91springboard, Google For Entrepreneurs Launch Startup Hub To Empower India’s Women Founders

Taking innovation in the coworking domain a step forward, 91springboard on August 9 (Tuesday) joined the Google for Entrepreneurs network to set up a Google for entrepreneurs lounge in its Delhi coworking space.
Google has launched similar lounges for entrepreneurs in countries such as Israel, London, Seoul, Madrid, Warsaw, Sao Paolo, and now in India. At these hubs, Google organises events, meetups, classes, sessions by experienced entrepreneurs, experts and Googlers, apart from providing support and resources to entrepreneurs of early-stage startups.
The Google-91springboard collaboration aims to give more power to women entrepreneurs of India to join the programme to enable them to learn from global standards and best practices of developing products, services, and solutions, and running a startup with technology at the centre. The programme will last for two years.

Google for Entrepreneurs’ APAC partnerships manager Michael Kim said the programme is dedicated to providing the best of resources to “ensure that female entrepreneurs in India have the ability to conceive their dreams.”
According to Kim, some of the main agendas of the initiative are: How to make it easier for female entrepreneurs in India to build a company; how to increase the numbers of female-lead entrepreneurs in the country, etc.
“Google has been very clear from day one that the entrepreneur and everything that they do is the first priority. We are already doing some things and Google is doing a lot of things. We are excited to bring this together,” 91Springboard CEO and co-founder Anand Vemuri said.
Source: INC42

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