G7 Summit: India Opposes The ‘Vaccine Passport’ Idea, Calls It Discramatory As Vaccination Drive Proceeding At A Slower Pace In Developing Nations

India Opposes The ‘Vaccine Passport’ Idea

Union Health Minister Dr. Harshvardhan strongly opposed the idea of vaccine passport at the G7 plus ministerial session held on June 4. He called this implementation an “immature move,” as many developing countries are struggling to carry forward their vaccination process.

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He also stated that COVID-19 vaccination coverage of the developed nations like the UK, USA, etc., is thriving at a faster pace, and by implementing such policy many people from the developing nations will be deprived of traveling abroad. 

The health minister also added, “the implementation of this new policy should also be taken into consideration with the efficiency of the vaccines and the WHO‘s aberration access and affordability of the vaccines that are given to the different nations.” 

Dr. Harshvardhan expresses his concern via tweets

“At this stage of the epidemic, it is also appropriate to discuss India’s concerns about the concept of a vaccine passport. Given the reality of low immunization rates in developing countries as opposed to currently developed countries – the unspecified issues related to equitable and affordable access, supply, and distribution of safe and effective vaccines, India that the use of the vaccine passport will be very discriminatory and dangerous in developing countries, “said the health minister.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan also showed gratitude via a tweet as he got an opportunity to represent India at this year’s G7 summit via a video conference. The Union Health Minister also tweeted, “Showed a strong opposition and expressed India’s concern at this year’s G7 summit. Feeling grateful as I was able to represent our country with the other 7 nation’s health ministers. The vaccination coverage per percent of the developing countries is very feeble as compared to the developed countries. This implementation would be highly discriminatory hence we opposed it.”

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The G7 summit consists of 7 intergovernmental organizations from Japan, Germany, Canada, France, Italy, the UK, and the US.

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