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XOXODAY: Employee Engagement in the Hybrid Workplace of the Future

One of the most critical primary needs of a company or an organization is how motivated the employees are. Employees and workers are the organization’s assets; they define the culture that will prevail in the environment. To keep them motivated, and engaged with the organization, is the primary role of the top management because if they fail in this, it would be impossible to conduct business. A model has been made by Lyman Porter and Edward Lawler, which said that there is a direct relationship between job attitude and job performance. The model takes note of the basic assumptions of human behavior and attitude. The premises are as follows-

1. Individual behavior is determined by the environment and the individual himself, thus showing that the model is multivariate. 

2. Individual is a conscious and rational human being, so that he will be making a decision based on that. 

3. There are different needs, desires, and goals of an individual. 

4. The expectations decide what type of behavior an individual will show, eventually leading to the outcome. Xoxoday Blog - The People Success Platform

The elements in the model are the – efforts, value of rewards, perceived effort-reward probability, performance, tips, and satisfaction. This model concludes that many factors contribute to work motivation and the undertaking, and there is a relationship between performance and satisfaction. 

Besides employees, customers satisfaction is another vital side that an organization needs to take care of. The customer is regarded as the God of the business. He is the ultimate user of the products or the services created by the organization, so if the customer is happy and satisfied, the company will do well. 

Now imagine an organization working on this! How attractive that organization will be can help in giving out rewards and incentives. We all know that rewards and incentives are significant motivational factors for both the employees and the customers. During the COVID times, when the customer is hesitant to step out, and the economy is down, the employees lack motivation because of the fear of the surroundings.

 In today’s time, when there is so much uncertainty, and no one knows when the third wave of COVID will come, everyone needs motivation and a push to move ahead. An employee needs an incentive to work when he sees his family member crying for help, or a customer needs motivation or a reward to buy a product when he is scared of the virus. 

Starting in 2012, like all famous companies in a small cabin of a friend’s office, Giftxoxo took birth. It was an early move in the industry when so much change happened, so the company could not move ahead. As it is said that every opportunity teaches one a lesson, so with the experience of Giftxoxo, eventually, in 2018, Xoxoday was launched. The founders of this platform are- Sumit Khandelwal, Manoj Agarwal, Abhishek Kumar, and Kushal Agarwal. 

About the foundersemployee

With Bachelors’s in Electronics and a PGDM degree in Marketing and Finance from the prestigious T.A.Pai Management Institute, Manipal Sumit Khandelwal is the co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Xoxoday. With prior experience as a Software Engineer, a Product Manager, a Business Development Manager, and a Manager in all the industry’s big names, he has been using his vast knowledge and experience in the organization. He believes that employees need to be allowed to “do it yourself” to be accessible and innovative. 

Manoj Agarwal is a co-founder and the Chief Product and Marketing Officer of Xoxoday. He is a Btech graduate in Computer Science and Engineering and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode. AND had prior experience as a Software Engineer, a Marketing, and a Product Engineer, and has skills in technology, product management, strategy, and marketing in SaaS, edtech, e-commerce, and the internet sector. He is an enthusiast and an innovator who likes to have conversations on hiring, recruiting, engineering, customer success, and product managers. 

Abhishek Kumar is the co-founder and the Chief Technology Officer of Xoxoday. He is an alumnus of IIT Bombay in Metallurgy and Material Science and has prior experience as an analyst, a product consultant, and an angel investor in Remassis and has also co-founded WebAffinity Technologies Pvt Ltd and advocates a healthy environment in the workplace. He is a game enthusiast and has a significant interest in technology. 

Kushal Agarwal is the co-founder and the Chief Strategy Officer of Xoxoday. He is a Btech in electronics and a PGDM from Welingkar Institute of Management based in San Francisco, California. He has worked as a software analyst and sales and marketing intern. He has also been the founder of Cego Technologies Pvt Ltd and is a travel enthusiast, and has many honors and awards under his name. 

About the company 

Based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, Xoxoday is a B2B rewarding platform. The company believes in making every day rewarding for the people around, as it understands the internal and the external motivational factors. It is engaged in making everyday count for the people by making most of it, by bringing simple solutions to complex problems. The company combines a reward infrastructure with powerful applications for sales, employees, consumers, dealers, agents, distributors, gig workers, delivery, and customer care. 

The company’s applications are APIs, webhooks, and end-user applications to calculate rewards, gamifying performance, manage payouts, reward redemption, and analytics. It has a cloud-based infrastructure with high reliability, scale, performance, and scale.

The products and the offerings of the company are- 

1. Plum-  Download Our Logos | Xoxoday It is one platform for curating the catalog, personalizing reward messages, omnichannel distribution through SMS, Email, Whatsapp, QR Code for flexible transactions. Globally with multi-currency and multilingual capabilities managing reports and insights for better ROI and scheduling rewards. It has a vast catalog with more than 2000 gift cards, experiences, perks, subscriptions, merchandise, and wellness. It simplifies reward programs for businesses and makes the reward gratification experience delightful for end users.

2. Empuls –Download Our Logos | Xoxoday It is the all-in-one solution for employee engagement, which helps in data-driven and actionable answers to improve the culture of the people and the employees’ attention. It follows three simple steps to have a strong workspace culture. The steps are-

Step1- To listen, to collect the feedback of the employees 

Step2- To diagnose to understand the insights for employee engagement and the drivers of the workplace culture. 

Step3- To act to get actionable plans to improve eNPS and employee motivation. 

The platform in this segment has features like the white label and customer branding, which helps personalize the experience with the logo. Custom feeds are multilingual by breaking the language barriers and allowing employees to come together. And can start DIY and self-service within a day from the joining, and an IOS and android application will enable employees to connect from anywhere. 

The all-in-one employee engagement solution aims to improve company culture & bring the entire digital workplace to life. Empuls builds a culture of appreciation, brings teams together, eliminates silos, and provides a voice to every employee in the organization.

3. Compass-  Download Our Logos | XoxodayIt is the number one gamification software to automate sales incentives. They have “The Compass Promise,” which is engaged in handling any company’s complex and straightforward incentive programs. It has a 100% reduction in processing time, 10% reduction in savings due to budget leakage, 80% increase in sales productivity, and 0% opaqueness in communication. It has a system that uses get-go, easy-to-use game templates, auto-calculation to avoid errors, and accessible insights. 

Compass helps digitize and gamify sales commissions and incentives to effectively engage distributors, retailers, channel partners, sales agents, and the gig workforce. It claims to publish an actionable incentive program in less than 10 minutes. They can use it across various industries like banking and financial services, insurance, edtech, SaaS, logistics, BPOs, call centers, fast-moving consumer goods, and many others. It is a gamification software to accelerate revenue engines.

More than 1000 companies in more than 20 countries use the platform Xoxoday. It has received notable awards like Deloitte Technology 500, Spotlight Awards, SaaStr, Leaders of Tomorrow by ET Now, Young Turks by CNBC, Future of India, and many others. Some of the big names in the company’s client list are- Pepsi, Mondelez International, Infosys, Sun Pharma, Citibank, Future Group, Grant Thornton, Nielsen. The company mentors are Paneesh Rao, the Chief People Officer at Mindtree, and Shreesha Ramdas, who holds various positions like GM, CEO, Investor, and Growth Hacker. 

It has the technology-first approach built for scale, is tested reliable and is security guaranteed, has the self serve options, and is powerful and easy to use, thus designed for the developers. The company has successfully increased the employee engagement score of the companies, reinforcing positive behavior and developing teams through peer rewards, appreciation, feedback, and nudges. It has made employee recognition easy and ethical, and more and more companies are using it. 

It is a very eyecatching platform. The companies should check this out on https://www.xoxoday.com/.


Article Proofread and Edited by Shreedatri Banerjee

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