Top 10 Worst TV Brands in India 2022

Top 10 Worst TV Brands in India 2022

Television is one of the amazing windows considered in the world. Just by the use of one button, you get the opportunity of watching anything and everything. the brands of television has brought some brands in the forefront while making some of the brands the worst tv brands in India. This device has taken the entertainment of the world to another level. It has evolved the culture of the country, just by the use of television you can travel from the South Pole to the North Pole, the scene of the space, planets, the Moon and so on.

From the time the television was invented, the main idea of the invention was just to introduce something which is called ‘the radio with moving images’. There has been a lot of invention to the category of television some are considered good, while some are bad. There are a lot of brands who have made their name with their kind of televisions while some have failed. The television brand is hence considered one of the most influential forces working in the country.

Like the radio that can send the sound signals, the same was with the television but instead of the sound signals, it sends the images signals. When it was first introduced it brought white and black pictures, but with evolution, it introduced many colours and features giving the people a better kind of virtual world. The brands are improving every day to make new changes to their inventions. They have introduced many types or kinds of televisions suiting to every person’s desire.

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The term television or TV just means a telecommunication device, called a medium that is used to transmit and receive the signals of the moving images or pictures that could be of the black and white coloured or even colourful. It is built with or without any kind of accompanying sound. The set of television could be referred, to as a set with a specific kind of programming in the set and also the transmission of the television. In the coming time, it has brought many changes and changed the lifestyle of millions of people.

In the year of the 1920s, television was available to people on a commercial basis and acquired a place in their homes. It became useful in providing people with a lot of knowledge of many issues. With time, many companies got introduced to the market with multiple types of televisions. Although in today’s time, there have been some names that have brought a lot of disrespect to the name of television and for their company too.

The television brands are improvising on a continuous level to their TV’s models to attract a very new number of customers and also to continue their name with respect and dignity in the market. There have been some of the inventions in the earlier year which somehow was not liked by the customers and was not able to provide them with the satisfaction of buying a good television. There is a lot of demand for good and big television, they provide great quality but there has been some decline in the manufacturing system which leads to the saddnes of these people. 

Let’s face it, the industry of TV has been changing for years and brought dramatic changes. Many brands have just become outdated and are no longer given importance in the market. Lets us further have a look to know which are the companies that have brought their name down because of their models and are considered a disgrace in the market and you should not be purchasing them in 2022 at all.

1.  Onida

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This was the TV brand that was established in the year 1981, known to be an Indian company. The work of the brand was first started in the city of Mumbai where the factory of the brand is located. They started the making of the Tv sets with great excitement and they came up with the name of their first called MIRC Electronics, later it came with the name of Onida. In the start, the television brands did get some level of recognition, but in today’s time the brand of Onida is not much considered by the people and you will usually not find this television brand in a household you visit.

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The brand tried to get more and more customers to review but, they were unable to meet the expectations. With the changing time, other brands have changed according to the needs of the people but Onida somewhere did not do that and has become obsolete. Nowadays there has been a lot of inventions in the technologies and advancements of the TVs because of which people are looking for good brands.

2. Videocon

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The brand was established in the year 1985 with its headquarters located in Aurangabad. When it was introduced, it was called the most diversified kind of an Indian company in television brand because the name had almost 17 different manufacturing units that were located in the different parts of India. The brand was left behind little because of the new emerging brands in India, they have somewhere taken the place of these existing television brands. Time is changing, so the technology and so the need. Everyone wants good quality pictures, technologies and features in their television and the models of the brands who can make the changes are getting better and better whereas brand like Videocon is left behind.

It was called a diversified brand but now people mostly think about other brands like Samsung, Sony and Xiaomi in their homes rather than keeping a Videocon tv. The best kind of feature is the part that the brand fails to attain.

3. Intex

led-3243 – intex technologies

It is the brand from the time 1996, though it is 24 years old name in the industry of television still it has been a little slow in adopting new changes in its models and technologies. The name was started by introducing their mobiles in the country and came on to manufacturing the televisions but it couldn’t get that famous compared to other names in the market. They have failed to deliver the best level of customer feedback and the best kind of assurance. Lacking the latest kind of technologies it is ranked the worst tv brand in India in the year 2022.

There are many kinds of pictures and their screen resolution that are provided that comes in many kinds of sizes and this is the main point to think about while looking for the best kind of television. Earlier this name was enjoyed by most of the users across the country, but right now the name is fading somewhere because of the lacking.

4. Hitachi

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Overall the brand just stands the rating of 51% in the country because of which it is not considered a good brand if you think of buying a tv for your home. The name was a well-known name when it was introduced in the market but the name just failed to live up to the expectations of users or viewers. The tv’s of this brand are very much affordable but it has a very poor quality sound system and even the worst kind of picture quality. Many users who have gone through their models have come back with bad results or bad customer feedback.

The brand also has one bad characteristic of delivering very poor-quality screens to their tv. The screen is prone to the act of blinking sometimes which makes the vision a little difficult and unclear. The service that is given after the purchase is also found dissatisfactory by the customers. It has a very limited bound of features with bad after-sale services.

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5. Insignia

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It is known to be the one tv brand which is recommended to avoid by most people. There was a time when this name was among the best sellers in the models of tv, but with time there has been a little decline with the name of the brand. The picture quality is not up to the mark according to the desires of the customers. Their settings are also really hard to locate by the users. Therefore, because of the lacking of some of the features, the name has come down in the worst tv brands in India. There have been a lot of inventions 4K in the TV selections and the name has failed in it.

When it comes to the smart tv of 4K technologies, it has been levelled down because of the poor picture quality and sound quality. The volume is also found very weak and it is not liked by the users or customers.

6. RCA

rca tv

This is the one brand name that was considered the cheapest among every tv brand in India. With their manufacturing systems and style, the brand has received negative reviews from customers constantly because of the old forms of features the brand uses in its models. The name has an overall rating of 54% and is observed as the one name which has considerably the lowest points among all the other names in the tv brands. The picture quality is very bad with the screening also on a very bad level.

The angle of the viewing from their tv is very narrow and it is found very uncomfortable for the users. The quality of the images and sound system is called very mediocre and found very disappointing for the users. The placements of the ports on the tv are also not very convenient and it has limited HDR compatibility.

7. FFalcon

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It has the cheaper kind of models that anyone would not want to purchase and bring to their homes. The rating of the customers is also very low because of the picture quality, the sound system and other features. The rating of the HD is also not very good and fetching bad reviews from the customers and the models of the brand also does not conform to the SD standard. It has the so-so effect in the sound system. The name was made big when it was introduced but slowly it just declined because of not evolving with the coming time.

The models are very cheaper, for the users but still, it does not come under the use of the household. The name of the brand was found very shady in the earlier years because didn’t find it very useful and best according to the prices of the models.

8. Sceptra

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Apart from the other tv brands, this name has gained more customers because of the overall rating it holds. It holds a good name in terms of customer satisfaction, and brand ranking. The appeal of the brand to the customers has made a good impact over the years but the kind of features that it gives is not at all satisfactory for the viewers. There have been some issues with the customers because of which this tv brand does not hold a good rating and customers also have a bad experience. It has 4K selections but has no smart features. The volume of the tv is not good enough for the customers.

Even the image quality is considered below the average. The name of Sceptre is not considered good if we talk about the tv brands as there are a lot of brands that have emerged in the market. There are trying still to make changes but still, it has not made the brand’s name any better.

9. Hisense hisense uled premium 55-inch class u8g quantum series android 4k smart tv with alexa compatibility (55u8g, 2021 model) : everything else

It is one of the popular tv brands when it was introduced in the market, it is considered another brand which is considered cheap for its models with their decent features but still, these features make no big change in the satisfaction of the tv brand. The several down breakers which in some way affect the popularity, of the name. The models of the brand have an ineffective local dimming on the screen. The feature of the black contrast is very poor. The features of their smart tv are considered mediocre.

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The models of the brand do not have many ports which are found very inconvenient by most of the customers. All these lacking features add to more disappointment for the customers and make the brand rank low in the list.

10. Westinghouse

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This name was a great name among the tv brands and it was shocking to receive the rating of the name which rates around 57% in the customers if you see in the area of efficiency and features. In the last few years, it has gathered a very low rating and degraded its name. The main selling features of the brand was the voice system in their models, the connectivity and the contrasting feature but still, some features are not found in the systems making the brand name low. Their models lack in the colouring mostly in the black colour even in their 4K models.

The angles for viewing the tv is also considered very bad, with their colour spectrum to be observed as very shrewd kind of. Their models are also considered in the list of the Non-HDR televisions.

The basis on which the tv brands are judged

When it’s about buying a television for your household, there are multiple factors that you need to consider or ponder to make the best choice. There are numerous kinds of television models and tv brands available in the market nowadays. The industry of the tv brands is upgrading daily, so you need to be very intelligent while making the choice. There is some basis on which the tv brands are listed in the best category. Points judged while making the best tv brand choice are:

  • Screen size: Depending on the kind of tv you desire, you need to consider the main factor that is important while buying the tv. The size of the screen is a very important fact to consider as it should be the appropriate size. Considering the number of people in your family and the place where the tv has to fit. There are many sizes of the tv available in the market but you have to choose the one that fits you the best.
  • Connectivity: The connectivity of the tv is hence another important part to consider. You always need to put great attention to the point that your tv should have the number of HDMI inputs your tv should have. The more the number of ports, it is more convenient for you to use your tv and enjoy the fun of watching great shows.
  • Sound: Sound is just another part to think about, you need to keep in mind that the higher is the wattage of the tv the louder the sound is. The sound system of the tv should be according to the size of the room in which you want your tv to be installed. If your room is spacious then the sound of your television should be good enough. While buying the tv, you can play some of the great music which has loud action scenes or loud music to judge the television.
  • Screen Resolution: The resolution of the tv is the pixels that make up the picture quality on your tv. The screen resolution describes the number of pixels that are required to make the image on the screen because the more the number of pixels is then the more will be the picture quality. The images are much sharper and better to watch, so you can even notice the finer details on the screen.

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