CM Yogi Adityanath announces plans for the returning migrants.

Lockdown was implemented throughout the country to prevent the spread of coronavirus. After the lockdown, the livelihood of migrant workers was affected at a tremendous rate. They returned to their respective states. Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have the highest migrant workers who went to earn in other states. So far, about 22 lakh migrant workers have returned to Uttar Pradesh. The government hopes that this number can cross 30 lakhs. 
Accordingly, an action plan to give employment to the workers is being prepared.
Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh is working on an effective scheme that can provide employment to the returned workers in the state itself. The UP government has taken a number of important decisions regarding no migration of workers from the state.
‘Outsiders’ have to be allowed before laboring workers.
CM Yogi Adityanath has informed the workers may go anywhere in the country and the world, the state government will always stand by their side. As the migrant workers and workers of UP, during the lockdown, the kind of abuse that has been done to them is a matter of concern. If any other government needs manpower in the future, then it will have to take the permission of the UP government. Such a decision allows relief to the migrant workers for future purposes. 
Told the workers are true assets of UP.
Earlier, the CM has announced that the returning workers are the assets of UP and the state government is working on such an action plan that they do not have to leave the state again. The action plan is being set-up in order to provide enough facilities and employment to the workers. 
Establishment of Raw Material Bank
CM Yogi has planned to provide employment in villages and towns only through the Labor Reform Act. In order to better utilize the skills of the workers, the Raw Material Bank will be established. Arrangements for their immediate payment are also being made.
Employment will be given in these areas
Workers are being accommodated in MNREGA, brick kilns, sugar mills, and MSME industries operating in the districts. The sectors where workers will be employed include industries related to ready-made garments, food processing, cow-based products, floriculture, and flower products.
Product Development and Marketing Organization
Yogi Sarkar is creating a separate organization for product development and marketing. By which workers will get a good price for their products.
Workers will be insured. In case of emergency, workers will be insured so that they can be protected. The Yogi government has made a complete plan of this. The Uttar Pradesh government is doing the skill mapping of every migrant worker returning to Uttar Pradesh. Under this, a form is being filled from every laborer. The worker in the form is being asked his skill. On the basis of this, workers will be trained and then employment will be provided.
Migration Commission will be formed
Yogi Adityanath has decided to constitute the Migration Commission. This commission will work on aspects of employment, social security, and rehabilitation of workers.

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