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Coronavirus Lockdown: All That Went Down In The Last 40 Days Of Lockdown.

Lack of compassion, more than resources has been the case for the last 40 days.

India is a nation of about 1.3 billion people and all of us have one thing in common, the PM we have chosen as our guardian whose sole responsibility is to protect us during tough times. The nation has collectively voted and taken this decision of making one fine human out father. As responsible citizens of the nation, we pay taxes, we contribute to the end number of funds which are created in the name of patriotism. But after all this, if we get to hear news about the fellow citizens dying of hunger, yes, HUNGER, whom are we supposed to blame? The system or the person who controls it? Here is a crux of what went down during this lockdown. It is solely based on facts and figures as stated by the researchers.

About 20 days ago an incident happened and it made us all open our eyes. A woman from Uttar Pradesh drowned her children in a river because they were dying of hunger. Now if we look into this matter, what the woman did was absolutely wrong and there is nothing which justifies her actions but can we at least think about what led her to do this? She was scared out of her mind that her kids will die out of hunger and as a parent she can’t feed them. The lockdown had taken away her job. There are hundreds of debates and counter-arguments saying that the woman did this because she had a fight with her husband, she wasn’t in the right shape of mind, and many more issues. But the point is, if even 1% of the main reason is true, we are heading towards a state from where there is no coming back.

Since she is dead, who will confirm the news? Absolutely no one. This is what happens all the time. People who suffer, die while people who make them suffer, rule.

How is India supposed to move on with the further imposition of the lockdown (if any) if the people aren’t being fed? How is the government going around with this issue?

On March 27, the government announced a $22.6 billion economic package — 1% of the GDP of the nation to support the poor amidst the crisis. Why just 1% is used? What is the point?

A few days ago. Some daily wage labourers burned the shelter homes in anger and anguish. There was no one feeding them or providing them with any living conditions.

A survey has also found out that about 60% of the poor people don’t even know about the relief schemes available for them.

Nikhil Dey of the New Delhi-based Labour and Farmer Solidarity Group said: “The worst affected by the pandemic would be millions of people working in the informal sector, and the government should reach out to them and provide them cash and three-month rations at the doorstep.”

Out of the 195 death causes studied during the lockdown, more than 50 deaths were caused due to exhaustion, hunger, denial of medical care, or suicides due to lack of food or livelihood.

Labourers who wanted to go back home resorted to going by foot and at least 35 of them were killed by over speeding vehicles. Is there any emotion in the government? Is there any form of affection?

The PM Cares fund has been set. What is that being used for? People are dying, and we fail to understand the logic behind this fund if it isn’t being used right now. And the surprising part is that even when we have donated for the fund, we are urged to feed the poor, not take rents, give up a portion of our salaries and do many more charitable acts. All is being done, but at least give us the accountability of the fund.

BJP MLA, Suresh Tiwari made a statement saying don’t buy any vegetables from the Muslims. BJP MLA, Nrijbhushan was caught on camera threatening a Muslim vegetable vendor. If this doesn’t shake the governments conscience, we don’t know what does!

The rapid test kits which were imported are said to have caused a lot of hatred. It is said that the landing cost of these kits of Rs245. The price at which the ICMR has bought them is Rs600+ GST and when we compare the numbers. There has been 145% profit of the middle man. Which commercial transaction has 145% profit? We aren’t fools!

An RTI was filed by a very intelligent individual to know about the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ show. According to the report, an episode of the show costs about Rs 8.3 crore. This show is going on since the onset of this virus. What sort of joke is this? This money can actually buy 72500 COVID tests/ 5 lakh PPE kits for the doctors/ 660 ventilators. But maybe publicity during the times of a pandemic is a necessity for this government!

‘Mann Ki Baat’ toh hogyi, ‘Kaam Ki Baat’ kab hogi?



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