All You Need To Know About Cryptocurrency

Digital currency today is a reality. This currency depends upon technology instead of being regulated by a bank or a government. If the concept of cryptocurrency excites you and you have the urge to learn about cryptocurrency then you are in the correct place. Let’s first learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain and then start trading.  What are the characteristics of cryptocurrency? Let’s dig into a den of knowledge. 

What Are Blockchain and Cryptocurrency? 

In simple terms, cryptocurrency is the digital asset or the digital currency that uses blockchain technology and computer codes for operating without being dependent on a third party such as companies, banks, individuals, or the government. 

Cryptocurrency does not require anyone to   manage the system or network as it is created around complex and futuristic technology called Blockchain.   Blockchain is a public digital ledger that keeps track of each transaction that takes place in the network of crypto. The shared ledger records and maintains all crypto transactions across the massive computer networks or nodes that link all the computers in the distributed network. 

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The transactions that take place in a crypto network get collected in groups called the blocks. Each block once filled is closed and then attached to the previously filled block.  This forms the blockchain.  The blocks contain the records of all crypto transactions that once stored cannot be altered, deleted, or destroyed 

 Bitcoin was the first digital currency that was introduced in the market. Bitcoin offers people the promise of a digital method that ensures fast processing and low-cost transaction fees.  Access to cheaper, faster, and censorship-resistant transactions is the main aim of creating Bitcoin. 

After the Bitcoin, other crypto assets started getting introduced in the market, and now there are various cryptocurrencies collectively called altcoins.  These days people use the digital currency market for lending, reading, and investing purposes and not just as an exchange medium. Another usage of the blockchain or Bitcoin technology is speculation. For more information about crypto trading for new players click here to earn significant profits. 

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  • Characteristics

The vision behind developing cryptocurrencies is to introduce people to an electronic system that allows peer-to-peer transactions and does not involve a central or an individual authority. The cryptocurrency allows faster and cheaper transactions in comparison to the other currencies or payment methods. The key characteristics of the cryptocurrencies are:  

  • Transparency

The cryptocurrencies are transparent as this code is an open source and is available for redistribution and modifications. The primary benefit of this is that crypto transactions get time-stamped to a blockchain that develops the ownerships in digital assets. 

  • Cryptography

 The term cryptocurrency is made from the words “cryptography” and “currency”. Each cryptocurrency uses cryptography for securing information and enabling transfer of transactions. Cryptocurrencies also allow using public-key cryptography. A public key is a cryptographic code that helps in fund transfer in a safe way.

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However, a transaction also needs a private key owned by the bitcoin or crypto owner. It is used to authenticate asset ownership and encrypt the wallet. This key is like the Pin or password which the users should not share. The private key secures the cryptocurrencies and the users use the key to sign digital transactions. 

  • Incentives

The crypto design protocols ensure that each user of the cryptocurrency keeps the entire system running. For example, the bitcoin miners use high power computers for verifying the transactions, and in return, as compensation for their work, they earn bitcoins as a reward for completing blocks of verified transactions. This is how miners are rewarded with incentives for their hard work and for verifying the bitcoin transactions. 


Here we have discussed important aspects of cryptocurrency and blockchain that will help you invest and trade better. Do not trade without having proper knowledge as the market is highly volatile.  

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