Hotel sales strategies to increase occupancy and revenue

The COVID-19 epidemic has had a particularly devastating effect on the hotel industry. As usual, after a period of slow growth in tourism, corporate events, and business, hoteliers are scrambling to find ways to boost revenue. We’ve put up a helpful guide on how to increase hotel revenue.

What can a hotel do to boost revenue?

Step 1: Examine the patterns of demand

Step 2:Creating a Booking Engine and a Channel Manager

Step 3: Make use of well-known people.

Step 4: Make promotional materials for each interest group. 

Step 5: Curate experiences for each interest group

Step 6: Use cross-promotional tactics to your advantage.

Step 7: Establish a social media profile.

Step 8: Create a mailing list for your business.

Step 9: Make your website responsive to mobile devices.

Step 10: Promote weddings that take place throughout the week and create a mood.

Step 11: Adopt a culture of coworking and working remotely.

Step 12: Maintain a positive work environment.

Step 13: Examine the patterns of demandHow To Increase Sales In Hotel Business? A Step-By-Step Guide

Creating promotional plans based on demand patterns analysis in your hotel is the most effective way to enhance sales in the business. Acquiring a thorough understanding of your customers’ needs and wants by seeing what makes them tick. Identifying and analysing these trends helps in developing the most effective marketing approach.

Set up a channel manager and a booking engine with dual reach.

Increasing your hotel‘s number of guests is all about how well your outreach programme works. Providing your consumers with several ways to contact you is a critical step in improving hotel sales.

For this, it is necessary to use a two-pronged approach:

Appointment scheduling programme (APM).

A person who oversees a channel.

Instead of having your consumers go through many travel agencies to book, use an online travel agency booking engine to immediately put yourself in front of them. There are various travel agents to choose from, both online and offline, to sell your accommodations. No human intervention is required on the hotelier’s part since the channel manager keeps track of all bookings made via various agencies in a single place.

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Make use of well-known people.

Being of assistance to well-known people in a variety of industries has several benefits. Because they may promote your stay to others in their sector, this helps generate visibility via recommendations.

Additionally, having customers with a large social media following might benefit your hotel by serving as a marketing asset for an influential social media user. Your hotel might get celebrity endorsements if you promise them particular benefits as part of your service. That would be an excellent method to boost hotel revenues because of double-exposure meetings to discuss the marketing issue.

Make promotional materials for each interest group. 

Identifying your target market is a critical first step in increasing hotel sales. The way hoteliers display their marketing materials may significantly impact how well they advertise their facilities and other aspects of their service.

We must craft the marketing plan after identifying the various target audiences. If a hotel wants to hold business events, it may promote on social media networks like LinkedIn or local publications that cater to business people. Advertising on platforms like Instagram, which cater to a younger demographic, might be more effective in attracting new customers.

Ads targeted to specific interest groups will have different features and benefits. For example, if you’re writing marketing copy to attract children, you’ll need to make sure entertaining activities are prominently included. At the same time, amenities for the elderly, such as a landscape or room service, may be appealing.

Curate experiences for each interest groupCustomer Journeys: How to Keep Customers Connected and Coming Back -

To appeal to a larger audience, a hotel must provide services that cater to the needs of all of its target demographics. Marketing your services to corporations with local branches and regular event hosting might be an innovative technique—the likelihood of visiting delegates choosing your hotel rises.

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Similarly, your hotel may arrange various events for guests of all ages, such as musical performances, poetry readings, and other similar activities. Offering a whole package, including lodging, meals, and trip guides, help draw in families. You may also contribute to helping a family plan their trip if you’re a hotelier.

Use cross-promotional tactics to your advantage.

Keep an eye out for local events, festivals, and tourist attractions to see what’s happening. We may arrange visits and guided excursions to these locations. To provide your customer base with a comprehensive, customised experience, you should collaborate with local eateries. As a result, you’d be more equipped to anticipate your company’ seasonality tendencies and tailor products and packages accordingly.

Establish a social media profile.

How can hotels use social media to boost sales? Good photos, narrative revisions, and promotional films all go a long way toward increasing your marketing efforts.

Create virtual tours of your site on social media to persuade customers to make reservations with you.

Using social media to share client testimonials might assist in growing your business.

Curated social media content is essential to reach new clients online with your brand’s experience. In the hotel sector, creating a virtual experience might be the most efficient method to boost sales.

Create a mailing list for your business.

Keep in contact with consumers by using mailing lists.

We may use mailing lists to spread the word about specials, new offerings, and so on.

Using mailing lists to conduct customer surveys to improve service shows how much a hotel values its customers’ opinions, enhancing its reputation.

Consumer interaction is often the key to increasing hotel revenues.

Make your website responsive to mobile devices.Responsive vs. Mobile-Friendly Websites: What's the Difference?

Nearly half (45%) of all reservations are made using a smartphone or tablet; according to Travel Media Daily, You must have a mobile-friendly webpage for your business. Because of the growing reliance on technology, it’s essential to have a responsive website. Developing an app will improve customer engagement by taking your online presence to the next level.

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Promote weddings that take place throughout the week and create a mood

Weddings held on weekdays are becoming more popular because of the limitations on the number of guests and the prevalence of freelancing and working from home. Creating the right ambience and providing additional services to meet the demands of the wedding might help your hotel become a popular wedding location.

Adopt a culture of coworking and working remotely.

Due to the closure of many traditional workplaces, the coworking movement has grown in popularity. It’s a better and more pleasant option than working from home alone. By subletting coworking spaces in your hotel, you’ll be able to boost revenue.

Increasingly, individuals are opting to work remotely from exotic locales such as Thailand or the Maldives. Increasing your hotel’s revenues may be as simple as adding services that make it easier for guests to use your hotel as a business retreat.

Maintain a positive work environment for your staff

There’s a lot of emphasis in the hotel sector on giving visitors a memorable experience with a personal touch: making them feel at home, providing customised services, and creating a welcoming atmosphere. If you provide a healthy work environment for your staff and treat them properly, they will strive to create a welcoming atmosphere for your customers.

For the most part

An increase in hotel company sales is a two-way process. Hotels must do in-depth research, analyse demand trends, and experiment with various service options to meet their guests’ specific needs. As a result, marketing plans may be developed that increased sales. Here are a few ideas for boosting hotel sales that you can use immediately.

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