Anushka Sharma: The Accidental Actor Turned Entrepreneur

The new face in the Bollywood Industry made her debut with one of the leading actors, and this is where all of it began. She has used her skills always to enthrall audiences with her supreme acting and well, she does a fantastic job there always. Her films have never disappointed us and every time we hear about a new release of Anushka Sharma, her on-screen appearance gets us all groovy. However, this is not where her journey began and stopped. Her eagerness to accomplish the most of her life and talent, she turned a new page of her life even after having a hands-on job.

She chose to become an entrepreneur. Juggling in the ropes of trade, and seeking to build a business right from scratch, she entered into her motive of production house building and her very own fashion label. Yes, we heard that right! As of what we know about Anushka might be limited to seeing her starring in PK, NH 10, and more. well, there is more to the gorgeous than we assume. She may have accidentally jumped into Bollywood, but her undeniable talent never let her stop. Her hunger for more and eagerness to move forward adventured her into starting her own business and she came up as the co-founder of Clean State Films.

Her skills and aspirations knew no limits and so never did she stop. Other than giving us great movies, she started land marking herself by carving a niche for herself as a fantastic producer of spectacular films which had stories which were off beat in a very short span of time and continues to do so till date. Based in Mumbai, Clean State Film is an Indian distribution company and a film production company which has been established in October 2014 by the actress with Karnesh Sharma as a co-founder.

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The company mainly focuses on producing and distributing Hindi films only as of now since is based in Mumbai. In the words of Anushka Sharma, ‘I have always been a risk-taker and setting up Clean Slate, allows me to push the envelope even more. Our first project, NH10 is taking shape so well, that it gave us a lot of confidence to put things into 5th gear under our banner.’ Her first film like we know under this banner was a hit. Just like her, her success knew no limits as well. since then, her production house has also produced another film which is Phillauri with Diljit Dosanjh which was another mind-blowing movie.

With many more projects under her nose, she will never stop with what she is doing. It is surprising to see how well she has been managing everything and teaches us that even if you feel like you are at the top of the world, you must never stop building another ladder to take you to reach further, because your sky must know no limit and there always starts high above even if you on one.

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