Steps to pursue a career in Blockchain and be an expert

Steps to pursue a career in Blockchain and be an expert

Blockchain technology is the future as and thus, with increasing demand for skilled blockchain experts, companies are offering higher salary packages to hire the best ones. The current annual package offered by large organizations to blockchain experts starts from 800, 000 INR per annum for new graduates, and around 45,00,000 to candidates with 3-4 years of experience. 


Needless to say, the significance of blockchain is every single moment a new transaction is taking through the system. After all, it is the advent of blockchain because of which platforms like Bitcoin Era are enabling feasible ways of online trading. The trending demand for this expertise is encouraging young enthusiasts to pursue this field and excel in its expertise.

blockchain training: how and where to start

Blockchain and its Significance

Blockchain is a shared network of computer systems that is being implemented for various purposes across sectors. After the advent of blockchain, every year, a new use of blockchain has come to the industry. Starting from online trading to agriculture, and from the healthcare industry to retail and CPG industry, this technology has shaped the methods of business operations evidently. 


The smart and highly secured algorithms eliminate the transactional costs incurred due to the involvement of the middlemen while making transactions. This is one of the primary reasons why blockchain technology is widely adopted by companies. It further facilitates faster processing of profile verification, auditing and eases up contract management. 

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Blockchain is known to be a revolutionary invention that has set new standards of doing businesses online which can mine the information of past purchase history of a product and help predict the salability of same in the future. You can avail more information on Blockchain technology and its uses at Bitcoin Era.

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How to become a certified blockchain expert?

Unlike most of the common skills and expertise, mastering blockage systems might not have a shortcut. One can implement the following steps to start their journey to become an expert


1.     Choose your industry and its uses of Blockchain technology

The first thing before rushing into learning the blockchain systems and their functions, it would be an ideal decision to understand its usage across different industries. As mentioned before, every industry has different needs and methods of using the technology. Thus, identifying the choice of industry and domain, and learning about its business models is essential. 


Know about different business models, skills and knowledge, specifically required to become a blockchain expert in that particular industry. If a domain is already chosen, then one can go ahead and analyze how their solutions are going to bring a difference to the existing business models.


2.     Understand the core functions of Blockchain

It is crucial to understand the base of every technology to become an expert. Blockchain’s primary system is a distributed ledger that records and manages transactions over the shared network. Further, there is a decentralized network that has variant functions. Thus, it becomes mandatory to understand the functions of these systems and algorithms and their differences.

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This part might get a little challenging for the beginners, hence, it is suggested to learn under the mentorship of an expert or enroll in a structured course to master the basics.


3.     Programming Languages

Engineering is the base for learning blockchain technology, but it doesn’t mean people from non-engineering backgrounds cannot pursue the same.


Being said that, it is also 100% true, without language programming skills it is almost impossible to master the blockchain functionalities. Additionally, it is mandatory to know commonly used programming languages such as Python, R-Program, JavaScript, C++, etc.


4.     Cross-expertise and Skills

One of the mandatory capabilities a hiring company looks for in a candidate is understandability. High-end technical and software skills only cover 65% of the overall skills-set of a blockchain expert. 


Keeping aside the technical aspects, the soft skills and business intelligence are much looked forward to in a candidate! These softs skills include adaptability, critical and analytical thinking, agility, and crucially empathy and problem-solving. The ability to comprehend and detect problems and suggest a potential solution curate a blockchain expert.


Apart from the above-mentioned pointers, an aspiring candidate should also get a hang of the blockchain platform to study and understand how things are operated on such a platform. There are various platforms among which a few platforms work non-identically. Interested to get more information about Blockchain? You need to know what are CFDs , and how they work.

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