Top 10 Best SMTP Companies in 2022

Top 10 SMTP Companies in 2022

Emails comprise an evolving set of technologies that still stands strong among the revolutionary techniques of marketing including SMTP Companies that organizations are embracing today, although their history dates back more than 50 years. The SMTP server, which will be the center of our essay, is one of the most significant partners in the journey of your emails to consumer inboxes. We’ll look at why we need an SMTP service provider to assist us with our business, as well as the 10 Best SMTP service providers for bulk email marketing this year.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is a TCP/IP protocol that allows professional and free SMTP servers to transmit, receive, and relay messages over the internet.

The SMTP service is a set of rules for sending email messages between servers.

SMTP relay service, on the other hand, is a third-party application or service that transfers email messages across various hosting services, servers, and domains.

SMTP servers are the devices that are used to distribute emails. In most cases, servers impose a daily limit on the number of emails that can be sent. As a result, if you want to send emails in mass, you need to use a professional SMTP server.

SMTP Companies

What is the purpose of an SMTP Server?

Your messages would never reach the inbox of your recipients if you didn’t use an SMTP server. You’ll need a digital mail carrier to avoid this. Let’s name him Bob in this example.

Bob is in charge of getting your communications to the correct people.

Bob, on the other hand, isn’t your average mailman. He’s also intelligent, so if he notices something strange, he’ll be your first line of defense.

What is SMTP Authentication, and how does it work?

The procedure by which ISP customers authenticate themselves to the mail server from which they are sending an email is known as SMTP authentication.

For sending emails, an SMTP server is used. Google’s Gmail service includes a free SMTP server. Gmail is a free email service that anybody may use. This service can be used to send personal emails as well as to integrate with your website. This service can be used to send newsletters, contact forms, and notifications.

SMTP test tools, also known as SMTP diagnostics tools, are important for identifying and resolving SMTP server issues. It accomplishes this by sending a message to the SMTP server. All of these trials are logged or presented in a log.

SMTP Companies


1. Google – Free SMTP Server

One of the most popular free solutions for people who want to send their first transactional emails is Google’s SMTP service. The sole requirement for using the service is a Gmail account. The company’s worldwide infrastructure is designed to reduce downtime by prioritizing simplicity and ease of integration with multiple applications. Even though it is free, it is incredibly dependable and provides excellent email deliverability for Gmail users, ensuring that your emails do not land up in the spam folder.

While Google provides a free SMTP server, you must switch to a Google Workspace subscription plan starting at $6/month after the 14-day trial period. In that instance, you can send up to 2000 emails in 24 hours.


2. Pepipost

Pepipost is first on our list! It’s a cloud-based SMTP email delivery service with an Email API for connecting your apps, real-time reporting for tracking your evaluation KPIs, and simple subaccount management. Pepipost steals the show by ensuring that your emails arrive in the inbox quickly. They also offer integration instructions to help you get the most out of marketing and automation at a low cost.

It’s no surprise! G2 has designated them as the “Most Likely to be Recommended in Transactional Email Category.” They also offer live chat help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, doing them the most customer-friendly service because their support crew never fails to respond to your questions swiftly. As we previously stated, they are the most cost-effective; take a look at their pricing!

3. SendinBlue – Best SMTP Server

SendinBlue is the first on our list. It is one of the best SMTP service providers for sending mass transactional and promotional emails. It has the highest delivery rate and assures that your emails arrive in the inbox of your recipients.

Sendinblue’s most appealing feature is its ability to integrate with your email builder or any other software you may be using. It comes with a complete API, an SMTP Relay, and a WordPress plugin for integration.

Sendinblue also provides marketing automation, SMS marketing, list management, a live chat, landing pages, sign-up forms, and more services.

4. Mailjet

Mailjet is an email service that allows you to create, manage, send, and optimize emails. It offers marketers and developers a transactional email solution. For bulk emails, it provides SMTP Relay or Sends API.


  • Email design with the team.
  • The drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to create an email.
  • In-depth research.
  • Collaboration in real-time.

There are four different pricing options: free, basic, premium, and enterprise. Request a quote to learn more about the Enterprise plan. If you are billed annually, the fees shown below apply.

5. Moosend – $8/month Premium SMTP Service

One of the most excellent email marketing automation tools available is Moosend. When you sign up for the service, you’ll get access to advanced tools and responsive newsletter designs that can help you grow your business. Because Moosend is an ESP, it’s only natural to choose its SMTP (Email Service Provider).

The SMTP service, in particular, is simple to use, allowing you to quickly integrate it with your website and begin sending transactional emails. Moosend’s SMTP relay service, for example, will enable you to send order and account confirmations, invoices, and password reset messages. Furthermore, Moosend’s robust analytics and tracking system are ideal for measuring your progress and ensuring excellent email deliverability.


6. SendGrid

Sendgrid, an influential and well-known SMTP email service provider, comes in third on our list. They also give documents for the simple SMTP relay setup and have a lot of features, including email analytics, deliverability optimization tools, email templates, connectivity with third-party apps, and high scalability.

Sendgrid has excellent deliverability rates, but if you require assistance from their support service, you may have to wait a few days or even longer for a response to your questions.


7. SendPulse – Best SMTP Provider

Since 2005, SendPulse has been in the email marketing sector. This SMTP service enables you to send transactional emails to your subscribers by SMTP or API from your website, CRM, or other 3rd party applications.

To boost your email delivery rate, SendPulse recommends that you validate your domain using SPF and DKIM records. Getting a dedicated IP address for email transmission might also help you secure your reputation as a sender.

Furthermore, it is a multi-channel marketing platform that integrates many marketing tools into a single system, including bulk email campaigns, web push notifications, SMS, Viber, and chatbots for messengers.

8. Amazon SES 

Is Best For It’s a beautiful platform at affordable pricing, and it is a trustworthy service. Amazon SES is a platform for sending and receiving an email that can be used for transactional messaging, marketing communications, notifications, and incoming emails.

This SMTP interface allows you to integrate email sending into your existing ticketing system or email clients.

  • Amazon SES may be directly linked to your apps via the SMTP interface or AWS SDKs.
  • It has a mailbox simulator that is simple to use.
  • Other AWS services can be connected with Amazon SES.
  • IP addresses that are assigned only to you.



9. Elastic Email

Another SMTP service provider that you can use is Elastic Email. It has a range of tools that cater to everyone’s demands, whether developers, marketers, or designers. You can quickly connect and send emails using the HTTP API and SMTP Relay, and you’ll have a fantastic email marketing solution. It provides an ultra-fast global infrastructure for delivering transactional emails, ensuring that your communications are delivered quickly.

10. Pabbly Email Marketing

Pepipost is yet another excellent SMTP service provider that provides 5X quicker email delivery. It allows you to keep track of and examine the activity of all your email campaigns that were sent to a single email address for 90 days.

It supports both SSL and TSL encryption, ensuring the security of your connection and email information while it is being sent.

In addition, the Pepipost team has deployed SMTP servers in numerous locations across the world, including Singapore, New York, Frankfurt, Delaware, Bengaluru, and Mumbai, to serve your email sending requests from the closest place.


Article Proof Read & Published by Gauri Malhotra.

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