Ankita Gaba: The Woman Who Set Benchmarks In The Indian Social Media Industry

A social media strategist, a lecturer, a consultant, and as well as an entrepreneur by profession, Ankita Gaba is the co-founder of This is an Indian Social Media Knowledge Storehouse which tends to provide hands-on experienced and professional services running in various social media projects and campaigns by virtue. Not just that, she is also a founder member of Superchooha which is one of the country’s first social media firms as well. it was under her guidance that, Superchooha devised and conceptualized various online media solutions and strategies for several brands like Mahindra, Idea Cellular, Ponds, Colors, Zapak, and many other names have joined the list since then.

However, it was not served on her plate just like that. She had her own share of struggles and difficulties which she faced bravely and overcame all of them and still chose to be the woman she is today. She could have given up easily like half of us usually do. however, she chose to rise above all that and chose to follow her heart and her dreams. She has also been featured on various platforms. In one of her talks with Sheroes, she told them that there were times in her life when she wanted to give up and found it too hard to face the realities and harsh hindrances of being into entrepreneurship and running a business.

However, for her, it was all momentary. She took the higher road and looked on a broader scale. She put herself out there and showed her skills and oriented nature to the world and put those thoughts and emotions which pulled her down out of the window. She chose to select her hard work over anything and achieved and continued to do the same and never ever gave up.

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To her return, she got immense fame and name. She got listed in the Global Top 100 Social Media Agencies and Consultants 2012-13, and also 50 Indian Women to Follow on Twitter. She holds extensive experience in social media operations and also helps various social media agencies in setting up their social media verticals and corporate built teams. Her knowledge, expertise, and the willingness to do something in her life which was not so regular brought her to a phase in her life, where she holds the authenticity and power to inspire women out there and everybody else.

She also delivers a lot of lectures as a faculty member for various social media course at Mumbai University. She is a detailed, oriented, hardworking, and a passionate woman who loves to do what she does and does it with all her heart. She never lost her hunger to grow and that is what has brought her here in her life. Her attitude of persevering even after all the odds is what makes her stand out. She has totally accomplished in setting benchmarks in the Indian social media industry with her knowledge and talent.

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