Top 10 Worst Mobile Brands in India 2022

Top 10 Worst Mobile Brands in India 2022

Mobile phones are considered to be an important part of our lives, it allows us to connect with every person we desire. Allows easy connection to friends or families and makes our life also a little easy. Using mobile phones provides us with lots of benefits be it the entertainment factor or the act of gaining knowledge. With the best kinds of mobile brands that are listed there are also some of the worst mobile brands too available in the market.

People are purchasing mobile phones on an everyday basis because of their new features, new styles of use or because of the battery reason.Mobile phones are the kind of gadgets that is one device without any kind of wires and makes the connection between people easy.

It is called a telecommunication device considered as a medium to connect people through wireless connections like radio waves or the transmission of a satellite. There are a number of brands with a number of models in the mobile phones, invented with the different kinds of features. Mobile phones are purchased basically by their kind of processer installed in their phones.

Nowadays mostly phones are dealt with great features and great prices. There has been a good history of the worst kinds of mobile phones that people don’t even consider now. The mobile brands have come up with some of their great phones, whereas with the some which lacked the features of being a good mobile phone, such mobiles are not listed for celebrating.

The mobile brands are working daily to make changes and improve the customer’s feedback, but still, there are some who are ranked in the list of the worst mobile brands in India and should not be purchased in the year 2022.Mobile brands should always try to make new changes for the betterment and reputation of their brands. One person looking for a good mobile phone should always look for the best and the worst mobile brand before making a choice.

Given below are the worst mobile brands names in India that have lacked in meeting the expectations of the customers and have been placed on the worst list.

1.  HTC

htc: the rise and fall of a mobile giant | by vivian d'britto | medium

The first on the list for the worst mobile brand in India is given to the brand name of HTC because the brand’s mobile phones lacking in one of the latest features. The name is not much taken if you desire of purchasing a mobile phone. HTC was introduced in the market because of their some good features but with the coming age, it did not qualify the qualities of the new technologies.

It was good for earlier but then with the later time, it was not considered good. The brand was declined then because of their performance.

The mobile phones introduced by the brand name of HTC were not proved convenient for the users and was not called the user-friendly platform. Their phones have the pre-loaded Facebook interface, with good features but the after services was not according to the hopes of the users.

2. Motorola

best motorola phones 2022: the top moto choices | techradar


This brand did not enter the market with a lot of options in terms of their mobile phones. Earlier their phones used to give a solid performance with good battery life and good display. The brand became popular because of the features and the service of providing the dual sim in their mobile phones.

If you buy the mobile phones of this brand, it would not allow a good experience. With time, the Motorola company has not been working to the best kind of qualities that anyone would want from a mobile brand.

With the new phones, it somewhere made a decline in the battery life and the phone would take a really long time to charge up to the per cent of 100%. The phone built quality was somewhere good but still, it was overshadowed because of the reason that the paint on the mobile phone and the metal was chipped out easily and the phones would not appear new even just after the use of 10 to 15 days. This factor was the one responsible thing that made the customers distracted from this mobile brand.

3. Nokia

the nokia 5.4's specs are allegedly revealed in full in a new leak - news

This is the one brand for mobile phones that was considered a renowned brand since it was introduced in India. However, with time the name has been degraded and couldn’t stand the value of the name. There have been a lot of mobile brands introduced in the industry of mobile phones because of so many features that are introduced on daily basis.

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Mobile brands have been emerging with good standards now and Nokia is the one mobile brand that lacked the present technologies. There were a lot of issues that the customers of Nokia faced be it the charging issue or the battery life issue.Compared to other mobile brands, Nokia’s phones are comparatively very big and heavy whereas the people are desiring to have a sleek model which can be easily carried.

Recent years have brought a lot of changes in the brands of the mobile phones by bringing good value for the customers and receiving the best kind of customer feedback, but Nokia has somewhere failed in all these aspects because of which the brand name has come down in the worst mobile brands list.

The company just brought heavy money at high prices like the Nokia 5.4 that was for Rs 14000 but it had some of the worst kinds of features. It had a very plain and simple LCD panel with just 4000mAh battery life which was not all expected after seeing the price of so much.

4. LG

seven innovations brought to the smartphone world by lg | zdnet

The name of LG is was considered a good mobile brand in the early years. But with the changing time, the brand lacked the necessary features and quality issues which made the customers a little ignorant regarding the mobile brand. Most of the phones did not even have more than 5000mAh battery life which was considered one negative point for this brand name. Their camera’s MP was also not on that level which suited the desires of the customers. If you want a strong and durable phone, then LG is not the brand name that should be considered as their models did not even have the facility of glass protection.

Their phones were not even built in the manner that they could run the latest Android updates and would eventually make the process of the mobiles very slow. The phones of LG just had the resolution of 720p which is not considered good after seeing the features of the latest mobile phone.

The loading speed of the phones was also very slow and it often was a problem when it was about the storage space in the phone. The one model of LG called the LG WA1 was priced to the money of Rs 13,500 but according to the price the features of the phone was very simple and got a lot of customer disappointment.

5. Oppo

oppo reno ace review - slashgear

This brand name entered the market to make a new place with the new launches in their mobile phones. The brand Oppo targeted the other mobile brands and tried to give them competition. But still, the name lacked some of the very important features that were used by the other mobile brands in India. The phones of Oppo just had a simple kind of screen with again just 5000mAh battery life.

The battery is the one thing that occupies the major part of the mobile phones because the better the battery life, the better it can be used. The Oppo phones had a very poor-quality kind of camera setup be it the backside or the front side.

The phones just had a single RAM unlike the other brands in the mobile phones which had more options in the RAM and in the store too. Just like the brand of LG, this brand also had a negative point of lacking in glass protection and it lacked the quality with the charging ports of the mobile phones. The model of Oppo A54s was a real pricy one but still, this mobile phone was not considered useful by the users. Because of these kinds of mobile phones, the name of the brand was not able to make its name in the market.

6. Vivo

vivo x50 pro: a camera disguised as a smartphone

Value for money is the one thing considered and taken care of the most. Users always look for the kinds of mobile phones that are always worth the price. Vivo is the one name of the brand which has not been considered in living up to the expectations of their customers. The brand released a lot of mobile phones, but it was never according to the needs of the people. Why to even purchase a mobile not even worth the money? The answer to this question is definitely No.

You can definitely not be looking for these kinds of deals. One of the models of Vivo called the Vivo X60 was introduced in the market in the year 2021, displaying some  great features, but it did have some of the bad ones too.

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The model had an outdated kind of version of the Bluetooth which was not considered good and it had a very bad quality jack support with just 3.5mm headphones. Like these phones, their other phones did not support the Wifi connection and cheated their customers by giving them a fast internet facility. It had no resistance to dust or water making the situation worse and extending the difficulties.

Good phones always have good storage space and a good number of slots and ports to make the use for the customer easy which this model of Vivo did not support. The number of reasons in their number of models became the reason for the decline of this mobile brand.

7. Acer

acer reportedly launching one windows phone 8 and five android devices in 2013 - the verge

Acer is the one brand that deals with electronic devices, the name of the brand were founded in the year 1976. This name was dealt first in making their best computers but later in time, the brand name emerged with their mobile phones too which was not too successful an invention. Their introduction of smartphones did not make a great impact on the audience. the phones just had normal screen display, a very basic sound system and the camera pixels were even not good for the customers.The outer body of the phone was also not durable enough to save it from stains or breakage.

Durability is the one factor that is lacking in the Acer mobile phones . Users just review their mobile phones that it’s nothing special or serious about their phones because in no way do they stand out for any of their features. Unlike the making of computers, in which the brand name Acer is still going with good speed, it couldn’t make the same impression with their mobile phones among the customers.

8. Lenovo

lenovo halo gaming smartphone with snapdragon 8 gen 1 soc tipped to launch in q3 2022 | technology news

In the year 2015, the brand name Lenovo started introducing their mobile phones with different kinds of features according to the needs and desires of the customers. The brand name did try to bring this business of mobile phones to a good platform but it couldn’t happen because of some number of reasons. There have been other brands giving their best kind of inventions and overshadowing the phones of Lenovo.

With their screen display and size though it was still better the one negative point it holds is that the battery life as it did not work better for a long period of time. with time the touch sensibility of the phone also degrades.

Like the model of Lenovo called the Lenovo K6 Note which brought little excitement when it was introduced in the market but later on it did not gather good reviews among the users. The sound volume of the phone was not good and it did not have every feature that one would want in their mobile phones. The style of the mobile was just average and did not deliver a good feel or look for the customers.

For these various kinds of reasons, Lenovo couldn’t maintain its brand name in the industry of mobile phones and was levelled down in the list of the worst mobile brands in India.

9. Casio

casio g-shock rugged smartphone concept resists falls, water, and weight - the verge

This was the brand name that invented some of the ugliest kinds of mobile phones. The mobiles of this brand name were considered an utter disgrace to the industry of mobile phones. Their phones did not have any attractive features or style that could force the customers to buy their mobile phones. Their phones were even considered rugged by the users and it was not at all a user-friendly platform.

Overall their mobile phones did not have any aspect which could be considered as a plus point for the brand name regarding mobiles. Users are always looking for phones that look decent and stylish, this factor was not possible with the mobile phones of Casio.

Their all models were not different to each other and did not serve any great features. The model of Casio G’zOne CA-201L is the worst kind of mobile phone anyone could have, it just has the name of being a smartphone although does nothing like the smartphones are. The RAM of the phones is just 1 which is so low if there are so many mobiles in the market giving 4 or 8 RAM.

The battery life is also not good, it’s just 1800mAh which is considered very less if compared to other phones. The brand of Casio did a very bad job with their mobile phones, it was just a waste of money. Will you ever think of paying a lot for nothing?

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10. Kodak

kodak ektra mobile 21 megapixel flash camera black, 32 gb (3 gb ram). : electronics

This name was always used whenever it was something related to the work of the camera. This name entered the market first with their cameras only but later on, in the year 2012, the brand name decided to start with their camera-focused smartphone. The camera was good but it did not fetch the same reviews when it came to the mobile phones. The phones had some of the features that would make the phone look just like a camera.

But still, it did not wonder to the users and they just got bad reviews only. The photos were not good and they were very bad in terms of their quality and look wise. The phones that the name introduced was given a high price, with no good space for storage or a good camera even. The quality of the camera that the name had in its cameras couldn’t be delivered to their mobile phones.

The model of Kodak called the Kodak Ektra had the most disappointing camera with a very bad sound volume. The customer reviews regarding these phones were not good at all. The phones were also not made with good material, it was made of very cheap quality with very poor battery life and the phones would take long hours to be charged to 100%. The worth for the value was not at all with this phone, just expensive but not delivering the kind of service that was expected at that price.

Their phones had a very shady kind of plastic design body and even after the name of camera-focused smartphones it did not deliver the expected photographs which was a great disappointment.

11 worst android phones of all-time – phandroid

How to choose a mobile phone by brand?

Looking for the best mobile phone that serves the best of the features at an affordable price? If your concern is also the question given above then there are multiple things one need to look for while looking for a good mobile brand. Choosing a mobile brand is not an easy task, it requires doing a good survey to find out which brand serves the best features at an affordable price or which could be called worth the money.

When looking for the best mobile brand, you have to be clear about the features that you want in your device and which brand gives the best version of that feature. Just for the detail, let us have a look at the necessary reasons in depth that you would want in your mobile phones.

  • Features: This is one of the most critical points to think about if you looking for a smart mobile phone. There are hundreds of features available in the market so you need to be very clear about that. Features could easily mean the size of screen you want or the battery life. Other features like the camera and the storage options in your mobile phones. Just be clear of all the features that you want in your mobile phones then you can easily make a survey of which brand serves the best features that you want.
  • Price range: This is the start of buying a mobile phone, first you need to make sure how much you are planning to spent on your phone so that accordingly you can find mobile phones that fit your price. There are many options available like the iPhones are much more costly than the Android phones, so you need to set the price range of your mobile phone.
  • Operating system: In today’s time, the industry of mobile brands has been operating two kinds of mobile devices: Android and iOS. Both have a lot of differences in terms of money, features and many other aspects. They both have other operating systems so you need to think about which system do you prefer for your mobile phones or which system suits the best according to your needs.
  • Look & Style: This covers the aspect of choosing the outer design and look that you want for your phones. One thing is the design that you desire for your phone, the screen and the weight of the phone. All these factors are considered to make the right choice and to see that your phone can be carried easily anywhere. The performance of the phone is in the speed with which the phone works and then the durability of the phone, even if you drop the phone by mistake so it doesn’t get destroyed just by the simple drop.

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