpur | New Grocery Store in Chhatarpur MP | - YouTube

Ondoor provides its clients a price and quality advantage because of its efficient bulk buying, state-of-the-art storage and handling, and unparalleled logistics.

Ondoor is convinced that, in the end, profitable businesses are built on consumer trust. It provides the greatest quality components at the most honest, reasonable, and competitive rates, in addition to unrivaled convenience – time and money savings.

Ondoor will continue innovating and finding cost-effective ways to provide value to its customers, workers, and community.

ON DOOR CONCEPTS PRIVATE LIMITED is in the Other Specialty Trade Contractors industry and is based in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India. ON DOOR CONCEPTS PRIVATE LIMITED employs 56 people accross its many locations. The ON DOOR CONCEPTS PRIVATE LIMITED corporate family consists of two companies.

Company Overview

Industries Other Specialty Trade Contractors,  Specialty Food Stores,  Miscellaneous Nondurable Goods Merchant Wholesalers,  Warehousing and Storage,  Other Support Activities for Transportation
Founder(s) Pramod Ramdas Ingle, Narendra Singh Bapna
Founded Date 15-12-2014
Total Funding Amount $2.07M
Investors Duane Park, Anicut Capital, Sumer Sethi, Universal Trustees Private Limited, Avtar Singh Monga, and one other


Gold Setu -Online platform for jewelry retailers is a SaaS platform for jewelry retailers that helps them to automate their workflows and digitally engage with their customers

Online marketplace and alternative investment platform for gold. It allows users to buy and sell Gold assets through online platforms. Users can purchase physical Assets for gifting purposes, track pricing lists, and access market trends & insights. Gold Setu is a mobile-first SaaS platform for jewelry shops that lets businesses automate operations and connect with consumers digitally.

Goldsetu App - Turbo Charge Your Jewellery Business Instantly!

Gold Setu Private Limited is a Private Company formed on March 19, 2021, 11 months and 19 days old. Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India, is the company’s registered office. The company is currently operational. According to the MCA, it is a limited-by-shares company with an authorized capital of Rs 11.00 lakh and a paid-up capital of Rs 1.30 lakh.

The organization has two directors on its board of directors. As directors, Anuj Sachdev and Vikas Verma are now working together.

Company Overview

Industries Jewelry Retailers, SaaS
Founder(s) Anuj Sachdev and Vikas Verma
Founded Date 19- march-2021
Total Funding Amount


  Investors Anjali Bansal, Kunal Bahl, Kunal Shah, Rohit Bansal, Revant Bhate, Suhail Sameer, iseed, Titan Capital, Village Global, Better capital and others


Kabadiwala- Online Waste Collection Service

Anurag Aasti is the founder of this re-commerce company.

The Kabadiwala focuses on garbage management and waste sector organization. The Kabadiwala is a doorstep business that aims to assist customers in selling their unwanted home items including newspapers, iron, plastic, books, copy, metal, and other articles in return for cash.

The scrap should be recycled, reused, reduced, up-cycled, and resold. It provides a platform for locals to participate in responsible trash management and is equipped with best-in-class technology and logistics for scrap processing.

TheKabadiWala is an online marketplace that allows you to sell household items including old newspapers and scrap metal at your doorstep. Users make an online request or send a message through SMS or Whatsapp, and TheKabadiWala dispatches an employee to collect rubbish.

Startup Sells Kabad Online, Saves 10K Trees & 13.8 Mn Litres Water

Waste is separated and delivered for recycling, and the user is contacted when the request is completed. For precise weighing, an Electronic Weight Machine is used. Weight-based pre-determined rate. As of September 2014, we had served over 10,000 people. Lemon Ideas acts like a mentor.

Anurag Aasti, the company’s creator, is an IT engineer who received encouragement from pursuing this initiative from a college professor. In an interview, he once stated,

“I started working on it, but even though it seemed a simple assignment, it proved to be rather difficult. I learned everything I could about the waste management cycle and how it operates during the process. At the end of it, I came to the conclusion that this is just a gap that has to be filled.”

Madhya Pradesh has  named this startup as its brand ambassador.The Kabadiwala has raised Rs.30 million in one round of fundraising. On April 11, 2019, an Angel round was submitted.

Five investors have put money into the Kabadiwala. The most recent investors are Bhushan Gajaria and Vishal Thaker.

Company Overview

Aka Online Kabadiwala
Industries Communities, E-Commerce
Founder(s)  Anurag Asati, Kavindra Raghuwanshi
Founded Date 2013
Total Funding Amount $ 629k or Rs.30M
Investors  Bhushan Gajaria Vishal Thaker and others


AgriGator  – Provider of agricultural logistics platform connecting grain shippers and carriers

agrigator | LinkedIn

AgriGator is a grain logistics platform that connects grain shippers and transporters.

AgriGator is a grain shipping and transportation platform that connects grain shippers and carriers. It  has an online marketplace to purchase and sell grains directly. Price discovery, review & credit rating, forecasting & insights, transaction, and more are among the services it provides.

Agri-focused digital technology connects traders, processors, wholesalers, and transporters to improve the efficiency and transparency of the supply chain.

AgriGator is an agriculture-focused B2B internet platform.

AgriGator is a digital agribusiness technology that connects traders, processors, wholesalers, and transporters to improve the efficiency and transparency of the supply chain. Logistics, Nationwide Network, Price Discovery, Review and Credit Ratings, Forecasting and Insights, and Transactions are some of the services it provides. AgroGator was founded with the goal of becoming a full-stack solution for the agricultural supply chain.

Aggregator, an agricultural supply chain platform, said it intends to generate Rs400 crore in gross merchandise value in FY23, a fivefold increase over the current fiscal, capitalizing on the rising demand for agri-product supply chains and automation across operations.

Changes in technology and capacities, along with greater investment in the agri-tech domain, according to Agrigator, will quadruple productivity across the Indian agriculture sector’s operations. “Our ultimate goal is to become a one-stop-shop for all agro supply chain needs. We’re creating a platform that will allow all supply chain stakeholders to experiment with various connections.

This also involves funding through fintech products that help with ready finance for trade and, consequently, exponentially increase their enterprises “Udit Sangwan, co-founder of Agrigator, stated.

Since its inception two years ago with local industries and mandis in and around Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, the firm has expanded to five additional markets: Gujarat, Delhi, Haryana, Chhattisgarh, and Uttar Pradesh.

Company Overview

Industries Logistics and supply chain
Founder(s) Charu Chaturvedi and Udit Sangwan
Founded Date 2019
Total Funding Amount $368k
Investors Venture Catalysts, 100X VC, Founder First Capital Partners, Manish Modi and one others


Deep Eigen-Online platform providing multi-disciplinary learning courses

Deep Eigen is an online platform providing multi-disciplinary learning courses. The platform offers online courses on machine learning, robotics, visual navigation, and more. The platform also offers mentorship and certificates.

Deep Eigen has secured $250K in a single round of investment. On October 19, 2021, a Seed round was raised.

The funds will be mainly used to create new courses and recruit instructors and teaching staff, including Teaching Assistants and video processing personnel.

Bhopal-Based Online Education Startup Deep Eigen Raises $250,000

Since 2009, Sharma has been studying motion planning, decision-making under ambiguity, and autonomous navigation.

His research has encompassed numerous aspects of autonomous driving over the last four years, including deep learning, computer vision, SLAM, and visual odometry.

His work at Swaayatt Robots, which aims to enable autonomous driving on Indian highways, has been featured in national and international media.

In 2019, he was awarded the 51 Most Impact Global Smart Leaders Award. He was also named one of India’s Top 40 Under 40 Data Scientists in 2019.

Swaayatt Robots used to use Deep Eigen as an internal schooling system. Its goal was to provide the team with the information they needed to do cutting-edge research and stay current in their disciplines. Deep Eigen is still run in the same spirit as when it was founded. It’s now a different corporation, with a 3.5-month-old history.

Company Overview

Legal Name


Industries Higher Education
Founder(s) Sanjeev Sharma
Founded Date

July 5, 2021

Total Funding Amount $ 250k
Investors Justin D. Hamilton


HealthQik  -Online platform to connect users with doctors and healthcare services management tools

HealthQik : Find Doctors & Book Appointments. Access Medical History Anywhere.

 HealthLink is a mobile app and a web-based platform that allows consumers to communicate with physicians and other healthcare professionals. It also provides doctors and healthcare service providers with practice management tools.

HealthLink is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) platform that provides clinical decision support and analytics to track outcomes, realign services and plans, and save lives.

 Appointment scheduling, a repository for digital medical data, e-reminders for upcoming appointments, other pertinent concerns, home delivery of medications, and notice of savings on drugs are among the services offered.

Throughout one round of fundraising, HealthQik has raised a total of $250,000. On July 15, 2019, a Seed round was raised. Two investors have put money into HealthQik. The most recent investors are Gagan Lamba and Virendra Prakash Sharma.

Company Overview

Industries Health care and mobile apps
Founder(s)  Abhinav Sehgal, Ishita Rastogi, Manish Pandey,
Founded Date Feb 1, 2016
Total Funding Amount $ 250K
Investors Virendra Prakash Sharma, Gagan Lamba


My Child -Mobile based application to check a child’s growth

 My Child is a smartphone application that may be used to see if a child has a specific ailment. It purports to provide information on a child’s development and identify developmental disorders. Following the completion of the questionnaire, it provides information about the Child’s primary areas of concern.

 The app is designed for youngsters aged 11 to 24 months and asks about their developmental milestones throughout that time. 500Startups provided $100K in seed investment. Anisha Mittal, Amit Gupta, Dr. Ritesh Malik, Pallav Nadhani, Lalit Mangal, Arihant Patni, Deobrat Singh, Samir Bangara, Saurab Paruthi, and Singapore Angel Network are among the others who have invested.

The cash will be used to further develop the startup’s technology and product, as well as to hire a capable staff.

The money is raised by the parent company, Time Ahead Inc., which is based in the United States. Harsh Sondra of Bhopal, together with Aafreen Ansari and Shreya Shrivastava, created the app at the age of 19. In just 45 seconds, the app can help parents discover developmental abnormalities in their children.

A 19-Year-Old has developed an app that can detect developmental disorder in a child in 45 secs.

Harsh was inspired to create such an app after a personal experience when he was nine years old. He was diagnosed with Dyspraxia, a developmental disability that took his parents over nine years to recognise.

The cash will be used to further develop the app and expand the team. “We intend to use the cash to grow this app as a go-to parenting guide, as well as to hire a fantastic staff to work on it.” “We aim to transform the parenting market, and this is the first step,” Harsh Sondra, the 19-year-old creator, said. Sondra suffers from Dyspraxia, a kind of developmental coordination disorder.

“Having information about learning disorders and who to talk to on a simple mobile app where a parent answers simple questions about the child’s development is incredibly powerful in regions where mental health professionals aren’t readily available or parents don’t have access to the right medical professionals,” said Pankaj Jain, Partner at 500 Startups. We are excited to collaborate with Harsh and his team on improving the lives of children and parents throughout the world.”


In January of 2015, the app was released. The app has garnered popularity all across the world since its inception. The software has been downloaded 7000 times by parents in over 100 countries so far.

Company Overview

Industries  Health care , mobile apps
Founder(s)  Harsh Songra
Founded Date 2015
Total Funding Amount $100K
Investors 500 Global, Singapore Angel Network, project Guerilla Lalit Mangal, Saurab Paruthi, Samir Bangara and 5 others


Vizzbee -Develops autonomous drones for last-mile delivery purposes

 Vizzbee is a robotics and artificial intelligence business that creates drone-based solutions in the fields of emergency response and last-mile deliveries to give actionable insight from aerial data. The solution is still in development as of May 2019. Zeroth AI.pst has helped the firm grow.

Vizzbee specialises in the management of low-altitude urban aviation infrastructure.

It provides state-of-the-art algorithms for Aerial Vehicle Strategic and Tactical Deconfliction while maximising safety and efficiency.

The company is attempting to resolve current issues with the existing UTM infrastructure in order to conduct BVLOS operations in dense and high-density locations while ensuring equitable airspace and resource allocation among numerous parties.

List of Top Startups in Bhopal 2022 [Exhaustive List]

 The creators of this Robotics-based firm are Ayush Jindal and Vibhu Tripathi.

Vizzbee is a robotics and artificial intelligence-focused drone-based solutions company. Their drones, which are utilised for emergency services, last-minute deliveries, and surveillance, are powered by machine learning. Drones are the most recent fad in town.

These handy devices may be used for a number of purposes. Vizzbee is a new company that provides autonomous drone services and is situated in Govindpura, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

Vizzbee Drone Services is one of the most well-known Drone Photographers in Bhopal. Photographers, Drone Photographers, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Manufacturers, and much more can all be found here. Find Vizzbee Drone Services, Bhopal’s address, phone number, reviews and ratings, photos, and maps.

Vizzbee Drone Services in Govindpura, Bhopal, is a place where individuals may get their photographic requirements met. With a lot of experience under its belt, this company has gone a long way to become a household brand in its field. This photography specialist has been acknowledged for its exceptional video coverage and digital photography services since its inception.

Vizzbee was designed by Vibhu Tripathi, a third-year mechanical engineering student at RGPV Bhopal, and Ayush Jindal, a Production and Industrial Engineering B-Tech student at IIT Delhi.

Vizzbee has raised $20K in a single round of fundraising. On January 1, 2019, a Pre-Seed round was raised. Vizzbee is funded by Zeroth.AI.

Company Overview

Industries Artificial Intelligence, Drones, Navigation, Packaging Services, Robotics
Founder(s) Vibhu Tripathi and Ayush Jindal
Founded Date Dec 22, 2018
Total Funding Amount $20K
Investors Zeroth.AI


Inventohack -provider of technology solutions for soil analysis

 Inventohack is a provider of technology-based soil analysis tools for determining soil nutrition and other critical factors. Automatic drip irrigation, moisture and temperature management, soil composition analysis, insect detection, animal control, and organic authentication are among the services available.

In Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, Inventohack is a wholesaler of potassium mobilising biofertilisers, Trichoderma viride powder, and dried garlics.

InventohackInventohack Innovations Private Limited was established on October 31, 2018. It is a non-government organisation that is registered with the Registrar of Companies in Gwalior. It has a paid-up capital of Rs. 111,110 and an authorised share capital of Rs. 1,012,000. Except for veterinary services, it is not involved in agricultural or animal husbandry service operations. [Specialized operations conducted on the farm for a fee or on a contract basis are included in this category.]

INVENTOHACK INNOVATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED employs a total of 26 people throughout its various offices.

Company Overview

Industries Support Activities for Crop Production ,  Support Activities for Agriculture and Forestry ,  Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting , Cotton ginning

Aseem Johri and Ankit Shivdasani


Founded Date 2020
Total Funding Amount



Investors Sheetal Bansal

   edited and proofread by nikita sharma 

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