Funding alert- Pi Greens newly announced funding of more than USD 4.5 million

Funding alert- Pi Greens newly announced funding of more than USD 4.5 million

Let us talk about funding. Funding can be defined as the process of putting in and investing funds in a business. We all know how important funding is to a business. It helps the business in making future investments, expansions, hiring of new employees, and whatnot.

Funding is also needed to carry out the normal day-to-day operations of the business. Funding is what actually pushes the business to move on. There are many investors who keep an eye on the booming startups and businesses, and the ones they find interesting and think of having potential for a bright future, they invest accordingly. 

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Talking about rounds of funding, a startup business goes through various rounds of funding. The various rounds of funding are as follows-

Pre Seed Round of Funding– This round of funding is the earliest round of funding. As the name suggests, this round of funding sees the participation usually of the founders of the startup, or their close family or friends, who invest in the startup to basically start the operations. Depending on the nature of the business, this round of funding can happen quickly or late. Investors normally at this stage of funding do not invest for exchange of equity in the company.

Seed Funding– This round of funding is officially the first round of funding for a startup. Many of the startups do not go beyond this round of funding. This is actually like the “early” round of funding and has the aim of growing the business. The many participants in this round of funding are the family, friends, founders, incubators, venture capital companies, and many more. The most common type of investor in this round of funding is the angel investor. Angel investors are the ones who want a risky type of investment and take equity in the business in the return of an investment.

Series A round of funding- This round of funding comes in when a business has made a record of himself which the investors and the external community can trust upon. The startup goes for a Series A round of funding with the aim to increase its offerings and expand its opportunities. In this phase, an investor does not just look for a great idea, it also looks for a great strategy to carry on the business.

Series B round of funding– This round of funding comes in after a startup wants to expand more and move beyond the development stage. The startup which has reached this stage of funding has proved itself worthy of the trust of investors and now they also have a strong user base and customers who are willing to buy the product or avail of the services offered by the startup. The business needs funding here to carry out its operations on large scale.

Series C round of funding– A startup that is successful and has achieved many of its goals reaches Series C round of funding. This round of funding is for the big aims like- acquisition of another company, development of new products, expansion into new markets, and whatnot. At this stage, investors look for the best out of the lot, so that they get double the amount they invest.

Series D round of funding– Very few startups reach the Series D round of funding. Only those startups reach this round who need a final push before their launch of IPO(Initial Public Offerings) or their aims are not fulfilled in the Series C round of funding. 

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Post this round of funding, is generally the IPO stage. But it is not compulsory. Many companies go for Series E and further rounds of funding even. It all depends on the needs and the goals of the startup. 

Announcement of the funding of a startup 

The startup, PI Green Innovations, has raised a funding of more than USD 4.5 million, as announced on December 16, 2021. This round of funding was carried on and led by the Investment Fund of Opus Consulting. The Investment Fund invested a total of USD 4.3 million in the startup. The other ones to participate in this round of funding were the strategic investors. 

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The startup has the plans to use the funds raised to develop a full-fledged Research and Development center for product development and testing, and  product certification. It will be also putting some funds in developing new solutions to the problems of emissions. The startup will also be investing a portion of funds in expanding and increasing its marketing capabilities and in also building a sales network which will be PAN-India. The startup is also looking for opportunities and chances in the international borders. 

The startup prior to this round of funding had a seed round of funding in which it raised USD 300,000. That round of funding was led by Harshal Morde, who is the director of Morde Foods. 

About the startup which recently received funding 

The startup, PI Green Innovations, is a technology company that is engaged in creating sustainable solutions for a greener future. Innovations in technology and design are used to indigenously develop products that hold the promise to complete its mission of a cleaner environment. With its mission to make clean air accessible to everyone, PI Green Innovations is giving power to government bodies and organizations to address the issue of severe public health scares in the form of air pollution.  

PI Green Innovations Pvt. Ltd | HOME

The startup is committed to a healthy future. It has a patented technology which is the “Filterless Technology”, which is a revolutionary innovation that is rated as one of the best technologies around the world to reduce air pollution, at Smogathon 2018 Poland. For the technology, it has patents applied in India, USA, Europe, China, and Singapore. 

About Opus Consulting 

Opus Consulting Solutions focuses on shaping the future of payments technology. With experience building highly innovative solutions and products, Opus Consulting combines deep technology proficiency with unmatched domain expertise in payments and fintech, enabling us to deliver unparalleled quality and value in everything they do. 

It is on the mission to be the strategic business and technology transformation partner to the most innovative brands in the payments industry. The culture of the company is the reflection of the values it holds dear- and for Opus, that would be innovation, growth, creativity, and opportunities for the team members to learn new skills and stay updated on what is currently happening in the industry.

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This culture of innovation, growth, creativity, and balance fills through everything that a company does for its customers, partners, and stakeholders. It is dedicated to giving the best in everything they do, everywhere, every time.

What has been said about the deal?

The co-founder and CEO of PI Green Innovations made a statement saying that the problem is not just the air pollution, but also how sustainable are the existing solutions. He then said that with the startup’s filterless technology, they have a huge and a high opportunity to develop and implement solutions for the reduction of particulate matter (PM) emissions on a sustainable basis. He further said that the startup has patents in more than 30 countries, and its technology is “Made in India” which will be used for the global market. He finally said that he is thankful to the investors for their confidence in the mission of the startup. 

The founder of Opus Consulting, Ramesh Mengawade, made a comment saying that the philosophy of Opus is to make its investment in innovative solutions and products. He then said that PI Green is the latest and very exciting addition to the list. He then said that the technology of the startup is Made in India within the engineering and manufacturing industry. He then appreciated the startup saying that the startup, PI Green Innovations, has a lot of potentials to bring India to the top in clean air technology. 

The startup is doing something very different and is the need of an hour. We wish the startup a piece of good luck and a bright and successful future ahead. 



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