How The Modi Government’s Dereliction Turned India Into A Graveyard: Refusing To Take The Accountability For Its Action, Delay In Making The Arrangements, Caused World’s Worst COVID-19 Crisis, More Than 4000 Deaths Still Continuing

The Dystopian nightmare has come true for India as it is experiencing the world’s worst COVID-19 outbreak. The horrendous situation of the country has been resulted due to multiple factors. While the daily COVID-19 cases are stabilizing, nevertheless, the death cases continue to soar.

The government’s ignorance and mismanagement led to this massacre, which turned the country into a graveyard! The medical health infrastructure and supplies are hampered greatly that is resulting in millions of deaths due to the lack of oxygen supplies and ICU beds. The barbaric actions of some people have crossed the limits that they are asking thousands of Rupees for some basic medical supplies. In a renowned government hospital in Patna Bihar, the ward boys asked Rs.1000 to carry the dead bodies of the patients.

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It caused agitation by the family members and eventually resulted in a brawl. Similarly, in Darbhanga Medical College, the condition of the hospital is so daunting that the patients live in fear that the fan or ceiling might fall over them. The ward boys of the same hospital ask anywhere between Rs. 200- Rs. 400 for carrying the oxygen cylinders to the patients, hence the incapable family members have to carry the heavy cylinders themselves. Indeed, COVID-19 is killing humanity more than humans.

But we can’t account for the actions of these people alone for the deadly COVID-19 crisis. Majorly, the government is responsible for the severity of the second wave in India. Intoxicated on the poll pill, the Modi government ignored the citizens and left them dying for gathering the votes. The government became so ravenous for votes that forgot all the possibilities of postponing the elections. The major chinks in India’s medical infrastructure are pretty evident, but, in the greed of grandeur, the government found it veracious to carry the ‘Central Vista‘ project.

Fascism is on an ever-rising trend, as the FIRs and arrests are made against those who criticize the government. Whatever, right now, is happening in the country leads to destruction and retrograding it back in every way possible. Millions of Rupees were spent on building Modi’s international image and his endless international tours over the past few years have failed to make India look good to foreigners.

The world is engulfed in destructive images and heartbreaking stories of despair flowing out of India – burning cemeteries, cemeteries, and crematoriums, with people dying in the pains due to a lack of oxygen. Let us have a look at the 3 major incidents where the government’s incomprehension led to the deadliest COVID-19 crisis in the world!

The government disregarded the citizens in the avidity to gain votes while the citizens were losing their lives, the government was busy conducting rallies.

There is no doubt that the government ignored the country in the greed to gain the seats of West Bengal. When elections could have simply canceled, or postponed, while the rallies would have been conducted virtually like every other crucial meeting happening in the country right now, PM Modi called the citizens in full-fledged numbers for the election rallies.

While Congress canceled all the election rallies in WB, BJP limited the people’s entry in the election rallies. 500 people were allowed to attend the elections, which by all prospects, is capable of spreading the COVID-19 infections massively. As a result, WB is recording more than 20,000 cases every day. Similarly, the government did not plan out any response method before the second wave and simply continued to live in denial. 

Mamta Banarjee, West Bengal CM blamed the central government for the ongoing COVID-19 crisis in the country. “In the greed to win the Bengal assembly and set up a double-engine government in WB, BJP pushed the country to the brink of destruction. The government was continuously visiting Bengal instead of conducting meetings for the COVID-19 response since the last six months,” she said. Mamta Banarjee also claimed that BJP ministers conducted the rallies without following the COVID-19 protocols and did not care to take RT-PCR tests. 

The RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat also criticized the BJP government and the public for being negligent after the first wave of COVID. The criticism is coming from within now. The government of Narendra Modi has faced stiff criticism for holding Council elections in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal, Assam, and Puducherry, and when the second wave of Covid-19 hit India. The second wave left hospitals shattering and medical staff exhausted. Social media is full of desperate people who need medical oxygen, hospital beds, and other necessities.

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Government running away from the truth, not welcoming the criticism, arresting and lodging FIRs against those who criticize the government’s action.

According to a report by The Wire, the residents of Mewla Gopalgarh, UP, are excruciating. Even the critical COVID patients are treated under the Neem tree. This is the harsh reality of India’s COVID-19 response and medical infrastructure where humans are treated like toys and are experiencing such a barbaric experience. The UP government targeted the residents who raised a complaint against such a behavior of the government and lodged FIRs against them.

As per a report by TOI, the village falls under the Gautam Budh administration, and the UP government has accused Harveer Talan (65) and Yogesh Talan of tarnishing the image of the UP government. Harveer Talan revealed that the COVID-19 patients are treated under the neem tree with the glucose bottles hanging on the branches. The patients are made to lie on the cots. The villagers are made to believe that the healing properties of neem would help them to recover from the virus faster. Amusing, isn’t it?

A similar incident has been reported from Delhi wherein 17 FIRs have been lodged against the people who put the posters agonizing about the government’s action of sending the vaccines abroad without thinking twice about its youth. The posters said, “Modi Ji humare baccho ki vaccines Videsh kyu bhej diya?”, a.k.a. Modi sir, why did you send our children’s vaccines abroad? This was a basic criticism or question that the citizens asked their policymakers, but the government’s egocentrism resulted in lodging the FIRs against them.

Many journalists, media persons, etc., who have criticized or raised a voice against the government’s demolishing COVID-19 response have witnessed a similar incident. The freedom of speech and expression, written in Article 19 (1) of the Indian Consitution gives a full right to express their opinions to the citizens. But slowly, Modi penal code is taking the Indian judiciary, and democracy is dying in India.


Economy dipping, downfall more severe than 2020 even after avoiding the nation-wide lockdown

Crisil recently conducted a survey in which they predicted that in the year 2021, the Indian GDP would be 2% higher than 2020. But the absolute GDP would be 10% down from the pre-COVID GDP. In the year 2020, there was a sudden downfall of the economy and the unemployment rates touched soaring high levels. Many people lost their jobs due to the ‘unplanned’ and ‘not considerate enough’ lockdown imposed by our PM.

The daily wagers and migrant workers suffered the most as the inevitable lockdown put them in disguise as they had to travel back to their hometown. In the cities, they couldn’t earn anymore as the ‘inconsiderate’ government, like always, ignored their existence and thought only about the privileged ones. The helpless workers had to travel back to thousands of kilometers on their feet while many lost their lives on their way traveling back. Lack of income resources also caused a massive problem to them as they had to sleep empty-stomach since all the shops, construction work, offices were closed. 

Several economic experts have suggested that India’s GDP would touch an all-time low of 9% in FY22. And if the third wave arrives in the country, and the ignorant government continues to not work for the country, then it may stumble down to 8.2%. Whereas the UN said India’s outlook is very fragile. It may grow 7.5% for the year 2021 since the export of vaccines to other nations took place. But now that the vaccines have exhausted in our country, the GDP is again hanging on both sides of lows and highs.

The future is uncertain. PM Modi dismantled all the possibilities of putting a nationwide lockdown in his last nation address. He kept the economy first over the dying and agonized citizens. Several high-profile doctors and experts globally suggested the PM impose a lockdown, but for him, the economy matters the most. For the sake of saving the economy, millions of people lost their lives to the pernicious pandemic. Who should be held for this havoc?

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