Changing Others’ Lives With His Skills And Expertise, Make Way For Ecom Entrepreneur Justin Guerra.

Justin Guerra-His passion, combined with his courage, enthusiasm, and resilience, helped him reach the forefront of the real estate and digital world.

21-Year-Old Justin Guerra Slept on a Couch for the First Year and now Earns Multi-Million. – The UBJ – United Business Journal

A lot has been spoken about how people have gone all out in giving their best and becoming true winners in their respective industries. However, a few have tried to push boundaries and raise the bar for others in their fields to take their niche multiple steps forward. It is even more amazing to know about professionals and entrepreneurs who put the good of others above their desires and work towards building something so meaningful that it could add more value to people’s lives and eventually transform their lives for the better. Serving as one of the best examples of one such young Ecom entrepreneur is Justin Guerra.

21-Year-Old Justin Guerra Slept on a Couch for the First Year and now Earns Multi-Million. – The UBJ – United Business Journal


Imagine a boy who slept on a couch in his first year of entrepreneurship going forward to becoming a rising name in the real estate and digital world with his wholesale real estate company. This is what the story is of Justin Guerra. At 18 years, he found out about wholesale real estate, which became a turning point in his career. He had dropped out of high school to chase his dreams to be an entrepreneur, and it took him two years to actually see success.

By 21 years, he already owned his company and even began making millions of dollars. To further inspire greatness and knowledge in the industry, he began with educating and mentoring people looking to learn about wholesale real estate and started with his YouTube edutainment videos.

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He even began with holding free events for entrepreneurs to network more and learn from each other. He has been consistently providing free value to people to help them reach their goals and become more financially independent. All his events and YouTube videos are directed towards making individuals’ basics strong and adding more to their knowledge to help them become more confident individuals in the industry.

Justin Guerra highlights that he aims to reach as many people as he can to positively impact their mindsets and lives. Being so much at such a young age, Justin Guerra is proud that he has been able to help his clients and partners to lead their way to success. 

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The Instagram growth expert and Ecom entrepreneur is excited to continue walking his path to glory. Do connect with him through Instagram @jus.securethebag.

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