Health Workers are Using Air Bubble Helmets to Fight COVID in Bhopal

It has been 5 months that the world is fighting against the deadly, incurable pandemic. Where on one side researchers and health experts are trying to discover a vaccine but on the other hand the healthcare workers including doctors, nurses, and other paramedics are fighting on the front line. Many frontline fighters have also contracted COVID and some of them have also lost their lives. Under such circumstances, it becomes foremost important to ensure the safety of healthcare workers.

In a private hospital in Bhopal, the air bubble is being used to avoid corona infection. Health workers are using it. They are air bubble transparent and cover the face completely. Its structure is such that it does not cause trouble in breathing and there is no danger of corona particles reaching the nose or mouth. This would ensure the total safety of healthcare workers.

Safety of health workers is also important
According to the hospital’s cardiologist Dr. Skanda Trivedi, this method of prevention from COVID has been implemented to protect the health workers. They are constantly caring for the patients of Corona. So it is designed to save doctors, nurses, and technicians.

Risk of breathing in the infected air
According to Dr. Skanda Trivedi, the corona spreads when inhaled infected air. If the corona patients are there, the problem will increase if the health workers breathe in the same air. So I will be able to secure the staff from the air bubble that they will be able to work with the patient for 8 hours. This measure has been taken in the wake of the increasing cases of COVID-19 that will ensure the safety of the doctors and nurses.

How would the Mask Work?
The air bubble completely covers the face. In such a situation, health workers need to reach oxygen. The air bubble has a pipe for fresh air. The air reaches the user using this pipe. It is very easy to wear because it is helmet-like and is a portable device.

These helmet-like masks cover the entire head of the healthcare worker with the increasing cases of COVID, the health of the healthcare worker becomes primary, therefore, the necessary precautions and measures should be taken to take care of doctors and nurses. Also, they say necessity is the mother of invention and times of crisis like these stand true to the statement. These air bubble helmets qualify as a testimony of the testing times.

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