Virtual Assistant: How Do They Play A Good Role In Today’s Digital World?

Who is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is just like your regular assistant, but the only difference is, they will conduct their job remotely. A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who provides the whole work or the administrative service to the clients while they are operating outside of the client’s office. They have a typical form of a home office where they conduct their work. It is a remote-based job that they do for their clients like setting up meetings and clearing the client’s schedule for various other reasons.

These virtual assistants do have early access to the shared documents which are made from the client’s part. People who work as virtual assistants are those who have served on for a corporate leader in the past or had a minimum or essential years of experience.

In the new sphere of business, these virtual assistants have become more prominent in the whole job sphere due to the advent and the increase of the internet daily. These people are gaining more leads into the jobs with the providence of the same benefits from their clients, and instead of working at their office, they conduct the work based on the remote source.

A brief explanation of figuring out the whole cost:

why you need a virtual assistant - [top reasons]

The work and the experience of a Virtual assistant are the factors on which the right cost is determined. Since there is a lot of this Virtual assistant, the one which has a good cost will help you to gain an upper hand. This is how the cost of the Virtual assistant is calculated.

For there are a lot of ranges and services which depend on the factors which are given below so here we are to dive later with the scope of this article. A Virtual Assistant is the one who gets the job done easily but it readily depends on the type of assistant that you have selected for your work. Per hour rate is the main factor here which is selected on to the basis of the Virtual assistant. Depending on what they can do, they can produce an amount which can be comfortable with both needs. This can be matched with the deal of negotiation.

Factors on which the cost of a virtual assistant is managed:

the rise of virtual assistants and how it can benefit your business

One of the primary roles of any organization is to choose a perfect virtual assistant for their leading work. It is a challenging task, but if these listed pointers are kept in mind before hiring, it will gradually become easy.

  • Business goals attained by the virtual assistant

Every company out there have their ethics and business goals. So during the time of hiring a virtual assistant, it is essential to take care of these goals and take the work from there. The employer has to understand the purpose of the business should correlate to the work of the virtual assistant. The business goals that you have will relate to the need of your virtual assistant, and therefore, it can be better in the long run as well. It is not only the skill that matters while hiring them but the personality they procure as well.

  • Skills and knowledge set by the virtual assistant
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Another important point regarding the hiring of virtual assistants is to check out for their list of skills and preferred expertise. If you are hiring a competent and qualified virtual assistant, then you have to look out for their experience on the favorite field of the line where your company lies in. These skills are needed in the long run so that you can assess all the technical abilities of these workers before they are set for their job roles.

  • Language of speaking proficiency

The most important which you have to look after when hiring a virtual assistant online is to check after their language proficiency. It is essential since it will determine whether they are selected for the job or not. For instance of the work requires someone who has to present to the leads in English, then you have to hire a virtual assistant who speaks well in English. The person whom you are hiring for the virtual assistant job should have both proficiency in written and spoken knowledge of English or any other language which is preferred by the company.

  • Time difference set by the assistant

Since these virtual assistants are working remotely, you have to take time into account here. The time difference is the primary key, which is equally essential to all the list mentioned above of points. Consider hiring an excellent virtual assistant who is based on your time zone. They need to be present at the time when the meeting or the calls are to be scheduled. You need them for them duly work at the right time, and this is when hiring someone from the same time zone would help.

How to calculate the cost of a virtual assistant?

The main question that you might ask yourself is, can you afford a virtual assistant for your business? And how much would it cost you?

The main thing that everyone does is that they make assumptions. Assumptions that are made on no solid grounds are petty, and it is of no use to overindulge and think about them. Everyone has their version of expensive. It depends on your business and the total turnover that you are getting at the end of every financial year. If your business run is pretty solid, then you can ultimately afford a virtual assistant for your business.

Depending on the need of your virtual assistant, the whole cost factor is based. Some of the virtual assistants who are used for exceptional cases are only needed to work as a part-timer. The work pay depends on the hours they serve and the basis of the employer cost benefits added with the same.

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Typical rates which are charged by various virtual assistants:

how to succeed in business: hiring a va for startup growth

Here is a mentioned chart of the average prices which are charged by the variety of virtual assistants.

Types of a virtual assistant

Description of their job role

The average hourly rate charged by them

Administrative or Professionals/ Data Entry virtual assistant

Their job is to take care of the organizational need of the company mainly. These people are those who can help the boss of the company to work on various financial leads with clerical work, research, excel or spreadsheets management, etc.

Their typical hourly rate is about $12-20.

Marketing or those who are Customer Representative or Accounting Experts

Their daily job role and description is to take care of the accounting needs of the company. They are the ones who are experienced in the field of email marketing, handling of accounts of various clients, use of the CRM software, using projects in PowerPoint, or having the company’s website use in WordPress.

The hourly rate can be around $20-35.

An advanced virtual assistant or those who are a typical consultant

Their everyday work is to take care of the business consultancy and project management, which are done with the use of various leads for framing the action. These are the executive or leading assistant for your company who are ready to handle all the correspondence and everyday needs of the employer.

Their hourly rate is about $38-50.


How can you negotiate the rates with your virtual assistant?

what is a virtual assistant and what does a va do

Negotiating the whole rate or the average rate per hour with your virtual assistant is essential. It lets you understand how much you would be paying to your virtual assistant and how it can be good enough from your company’s behalf.

Here is how you can negotiate the whole deal with your virtual assistant.

  • Make sure that this is not a competition

When you are finally there to negotiate the rate while hiring a virtual assistant, then you have to understand that this is not a competition. No one will win when they are doubling the rates. Let go of the feeling that you will emerge as a winner after you have negotiated with the worker. You need to settle down and come in par with the terms that they have set for you.

  •  Research about the provider before you negotiate

You must research the second party when you are about to settle on a deal. It will help you to gain the upper hand into this matter. Whether you are outsourcing from a single employee or several virtual assistants for your business, you must research the agency that they are working from. Now about their past work and dig up some paperwork for the recent work that they have done. It will help you to understand their standard rates. 

  •  Be friendly

When you are dealing with and conducting a negotiation with your virtual assistant, then you have to be friendly with them. If the deal is getting out of your hands, then you cannot lose your cool because it will only show signs of rage and unprofessionalism. It is essential to keep a keen eye on the usage of friendly manners when settling a deal. Make sure that they are available for face time or a short call through which you can negotiate the whole deal with them.

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Make a demographic chart for the best:

why intelligent virtual assistants work better than chatbots ...

When you are selecting virtual assistant for your business, then you are bound to choose only the best ones regardless of whatever the cost that they are proving you with. Well, here is an indicative solution for you. Have you ever heard of demographic charts for understanding the work skills of an employee and the rates charged by them? If you have not, then here is your time to imply one for your business.

With the use of a demographic chart, you will only find the right virtual assistant for your company but also source out affordable pay from your end as well. You may be wondering how a chart can help you, well then, here is how it can save you from the extra costs.

A chart, when created from your end, will mark all the leading skills of the workers and their hourly rates. According to their skills given and the prices mentioned, you can compare all of them and choose someone who can benefit your company in all means. It will necessarily lower the budget that you have to pave in for a virtual assistant.

Every leading company out there needs a pair of helping hands, and it can only be done with the use of a proper lead of management from your end.

Foreigners don’t rely on outsourcing from India:

Well, the deal here is pretty simple. A lot of foreigners out there don’t believe in the work that is provided by the Indian companies to them. They think that Indian workers lack in performance and effort. It can harm their brand line and imaging and this is where they can be set back. This conception is completely based on a whole understatement.

Why outsourcing work from India is the best decision?

If the virtual assistants are outsourced from India, the cost will be reduced. Here are some of the other added benefits:

  1. It is the key solution for a business to run for the best. With the use of outsourcing, a business can run better and in pretty solid ground. That is why hiring a virtual assistant can be the leading solution for any company.
  2. The cost that has to be paid for the virtual assistant that is being hired is comparatively less than the one which the other sources charge. Outsourcing from Canada or the US can be costly.

The best thing about sourcing the work of a virtual assistant from India is the lead management of skilled workers. It can help the company to have a generalized knowledge in the right way.


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