News of many people getting coronavirus infected in Nizamuddin, police issued the notice, FIR may be lodged

During a program in the Nizamuddin area of ​​Delhi, many people gathered and from there the news of the infection of many people has made the administration alert. Top administration officials have gathered on the spot. According to the information received, around 1000 people attended this event during the lockdown. With this information, the administration is getting its hands on how such a mistake has happened. According to the information received so far, a total of 24 new people have been tested positive of the infection.


When there is a lockdown in the entire country, people are in their homes, how come hundreds of people gathered in the Tablighi Markaz in Nizamuddin, and information of many people being positive is being reported.

निजामुद्दीन मरकज़ में मिले कोरोना वायरस के 300 संदिग्ध, इलाके को किया गया सील - 300 suspects of corona virus found in nizamuddin markaz area sealed

After this, the administration has been alerted. Jt CP of Delhi, DC Shrivastav Reached Nizamuddin of Delhi for quick action.

The top officials of the Delhi administration are now searching for all the people present here after conducting the test of the people present in the program. After the test report of some people came positive, the administration is taking people from here to get them checked in DTC buses. At the same time, senior police officers are present on the occasion who are collecting more information.

Police are using drones to monitor the movement of people in the Nizamuddin area. The country has a lockdown due to Coronavirus. People in Delhi are following the lockdown. In such a situation, only those connected with compulsory service are allowed to leave the house.

news of many people getting coronavirus infected in nizamuddin, police issued the notice, fir may be lodged


The coronavirus test has been done for about 175 people

According to information received from sources, the tests of about 175 people present here have been conducted so far. The police is keeping an eye on every person who went there. However, how many people have tested positive so far, it has not been disclosed.

tablighi jamaat: how did the government fail to detect a coronavirus infection hotspot?

Police said that notice was issued due to the fact that many people had gathered in a particular program during the lockdown. However, we are doing a full investigation into the matter from where the lapse occurred. Action will be taken soon. If required, we will also register the FIR.

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