Top Best 5 Ghost Writing Companies In India 2022

Throughout the past few years, there has been an explosion of new writing jobs and terms such as ghostwriters content writers, bloggers, proofreaders, technical writers, etc. The market for ghostwriting is not as saturated as it is for well-paid writing positions but does not command as much market visibility as some writing positions do.

People are looking forward to becoming ghostwriters even though ghostwriting is currently receiving attention. This article aims to discuss ghostwriting and some of the best-ghostwriting companies in India.


  1. Taletel

Taletell’s professionals excel at creating quality content. They produce impressive SOP using concise language. There is also a myth about the length of SOPs. Experts noted that long SOPs do not require endless jargon, and the mandatory information needed for the course can be filled out. In a concise Standard Operating Procedure, Taletel experts demonstrated their professionalism. By viewing a short SOP, the viewer is saving time, but the reader may initially be overwhelmed. A content writing company based in Ahmedabad is Taletel. Here, consumers find engaging content that keeps them interested throughout. A talented team of writers writes the content. The company aims to provide you with more than the same old boring content. Expect to be blown away by engaging and compelling content. Over 20 of their professional writers are experts in their field, and they aim to deliver custom content of the highest quality. The company also writes blogs, emails, and other content, including press releases. 

Moreover, they work with professionals on building resumes, SOPs, and LORs. They are dedicated to letting their writing style speak for itself and do not need to convince you that their services are worth trying.


  1. Estorytellers 

They provide a wide range of writing services at Estorytellers, a content writing, ghostwriting and marketing agency. Five years ago, they began working in the industry with a team of more than 50 writers. The company offers various kinds of content. They strive to provide high-quality content by delivering a high-end service. The prices on the content are kept minimal, so you do not have to worry about spending too much. As well as offering round-the-clock customer service on WhatsApp and Skype, they offer effective customer support. Plagiarism-free content is one of the most important elements of any write-up. Because search engines ensure that your content is checked for plagiarism, copied or grammatically incorrect content can lower your ranking on search engines. The team at Estorytellers can come up with content that engages readers. 

Have you got a project to complete within a specified timeframe? Then they will complete the project as quickly as possible. Additionally, the service they provide is reliable, accurate, and timely, so their customers are more than satisfied.  

India’s top-rated and most reviewed content creation company, WRITE RIGHT, has a subsidiary called Estorytellers. 

SOP writing is one of the primary services offered by content provider Estorytellers. The writers at Estorytellers ensure that your application stands out from the crowd by making it distinctive, clear, engaging, and unique. 

The SOPs Estorytellers write vibrant, creative, and fairly structured. Obtaining admission to the institution of your choice is made easier with flawless SOPs written by a team of young enthusiasts. In your SOP, you will highlight your achievements and life goals, which will make the committee take notice.


  1. Writeright

Ghostwriting companies like Write Right provide you with a wide range of content services tailored to meet your needs. You can write focused articles with the help of the company’s writers. Since they have years of working in the domain, they are well-versed in the characteristics of ghostwriting and create content that is relevant to your target audience. Those who want to distribute vital information to their customers can take advantage of their ghostwriting services. One of India’s most recognized, respected, and top-rated content writing agencies is Write Right. In addition to offering all types of copywriting services, Write Right also provides other content writing services such as blogging, email writing, resume writing, and e-book writing. Write Right produces content for different verticals and platforms with its sister companies, Estorytellers, Kalam Kagaz, and Taletel. Write Right was founded in mid-2016 by Bhavik Sarkhedi. It has grown 10x since then, and it continues to do so. With Pepper Content, Breton, Express Writers, Scatter, and Verbilo among its competitors, it competes with many sharks. 

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As one of India’s most successful content companies, it designs its projects to fit clients’ needs and adhere to strict deadlines. As a result of its 100% client satisfaction, the company became one of the top content companies within a short period. Write Bhavik Sarkhedi established right solely to eliminate the ‘Cents per Word’ mundane routine. As a content marketing and writing company, Write Right has India’s best ratings and reviews. With over 1500 positive reviews, 570 satisfied clients, and nearly 2000 positive reviews (happy faces), Write Right is making its mark among the world’s top ghostwriting agencies. 


  1. Bloggism

Team Bloggism knows what it’s doing, as the name suggests. Thus, its freshness and uniqueness have remained even after many years since it was first created.

By using bloggism, you can connect with the professionals in the field you are interested in. Hence, you can clearly express your needs and receive an accurate vision of what you want.

Qualities to look for:

  • Bloggism produces content with the utmost professionalism and adequacy under the guidance of qualified professionals.
  • College/ school projects prepared by students from all communities are welcome to be free of errors.
  • Every project delivered by Bloggism undergoes multiple reviews and is thoroughly scrutinized for any discrepancies.

Bloggism provides the following services:

  • Content Writing for Websites
  • Writing Case Studies
  • Writing newsletters
  • Writing a blog
  • Writing Emails
  • Writing a business proposal


  1. Kalam kagaz

In addition to SEO, website content writing, guest blogging, newsletter writing, landing page writing, lead generation, Google AdWords, Facebook AdWords, Facebook page management, PPC & Social Media, Google ad copywriting, Facebook ad writing, and Facebook page management, we also offer Google AdWords, Facebook AdWords, and Facebook page management. Kalam Kagaz offer premium content, valuable and flawless, thanks to our team of expert content writers. Hiring writers online is convenient and straightforward. They rank higher on our list of the Top 10 Best Content Writing Companies due to their years of experience serving diverse clients from the U.S., the U.K., Israel, India, Australia, etc.


What is Ghostwriting?


Ghostwriting is the process of hiring someone else to write a book or other content. In a ghostwriting job, you’ll be able to write powerful stories, plot them, and edit them. The work’s author was published under the ghostwriter’s name despite being paid for the work.


While the ghostwriter’s role is primarily to write, bring stories to life, and edit the book, some additional tasks may be required. A job is defined as the act of writing under someone’s name and receiving payment for the work. If you have ideas inside your head but lack the time or skills to write them, you might want to consider a ghostwriter.

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Why Ghostwriters?


Nobody can devote that much time to their suppressed dreams in today’s fast-paced world. Some people out there want to become published authors or writers, but writing can be a Herculean task, especially when they don’t have the time, don’t know how to go about it, or are not professional writers. Ghostwriters work perfectly for these types of people.


Various stories exist inside people; the difference is that some can express themselves in words, while others cannot do so for various reasons. Ghostwriters are in high demand due to the trend of e-book publishing.


The good news is that you can hire a ghostwriter so that you can get your work done in a short period under your very own name. Most people don’t have the time to complete a book, so they hire a ghostwriter to do it for them in a short period.


Though a ghostwriter is not given credit for their work, they are often mentioned as co-editors in the book, only through a contract between both parties (writer and employer).


Why Choose a Ghostwriting Company?


Nowadays, almost any service can be accessed using a cell phone. Therefore, ghostwriting as a freelance service is not an exception and is easily accessible. Having established a successful passive career as a freelancer, ghostwriters are expanding their market.


But how does it differ from working with a ghostwriting company vs an independent ghostwriter? As a general rule, a ghostwriting company is a group of contracted ghostwriters in charge of all aspects of ghostwriting, from conception to publication.


Unlike a freelance ghostwriter who charges the same, does proofreading, and may leave little to the client, an agency does everything for you. In addition, a ghostwriting company will specialize in a particular field, while a freelance writer writes in several formats.


Their writers have been vetted, and no quality compromises are possible. Many people prefer ghostwriting services to freelance ghostwriters because they are sure to receive a publishing-ready final product without the need for supervision or rewrites. These ghostwriting service providers will help you find the best ghostwriter for your project.


Five Reasons to Hire a Ghostwriter to Write Your Content


  1. Ghostwriters Save You Time

Ghostwriting saves C-level executives in large companies where tasks are multiplied by many.

The executives can focus on their core competencies instead of staring at a blank screen if they delegate writing tasks necessary for amplifying brand awareness.

My ghostwriting clients often dread writing even an email, never mind a 1,000-word piece for Forbes or The Huffington Post.

Imagine the length of an article that needs multiple rounds of revisions to be clear? Does even a 100-word email take 20 minutes?

Ghostwriters benefit leaders and those building their brand by giving them the extra time for other tasks.


  1. Ghostwriters Help Build Brand Awareness Quicker

Businesses and personalities can build brand awareness faster with ghostwriters.

It’s easy. Ghostwriters help you get your brand’s story out there faster than an executive publishing quality stories once a quarter – or even once a month if they’re lucky.

Leaders must manage the company’s business; the writing has to be done by ghostwriters.

These tasks typically have low priority, so they are the first to be dropped from the workflow because of their low priority.

CEOs would allot the last hours of their schedules to guest posting articles on third-party sites or writing personal blogs, and the smallest thing would distract them from their writing responsibilities.

When writing hours are scheduled for large portions of the day, many people – even the best – will do whatever they can to avoid writing.


  1. Ghostwriters Are Professional Writers

The writing profession is professional, but many companies do not hire copywriters or editors.

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Irrespective of how good your product is, if you don’t know the “why” behind it, you won’t scale your company.

Additionally, fakes are immediately detected.

One of the best examples is the numerous promotional emails everyone receives every day.

Because they can’t clearly explain their meaning, they need to excite you with cliches and exclamation points at the end of each sentence!

Could those emails have been written by professional writers as if they were from the point of view of the company’s founder or CEO? Click-throughs would likely be higher, and the email’s message would carry more energy.

In things like internal emails and memos, everyone should write as much as possible to communicate clearly. However, let the real writing professionals handle such things.

Writers spend the majority of their working hours doing nothing but writing.

Great ghostwriters can also enhance the brand awareness of any company leader or individual since it is their profession.

The right ghostwriter can make all the difference in writing – even if leaders like Howard Schultz or Elon Musk write the text themselves.


  1. Ghostwriters Know SEO

My ghostwriting has always been distinguished from the rest by discussing the need to write with SEO in mind.

Ranking for as many keywords as possible, the better fuel a search engine’s intent. This should apply to content creation on your site, but it also goes for guest blogging.

It used to be that ghostwriters were only meant to amplify the voices of important publications, and this was also the case when I began my career.

Despite the idea that a CEO’s voice will spread the message better, today’s companies understand that their message has to be found online as well.

Ghostwriters trained in SEO are vital for top results in this regard.

Backlinks and keywords are no longer the only factors. Content with a byline from an authoritative source, easily shareable, and high quality represent much more.

In addition to writing quality content, real ghostwriters will be familiar with search engine optimization techniques, so they know how to ensure this content is found online.


  1. Ghostwritten Content Is Authentic Content

Ghostwriters are considered less authentic by most people. Changing ghostwriters often can result in this; their writing tone diminishes quickly. Fans of these people/companies will immediately know something amiss – it isn’t authentic.

In the process of pinpointing and unifying the client’s voice across all writings, reliable ghostwriters work closely with their clients.

The way things are done here is authentic.

The ghostwriter’s job is to transmit the leader’s ideas concisely and coherently.

Apple’s Steve Jobs led an awesome company, but did Steve write every line of code or manufacture every piece of the iMac or iPhone? That was left up to the professionals within each of those sectors.

Similarly, any writer who does not possess professional writing skills should use this approach.



Most people think of novelists when they hear the term ghostwriter. Most business owners do not realize the benefit of hiring one of them for other projects such as third-party guest posts, their blog, educational articles, newsletters, or LinkedIn updates.

The synergy I helped create between these companies and their markets was more rewarding than the paycheck I earned while a ghostwriter.

The words aren’t coming out right in certain professionals, but why should they worry? The focus should be on their strengths, whether leading a company into emerging markets or developing products. Writers should be left to their own devices. This article listed the top 5 ghostwriting companies in India in 2022.

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