Vivo V25 Pro: Everything You Need To Know

Vivo V25 Pro: Everything You Need To Know


This week, Vivo unveiled its latest version of its popular mid-range V-series of smartphones, the Vivo V25 Pro, which builds on the strengths of its predecessor while bringing improvements so that the Vivo V25 Pro can become one of the country’s very best mid-range smartphones. 


In terms of design, the Vivo V25 Pro has a lot in common with its predecessor, the Vivo V23 Pro, such as the color-changing back panel and curved display. The smartphone experience has been enhanced, as well, with many changes.


Design & Display


The Vivo V25 Pro sports a gorgeous design. The 6.56-inch curved display makes the smartphone not too big. I prefer this notch over the curved display of the Vivo V23 Pro, thanks to its centrally-placed hole punch cutout. Vivo V25 Pro stands out for its design on the back panel. 


As a first step, the flourite AG glass changes color when exposed to UV light or sunlight. Sailing Blue changes into a darker blue shade when UV light is revealed. Two lens cutouts are more prominent, but one is smaller in the two-tone camera module. 


It looks good and lays flat, and doesn’t wobble too much. A few design changes were made to the Vivo V25 Pro to make it look much better and more proportionate than the Vivo V23 Pro. This phone has a 6.56-inch full-HD+ display with a 120Hz refresh rate.

Vivo V25 Pro: Everything You Need To Know

With its Schott Xensation display, the Vivo V25 Pro offers decent picture quality and detail. This display is no less accurate than an E4 display, despite being not as good as a Samsung panel. 


In addition to its 1,300 nits peak brightness, the Vivo V25 Pro’s display is one of the brightest in the sector. Its super-responsive and bright display makes it a pleasure to use day-to-day. Netflix and other supported content look fantastic utilizing the smartphone’s HDR10+ support.


Performance & Battery


The Vivo V25 Pro is powered by a MediaTek Dimensity 1300 chip and comes with up to 12GB of RAM plus 8GB of virtual memory. The Vivo V25 Pro is a good option for daily drivers. 


As with any mid-range Android smartphone, the smartphone is snappy and loads apps quickly or starts up quickly. Using AnTuTu, we found that the Vivo V25 Pro scored just over 700,000 points (70671), which is lower than other competitors like the Realme GT Neo 3T and the iQoo Neo 6. 


While AnTuTu ranks the Vivo V25 Pro higher than the Google Pixel 6 and the Poco F4, it comes in third behind the Google Pixel 6. While Vivo may be able to justify the MediaTek Dimensity 1300 chipset on a smartphone priced over Rs 35 000, most people will consider it a deterrent.

Vivo V25 Pro: Everything You Need To Know

On the Vivo V25 Pro, gaming has been enjoyable. With a high FPS setting, Call of Duty: Mobile runs well on smartphones. The gaming on the Vivo V25 Pro was warm but not unbearable. 


Despite the decent gaming experience, the curved display produces accidental touches and can slip off edges for hardcore smartphone gamers. Vivo V25 Pro runs FunTouch OS 12 on top of Android 12. 


It is just an average software experience. It is easy to find useful features in Vivo’s FunTouch OS, but the experience is not worth it due to many bloatware apps, confusing gestures, and permissions. 


Even though Nova provided a cleaner Android experience, it did not support 120Hz, and the refresh rate dropped to 60Hz. It has a decent battery as well. The Vivo V25 Pro lasted over 6 hours on screen. 


Using the Vivo V25 Pro’s 4,380mAh battery is possible. A 66W fast charger can also charge the smartphone from zero to 100 percent in just over 1.5 hours. 




There are three rear cameras on the Vivo V25 Pro: a 64-megapixel primary, a wide-angle lens, and a macro 2-megapixel lens. Despite its low price, the Vivo V25 Pro offers good camera performance


The primary camera has a lot of detail and sharpness in the images. The smartphone overprocesses images slightly, but the results are often stunning. A Vivo V25 Pro sometimes bloats images in low light after switching to night mode. Vivo V25 Pro has a good camera setup, and you can easily take stunning shots. 

Vivo V25 Pro: Everything You Need To Know

Night portraits on this phone are highly sharp, including the details Vivo’s processing doesn’t lose. There is nothing wrong to say about this camera. There is still some work to be done on Vivo‘s software here. 


It is also important to occasionally fix a white balance shift in portrait mode (something also experienced with Vivo’s flagship X80 Pro). Compared to its predecessor, the Vivo V23 Pro, the Vivo V25 Pro offers a lot of improvements.


A better display and a better rear camera make this smartphone look better while keeping its color-changing design. Although the Vivo V25 Pro has many positive aspects, it also has a few negatives. 

Vivo V25 Pro: Everything You Need To Know

I want to start with the price, which exceeds Rs 35,000. It is still tough to justify such a high price for a chip like MediaTek Dimensity 1300, even with the Vivo V25 Pro’s premium feel.


Vivo V25 Pro and Oppo Reno 8 are the costliest smartphones with this chipset in India. While other devices in its range may lack features like a premium display, good camera, and color-changing design, the Vivo V25 Pro does offer these things.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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