Vivo X80 Pro: Is It Worth Rs 79,999?

Vivo X80 Pro: Is It Worth Rs 79,999?

Vivo’s newest flagship, the X80 Pro, stands out at first glance. This smartphone stands out from the rest of the pack with a massive camera module with Zeiss branding and four shooters dominating the back panel’s upper half. In India, Vivo has launched the Vivo X80 Pro at Rs 79,999, and the phone will be available starting May 25 through Flipkart, Vivo’s website, and offline retailers.


Vivo X80 Pro comes with a focus on the camera, which is crystal clear from the moment you hold it. Many of these camera features have never been seen on any smartphone before. Throughout a few days of using the Vivo X80 Pro, it tested its camera in various environments while playing games, browsing social media, and watching videos. I’ll explain what I like and dislike about the Vivo X80 Pro and if it’s worth spending Rs 79,999 on it.




The Vivo X80 Pro has a unique design. The device is available in one color, Cosmic Black. It has a matte black AG glass back panel that shines in the light. Almost the entire back panel is devoted to the smartphone’s ceramic camera module. A circle surrounds the three cameras on the camera module while the periscope is placed beneath the ring.

vivo x80 pro: is it worth rs 79,999?

There is a hole punch display on the front of the Vivo X80 Pro. You can tell that it’s well-built and sturdy when you hold it. Vivo X80 Pro has a good design, and the quality of the materials used feels premium. Although many people may disagree with the size of the camera module, it looks great and makes the phone stand out, in my opinion.




Among Vivo smartphones, the X80 Pro’s display is the best. LTPO technology and a 120Hz refresh rate are offered on the 2K AMOLED display. The display looks just as good as it looks on paper in real life. In addition to its sharpness and smoothness, the 120Hz refresh rate of this monitor provides ample brightness under bright conditions. Watching YouTube videos at the highest resolution or gaming at a high frame rate is nothing but a delight on this display.

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vivo x80 pro: is it worth rs 79,999?

The Vivo X8- Pro easily qualifies as one of the best smartphone displays of 2022 because of its excellent detail and color accuracy. The display on the X80 Pro is perfect, but after using it, I could not refrain from comparing it to that of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which Vivo is aiming to compete with. Compared to the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s display, the Vivo X80 Pro’s display felt marginally dull regarding color accuracy and vibrance.


Performance & Battery


With 12GB of RAM, the Vivo X80 Pro is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset. Vivo X80 Pro is one of the fastest and smoothest Android smartphones I have used. In terms of app loading time, it surpasses many of its competitors. Even when playing games, it doesn’t overheat. In-game tests like Asphalt 9, Battlegrounds Mobile India, Grid Autosport, Call of Duty: Mobile, and many others, the Vivo X80 Pro’s visuals almost felt like they came straight out of a gaming smartphone.

vivo x80 pro: is it worth rs 79,999?

There was no lag or frame drop during gaming sessions. The company has taken several steps to ensure the smartphone’s performance is uninterrupted. Vivo has put a special V1+ chip in the camera that performs all the tasks related to the camera and allows the CPU to perform other tasks. Additionally, there is sufficient RAM in the Vivo X80 Pro to handle any task without problems. There is a RAM expansion technology that will allow you to increase it by four more gigabytes by using the system on the smartphone.


The Vivo X80 Pro performs flawlessly, and yet it still comes with Vivo’s FunTouch OS, which is the same as every Vivo phone and has no significant difference between the X80 Pro and other Vivo smartphones in this range. Vivo X80 Pro currently offers a flagship and premium experience with FunTouch OS. We still have a few bloatware apps here and there, and there are too many permissions.

vivo x80 pro: is it worth rs 79,999?

Vivo X80 Pro has a good battery backup. Using it in battery saver mode can extend the standby time by hours, and it quickly gives me more than six hours of screen time per charge. Vivo X80 Pro charges from 0 to 75 percent in just 18 minutes with its 80W fast charging.

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The camera on the Vivo X80 Pro is one of the most essential and well-thought-out aspects of the phone, and it deserves a lot of discussions. Vivo has made significant improvements to its smartphone camera with the X80 Pro. Besides the 50-megapixel primary camera, the Vivo X80 Pro has a 48-megapixel ultra-wide angle lens, a 12-megapixel portrait lens, and a 5-megapixel periscope camera. The camera has many features, including gimbal stabilization, 10x optical zoom, night portrait, a horizontal line feature, long exposure, and much more.


The camera setup felt to be among the most advanced on an Android flagship out there. Vivo has not only used the hardware from Zeiss to build a stylish camera module but its artificial intelligence has also been used to make that experience even better. Colors are accurate and sharp in the Vivo X80 Pro’s images. The camera module of this camera is relatively easy to use during the daytime. All you need to do is frame it correctly, and you will have a good quality image on your hands.

vivo x80 pro: is it worth rs 79,999?

Low light is not a problem either. This camera module offers a variety of nighttime features that demonstrate its versatility. A night mode that utilizes whatever light source is available to enhance the image does not look overly processed or distorted. It produces crisp, detailed images. The Vivo X80 Pro’s camera offers a supermoon mode that uses periscope lenses to capture clear images of the moon using 60x digital zoom for those who like to take moon photos.


You can also take photos of a starry night using the astrophotography mode. To get the perfect shot, users must hold the camera steady for a few seconds. Regarding regular use, the Vivo X80 Pro’s portrait mode is the best. You may struggle to get the perfect portrait shot such to poor lighting or inaccurate positioning. In the Vivo app, you can also adjust the background blur or bokeh effect after clicking the shutter.

vivo x80 pro: is it worth rs 79,999?

The Vivo X80 Pro takes perfect night portraits in low-light conditions. Although it takes a while to focus and process a night portrait, the results were good.  In addition to portrait mode, there are options and presets for enhancing the images. For example, you can choose between ‘cinematic’ or ‘natural’ settings. In addition to these features, you can also adjust the exposure when clicking pictures using Zeiss Natural Colour. Video quality is excellent on the Vivo X80 Pro as well. 

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A Gimbal stabilization feature on the smartphone works amazingly well while walking and shooting, and it has several other features that will make video recording more accessible and more enjoyable. Similar to the iPhone 13 series, the Vivo X80 Pro has a cinematic mode. While recording videos, you can switch the focus and apply bokeh effects.

vivo x80 pro: is it worth rs 79,999?Moreover, it offers excellent stabilization in cinematic mode, and the quality is similar to that of a DSLR. While switching focus, there is a slightly hazy effect on the edges as the AI struggled to focus on the subject. It is an iPhone 13 series feature implemented very well on VivoX80 Pro, and we haven’t seen it on any other smartphone.


In addition, the Vivo X80 Pro offers a Horizontal Line feature that provides an overview of its image stabilization abilities. In the camera app, the Horizontal Line feature can be turned on from the ‘stabilization’ settings to keep the lens straight regardless of how much the user moves the camera. The Horizontal Line mode also keeps things stable with a complete 360-degree flip.


One of the best smartphones out there when it comes to cameras is the Vivo X80 Pro. The company has made several efforts to provide us with the best possible camera experience. Vivo cameras have historically been criticized for having overprocessed images (extremely detailed and do not look overprocessed here). Vivo X80 Pro features and hardware will appeal to smartphone photographers.


A top Android flagship smartphone of 2022 is the Vivo X80 Pro. Besides looking good, feeling premium, offering fast performance, having a fantastic display, and possibly having the best camera until 2022, this phone has a lot to offer. It has everything I like about a smartphone, except the FunTouch OS software, which leads us to our main question – is the Vivo X80 Pro worth Rs 79,999? Yes, because it feels like a flagship in all respects and is one of the best Android options currently available.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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