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Doxper may be acquired by a new health care startup

Expected to acquire the whole of Doxper:-

The healthcare sector suffered a lot during the COVID 19 pandemic time. The whole healthcare system of the country was exposed and it had crippled. The country was in chaos, with no hospital beds available, with patients dying because of lack of medication and most importantly there was no oxygen available.

People were dying because of the lack of proper treatment. The healthcare system as learned now needs an up-gradation, needs to be developed and fully equipped with technology. If any such pandemic comes up again, and the health system remains the same, the country will not be able to handle the situation. India’s healthcare system can be quoted as the “Outdated”, and the world has moved far ahead. 

Many healthcare startups are coming up in the country and news of their funding, acquisitions, mergers are coming up. The news of another healthcare startup has been in the light. The startup working in the healthcare sector Meddo is expected to announce that it will be acquiring another firm in the same sector- Doxper. The formal announcement has yet to be made but some people who are close to the organisations have told this as of July 12, 2021. 

Meddo is expected to acquire the whole of Doxper, according to the person who is close to the company. The talks of the acquisitions are at an advanced stage according to the source which is close to the company. This news has come to post the funding which it received one week ago of USD 6 million in its pre-series round of funding. The investors of the round were SRI Capital, Picus Capital, and Alkemi Capital. 


Meddo is a health technology startup that is operating in the ambulance space. It is at the work of equipping OPD clinics with technology supported and digitally enabled solutions to help them convert into centres which provide full time medical services, have ERM system, helps in diagnosis and what not. It was founded in 2018 by Saurabh Kochhar and Dr Naveen Nishchal, with an aim to provide healthcare service anytime and anywhere. With an unlimited doctor access at online medium and offline medium  and with partners like Lenskart, fitternity, and Pee Buddy, it provides the features like keeping a record of health.

It is like an heath bank for the whole family, medicine reminders, to help the patients in getting better and even providing follow up reminders so that the patient books an appointment with the doctor. It claims to have served more than 600000 patients and has more than 200 clinics with 350+ doctors who are at 24 hour service, and with more than 20 specialities. 



Founded in 2015, Doxper is used whenever “pen touches the paper in the healthcare”. It is engaged in digitizing the healthcare data, which has been missing in India and almost every developing economy. It has found out that clinics in about 135 countries are still using pen and paper and the company has saw the need of change which is cost effective and user friendly.

The company is engaged in helping doctors and hospitals shift to digital mediums in order to improve their operational, clinical, and patient enagagement iutcomes. The company is of the belief that the data collected by digitizing the medium can be used in the future to create some big models and help in solve the problems of the healthcare system. 


These two companies are bringing in something new which is of great demand and is the need of the day. Let us wait and see what new this acquisition has to offer.

Edited by Aishwarya Ingle

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