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Winnopro Launches Innovative MarTech Platform – “Maityo”

Bengaluru, October 31, 2018 Bengaluru based startup Winnopro Technologies, launched a flagship marketing technology platform “Maityo” (Make-it-yours). In this age of growing millennials and significant growth in social media & smartphone usage in India, Maityo uses the principle of driving user engagement & retention through Gamification and Gratification techniques.

The platform’s business model creates value proposition by facilitating marketers to automate & integrate their online and digital marketing activities and at the same time it encourages lot of potential customers to participate and win great deals & rewards through contests, games & engaging campaigns. Catering to some of the key aspects of marketing, Maityo fits well across the following:

Marketing Redefined: Using Maityo, Marketers not only can display & publish the marketing & promotional content but also can encourage the viewers to participate and engage with the content.

Integrated Marketing: Maityo caters to the area of Integrated Marketing through its integration with other media like Email, SMS and Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. It also has its inbuilt mechanism to capture Customer Feedback, Rating, Comments, Leads, Survey Data, etc.

Marketing Automation: Maityo is designed to assist Marketers to easily launch their online campaigns. It provides a standard brand page to host & publish online marketing campaigns/ads. Whereas, each campaign has its own dedicated landing page that gives the power to even a small promotion/ad to look much bigger, better & engaged.

Marketing Optimisation: Maityo can potentially save significant marketing spend as the pricing is the most feasible option. At present, marketers can start their online campaigns for FREE!

Maityo is a brainchild of Abu Yousuf and Hanish Keloth who together have more than two decades of working experience across information technology, digital marketing, social media and analytics, and have a strong passion towards marketing. Speaking about the launch Abu Yousuf, Co-founder & CEO of Winnopro said – “To come up with the idea of a MarTech startup in India was a difficult task and it took us almost 5 years to arrive at a conclusive decision to take it to the market by quitting our full-time jobs. GAMIFICATION & GRATIFICATION are the two powerful tools to enhance customer engagement and retention. Maityo will encourage to create more brand advocates and influencers online.”

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He further added – “Maityo has the potential to solve several online marketing & customer engagement specific challenges like, how to increase brand awareness, generate sales leads, successful product launch, conduct market/customer research, drive e-commerce sales, etc. Our aim is to revamp & redefine the online and digital marketing paradigm for the greater good, where everyone emerges as a winner.”

About Winnopro Technologies

Winnopro Technologies is a digital technology company based in Bengaluru, offers customer engagement and experience management solutions across three key platforms i.e. Mobile, Social and Web. The company launched its first and flagship product “Maityo” (Make it yours), a MarTech platform to redefine the marketing paradigm. This innovative platform is a marketplace for Marketers to promote their products and services with ease. The platform uses the principle of driving user engagement & retention through Gamification and Gratification techniques. Customers can register on to connect & engage with their favorite brands & companies to win various deals, prizes, gifts, freebies, contests, etc. While, interested marketers can now register on for FREE to create and publish their online marketing campaigns related to new launch, promotions, ads, contests, surveys, etc. To know more about Winnopro, visit

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