Apple prepares to open first retail stores in India, starts hiring employees in 2023

Apple prepares to open first retail stores in India, starts hiring employees

Retail store workers have begun being hired by Apple’s Inc. as it prepares to open its first flagship outlet in India. In preparation for opening stores in the country, Apple plans to fill other roles.

Several different positions are available on the company’s careers page for Indian workers, including those for business experts, geniuses, operations experts, and technical specialists.

There are currently over a hundred job listings on Apple’s website for India-based positions. Five people have reported being hired for the Indian Apple retail stores that have not yet been announced on LinkedIn.

One of the world’s fastest-growing smartphone markets, India, is one of Cupertino, California-based Apple’s top priorities. A brick-and-mortar store has not yet been completed, even though the company began direct sales online in 2020.

According to government officials, Apple has created nearly 50,000 direct jobs in India through its contract manufacturers and component suppliers. PLI, or production-linked incentives, were introduced in August 2021. Indians may soon get more job opportunities at the Cupertino-based tech giant. Apple is preparing to open retail stores in the country, according to a report from The Financial Times. Retail store workers are now being hired in India and other positions are also being filled.

There are also multiple career opportunities for Indians on Apple’s careers page, according to the report. There are different types of technical specialists, including business experts, “geniuses,” operations experts, and technology specialists.

Currently, more than one hundred job postings are listed on the company’s website for India, the report says. A variety of retail positions have also been listed recently throughout the country. Mumbai and New Delhi are among these locations.

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India’s retail store plans by Apple

Physical retail locations in India have been planned by Apple for a long time. In one of the fastest-growing smartphone markets in the world, the company is planning to start a retail business in the country.

Online sales of iPhones and other devices by Apple began in India in 2020. Brick-and-mortar store plans have not yet materialized for the company. No official comments have been made about the company’s India retail store plans.

Nearly 100,000 indirect jobs have been created in the country by Apple’s suppliers and its manufacturing ecosystem as well. Foxconn, Pegatron, and Wistron are a few of the contract manufacturers producing iPhones in India. Foxlink, Avary, Sunwoda, and Salcomp are some of the company’s component suppliers.

Apple appears to be preparing for the opening of an Apple Store in India as soon as possible. Several job openings suggest as much, at least. It has been a long time coming for Apple fans in India to have an Apple Store. Apple offers a first-hand glimpse at all its products in its state-of-the-art retail stores. There have been no experiences in India until now, but things seem to be changing soon.

Jobs at Apple Stores have been listed in two different parts of the country. Apple Store and working with customers are clearly stated in the job descriptions.

The story will be updated once Apple responds to India Today Tech’s inquiries about the development.

The professional social networking site LinkedIn has recently featured several job openings posted by Apple, all of which are located in Delhi or Mumbai. There is a possibility that the Bandra-Kurla Complex will host the first Apple Store in India soon. Another Apple Store may open in Delhi later.

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Apple is currently accepting applications for positions such as Genius, Specialist, Technical Special, Manager, Market Leader, and Specialist, spotted by Nuclear Bits. There are also job listings for Creative, Business Pro, Business Expert, and more.

The Apple Store offers part-time and contractual positions. Some employers limit the number of hours applicants can work each week. Considering Covid-19 protocols for limited attendance in a professional setting, it’s likely that Apple Store employees on the back end will also be able to work from home.

Apple has attempted to open Apple Stores in India previously.

A retail store was previously planned for Apple in Mumbai. As a result of the pandemic, the plan was delayed considerably. Recently, Apple has made some significant developments that seem to be ending the wait.

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Getting a job at Apple

Apple careers don’t have to be intimidating. Applying for jobs can be overwhelming, whether you’re a new college grad or changing careers. You can land your dream job by knowing what hiring managers want. 

With Apple, you can enjoy 12 days of paid time off and paid maternity leave. The company also offers discounts on Apple products and services. Apple’s careers are competitive because of these benefits. 

It is much easier to get through your Apple interview if you prepare in advance. Apple’s hiring process takes one to four months, as outlined in this guide.

Can Apple offer me a career at Apple?

Apple Careers offers hundreds of job openings. 

There are positions available in design, machine learning, artificial intelligence, software, and services, operations and supply chain, hardware, corporate functions, marketing, sales, business development, and support. 

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A hybrid model of Apple’s corporate campuses was announced earlier this year. Home advisors are among the few jobs that can be done from home now. 

Specialists, business experts, technical specialists, Genius, and managers are employed at Apple retail locations. 

 Undergraduate and graduate students can apply for Apple’s tech internship program. The internships offer students an insider’s view of Apple careers, as well as the opportunity to work on critical projects.

Additionally, Apple offers a college support program. Full-time students are eligible for this tech support position with flexible hours. Glassdoor reports that the average hourly pay is $16. 

Apple careers: where to apply.

Rather than applying through a job board, head to the Apple website to complete your application. In addition to jobs for entry-level employees and midlevel managers, it offers positions for senior managers as well. 

You need to stand out from the competition if you want to be considered. 

apple set to open retail stores in india, starts hiring employees

Networking and referrals are two ways to do this. Your chances of being interviewed at Apple may increase if you know someone who works there. 

Discover networking events in your area if you lack connections. In many colleges, recruitment events are held to connect students with internship opportunities and hiring managers.

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