Why should you care about a 5G network in India?

On June 3rd, Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad announced that the government will hold spectrums which includes the airwaves that will be used in the recent 5G or fifth-generation network coverage. As you have heard it already, the use of 5G is being discussed from all around the world. While some people are blaming it for the spread of the coronavirus or a huge government hoax for the launch of a new subject matter, the 5G is surely an undeniable topic. While some companies located in South Korea have started to roll out the possible use of 5G related techniques, India stands next in line to use them.

What is 5G?

5G or the fifth generation technique is surely is the next-generation cellular technology that will provide a better and faster communication that can be trusted on ultra-low latency. A government panel that was hosted ruled out that 5G can be used for the peak network and data speeds that are expected to be in the range of about 2-20 Gigabit per second(Gbps). This is a complete contrast to the 4G systems and link speeds which shares an average time and constraint of about 6-7 Megabit per second (Mbps) in India.

How will 5G work and benefit the Indian economy?

5G is surely expected to create a lot of economical conundrum with the upcoming technological advancement and developments. It is a cumulative economic impact that will be created from the launch of 5G of about $1 trillion in India by the year 2035. According to a separate network and panel made by the Ericson group of management, it was stated that the 5G will be enabling a proper digitalization revenue of about $26 billion in the field of economics by the year 2026.

As more and more people are becoming used to the technological advancement which is being functioned every day, 5G will surely benefit all business and other sectors to improve their sales and potentiality. 5G is not just a mere technique and advancement into the field of communication that can help people to connect. It is about business and different sections of the world to merge, with the use of a broader spectrum. Additionally, the global telecom network has stated that India will have about 70 million 5G connections by the end of 2025.

Should we care about the growing concern over 5G?

We all know the growing concern devours the fact that the recent pandemic that is growing around in the whole world is being done by the telecommunication group. It is a mere marketing strategy to bring people to a common ground. India is an ever-growing nation and with a population of about billions, we can ensure that 5G will be a regular network and connectivity program in the coming years. Upgrading the long term evolution core will help India to support the 5G networks in all cases.

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