A Guide for Investing In the Right Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have become the talk of the town within a decade. It is all rage, especially with projected investors and traders. There was a time when these cryptocurrencies used to be a marginal investment and now it is all front and Centre of the financial world. The huge financial networks like CNBC also talk about crypto assets, especially Bitcoins daily and keep people updated about the latest prices by showing them on the screens. 

In today’s time, even an average crypto investor has all known how about cryptocurrencies. After Bitcoin, a wide range of cryptocurrencies were launched and are being launched every other day with improved features and functionalities. All you need to do is be fully aware of every cryptocurrency as all are unique and distinct from the others. Also, before making any big investment, consult your financial advisors for proper guidance and understanding. If you are looking for authentic exchange platforms for crypto trading, you can go for Coinbase, Binance, and BitQl

The Best Cheap Cryptocurrencies to Purchase in 2022 

If you people are willing to invest in cryptocurrencies, below is a small list of some top cheap digital currencies to invest in that will produce high profits. 

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple XRP is known as an open-source crypto asset that utilizes an open-source ledger known as XRP Ledger. This ledger was created by the Ripple platform which is a blockchain company that enables worldwide transactions easily. 

According to the platform Ripple, XRP was built for payment systems and can make transactions in a much faster way. Moreover, Ripple is more reliable and cheaper than many standard cryptocurrencies. 

Ripple went through some major issues and allegations that cost it a lot. But with time it was able to earn back $200 million in Series C shares from one of its investors and in the eyes of many famous analysts, it was a robust move to strengthen back its balance sheet before making it completely public. Currently, the price of XRP is down as compared to the price a year ago and can be bought easily for under $1. 

ChainLink (LINK) 

This is another Ethereum-based token that powers all the Chainlink decentralized oracle networks. This Chainlink network is used to safely and carefully link to all external data sources, APIs, and other payment systems. 

Today, Chainlink is known for enabling actual-world data and off-chain calculations to widespread the functionalities of smart contracts amid maintaining the drawbacks of the blockchains. When it comes to the prices and value of Chainlink it escalates in fits and it currently is at around $7.99. It had an 80% downfall in a year which provided the potential investors a huge opportunity to purchase at economical rates. 

Polygon (MATIC) 

Polygon is known as the decentralized application (dApp) that is developed on the network of Ethereum cryptocurrency. Ethereum allowed the development of other crypto assets on its blockchain as its purpose was to become a multi-chain system. 

Polygon is collateralized by Coinbase and Binance cryptocurrency exchange platforms and it is expected that this platform can become the solution that people need to organize decentralized applications in a much faster way. Also, it has been declared as the most promising layer two tokens that exist on an already existing blockchain, the blockchain of Ethereum. 

Almost all the crypto investments are highly risky but MATIC showed some positive signs during the 2021 December period and surged up to 21% while other crypto assets fell. 

Decentraland (MANA) 

Decentraland is also a token developed on the blockchain of Ethereum and offers virtual reality (VR) games of similar names. According to the Decentraland is described as a 3D virtual world where all the potential users are allowed to purchase land and can create and design whatever they want on it. Moreover, by using MANA people can also purchase goods and services and visit other users’ properties. 

Currently, Decentraland owns a total market capitalization of $1.76 billion and this crypto project is some fairytale or drama. Though this currency is also down since November 2021, MANA is still successful in selling above the $0.8155 price. 


Digital assets are a whole new world and cryptocurrencies are ruling both the worlds. It was predicted right that these digital currencies are the future. As there is a huge range of cryptocurrencies of all types, it gets hard for people to sleet the right one for them. In this article, there are some cheapest cryptocurrencies of 2022 in which you can invest and earn high profits. 

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