Bitcoins & Cryptocurrency: Reasons to Choose, Trading Tips and more

The economy is going digital. From money transfer to investment, each transaction is becoming cashless. The newest kid on the block domain of digitization is cryptocurrency

Just like fiat currencies, crypto currencies are devised to be a monetary exchange system that has no authenticating or regulatory body. Owners have complete control on the transactions they do without any mediator or authenticating body.

Many websites also define cryptocurrency as a decentralized or virtual currency. As the central authority does not issue this, the government cannot take it away from the users. In the past five years, this digital currency has created a lot of interest and curiosity in public. There are some good reasons for this.


  • Fraud-proof: As the crypto transactions are administered via a private network of computers and a shared ledger, it is highly hacker proof. The identities of the users are not revealed as everything is encoded for safe record-keeping.
  • Identity theft: The records of bitcoin owners are stored in a ledger in an encrypted manner with no involvement of any central authority. The public ledger gets referred to as the transaction blockchain. Blockchain technology assures the user of secure and digital transactions through complex mathematical algorithms and encryptions, making this entity virtually unbackable and void of fraud. Along with security like this, blockchain technology is poised for impacting each segment of our lives. 
  • Instant settlement: The blockchain is the reason for the popularity of cryptocurrency. The ease of usage is yet another reason why cryptocurrency has a high demand. All a user needs is an internet connection and a smart device, and you can make money transfers and make payments instantly. 
  • Accessible: Billions of people who access the internet don’t use the traditional exchange system. However, in the cryptocurrency market, online medium is the only medium and it is completely hassle free and accessible. 

Benefits of Cryptocurrency

  • Business establishments do have a fear of frozen assets and bank accounts. However, those using cryptocurrency do not face this problem as they are not regulated by an authority or any government due to their decentralized nature. This is a currency that is stored in various locations all around the globe and can be retrieved when it is needed.
  • Cryptocurrency is also a part of the world wide web, and only online transactions are conducted. 
  • The maintenance and the governance of the currency are important factors for its development. Miners and developers store transactions of cryptocurrency on their hardware. They get a transaction fee as an incentive for mining. 
  • Most of the critical cryptocurrencies are decentralized. This is because most of the cryptocurrency gets controlled by developers and those who have a significant number of coins or by the corporation responsible for developing it before releasing it in the market. 
  • In this bitql ,most businesses identify the essential vendors and clients who prefer to conduct business using cryptocurrency. As a result, the company prepares to receive and disburse cryptocurrency to ensure that the transaction goes smoothly with the key stakeholders. 
  • The cryptocurrencies are for better privacy and security and also use pseudonyms that are unconnected to any stored data or user account which might get linked to the profile. 

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Bitcoin Trading Overview

  • To buy bitcoin, first choose a crypto trading service like Bitcoin Era that is user-friendly and feature-rich. After registering with them, you will be able to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrency.
  • The next step is to arrange your documents like ID, employer and source of funds. After the exchange verifies your identity, you will have to make a payment. 
  • Next, buy bitcoin as per your budget. Study the market and start trading.



Cryptocurrency is making a strong impact globally according to the experts. It can have a significant impact on the world economy in the coming decade. A number of big sharks are now investing in it and also accepting it, which is a big turning point in itself. Cryptocurrency is also an emerging investable platform. Users can also invest here through the wallets in operation. But it would help if you were careful because it is one of the most volatile markets. First, study and get a fair idea of cryptocurrency and apply that knowledge to investment.

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