Entrepreneur Saqib Aslam aka Apisthebull talks about his journey to success and what motivates him

Saqib Aslam popularly known as AP is someone who likes to challenge himself every single day. As a young man with Pakistani origins, he was doing everything that was expected of him. After finishing his graduation from the University of San Francisco, he managed to find a great job and surprised everyone with his achievements.

According, to the man himself, “I am proud that early age in my 20 I was able to get into real estate and purchase two properties without anybody’s help.”

Eventually, the creator in him won over the demands of the day to day life, and AP started a San Francisco based music label Apis Records. Today he has been associated with many successful projects including working with Travis Scott’s video Butterfly Effect.

He claims that his biggest motivation as an entrepreneur was to challenge himself and to step out of the comfort zone.

The drive to work on himself comes naturally to Saqib as even when he was in college he took a tough subject just to push his limits. While recounting the incident, he said, “The gratification of overcoming an obstacle is my greatest motivator. For example, math has never been my best subject, but I opted to take calculus in college, even though it wasn’t required for my major because I wanted to prove to myself I could do it. The course wasn’t easy, and I spent many nights studying late, but I passed with an A. The feeling of accomplishment that comes with exceeding challenging goals is what drew me to a career in music “

He believes that as long as you are true to yourself and willing to work hard, success will come. There is no shortcut to fame, it is a hustle each day.

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