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People In Uttar Pradesh Can’t Even Cry On The Death Of Their Relatives Amid Covid-19 Due To Fear Of NSA. UP CM Offering NSA like Free Food In Langar

The Draconian government led by the Hindu Monk Yogi Adityanth has crossed all the boundaries of humanitarian sensitiveness. A few days ago, the Wire Published an article stating how the UP government has penalized the citizens for showing their dissent on social media handles. The protagonism and insecurity of the UP government got reflected when they issued the National Security Act and the Gangster Act. Further condemning that there is no oxygen shortage hasn’t proved to be a deciphering move as the cremations in Uttar Pradhesh are piled up with hundreds of dead bodies. The haughtiness gets highlighted in one of the staggering moves as people talking about their frustration and agony are penalized. Through helping organizations, people have been pleading on their handles for help and getting the assistance they need. It seems like that the government authorities have been incompetent with the handling of the operations, and people are lying down in pain pillorying on roads, hospital to hospital for saving the lives of their loved ones.

For instance, yesterday, we saw one of the heartwrenching visuals from Uttar Pradesh, Agra, when a man reeled down on his knees pleading and crying in front of the officials for not confiscating the oxygen cylinder away. Sources claimed that he had exchanged the oxygen cylinder for his ailing mother, whose condition was severe. The video went viral on social media where the man was dressed in a PPE Kit wailing and falling at the feet of policemen. How is this inhumane act being allowed to happen by the Yogi government? Have they lost all their humanity in a move to capitulate their image? Perceiving one of the heartbreaking scenes across the country, and people’s weeping cries for lives have rigorously ignored.

“Aapke charanon mein vinti karta hoon…Bhaiya meri ma ko bacha lo (I am at your feet, requesting you. Please save my mother),” were the words of a man pleading with the police authorities for an oxygen cylinder. I’m fuming with the drenching act by the government. The dreadful commutation brought tears into our eyes, what might have gone through the person whose mother is on the verge of losing her life. In response, the police officers condemned it to be a false allegation and precisely stated that they were taking away the empty cylinders. How cruelty creeps in forms of political dominance could get observed during the incident. When the man was seen weeping, all the corrupt officials did was carry the directive of the government forward to blatantly snatching away the oxygen cylinders by sure-short ascendant power. The stories of the desperation of oxygen, hospital beds, and ventilators have surfaced across the country, the government remains to shush while capitulating lies and discerning the urgent need of the crisis.

The UP Government’s hubris in declaring that people are spreading fake allegations about oxygen shortage and other prolific matters is a sign of political hue. The same case could get addressed in the harrowed scene at the cremations where the families are struggling to cremate their own dear ones and are being overcharged. It is the resemblance to a dictatorship regime where supremacy is trying to coerce the people to a more dire situation. The word is being spread across the state that whosoever alleges the government in showing their dissent would get brutally punished. When the citizens are suffering the toll of the crisis and sparring emergency assistance from the organizations, the government is claiming it to be a movement of allegations. The implementation of the NSA act has threatened them to remain under the cosh. The government is overlooking the help acquired from the organizations, and if anyone is found to have received the aid, it has turned conspicuously into false narratives. In fact, when they should be recommending hospitals with the supply of oxygen and beds, it is banishing the truth and penalized the dissent at will.

The current regime is trying to recapitulate its image across the corporate houses. In response, they are deliberately seeking to do this by excruciating the interests of many million lives. UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanth seems to follow the adhesive of his idol Narendra Modi. The whole scenario in India is being carved to be alright but the truth contradicts the congregational statements. In the name of the Covid-19 crisis, the government is not looking to compensate for revenues and they are not even barring the cremations. A ghat in Varanasi was allegedly declining to cremate a body because the concerned person did not have the asked amount for entering the premises. It is sickening to see the leaders become so insensitive and arrogant at their position.

While in Delhi people are helping citizens get oxygen supply by inaugurating Oxygen Langar, the UP Government is serving extremism by introducing the act of NSA. It seems like we are not willing to help ourselves and we would not let anyone help either at the time of suffering. How atrociously repulsive behavior by Yogi Adityanath’s regime. The infections are reeling up in exponential numbers, and the Chief Minister has the impudence to say that only the required is being provided with oxygen cylinders. How could the citizens believe the comments to be factual truth when the actual required is wobbling at your feet and still is being deprived of getting the assistance so blatantly. It is getting to the stage where the people are getting scared that whether they will be able to wipe their tears over the demise of their loved ones or the government is going to exploit their lives into misery.

While the government is banishing the innocent amid what they claim to rumor-mongering and indulging in unscrupulous elements, people finding it difficult to send their final condolences to their family members. The UP government has exhibited a prime example of scintillating dominance as the political administration has given a free spree to the police officials to take away the requisite from the ailing individuals amid the indefatigable efforts pursued in acquiring oxygen cylinders from the organizations. The arrogance has failed our health system to a nemesis whose reverberations have become wrenched in our reeling hearts forever. Citizens are condemning the approach of NSA adopted, and why shouldn’t they when the political ascendancy has subdued its power for tormenting our situation to the dire state where we invoked to hung out to dry. Even if the government feels it wasn’t enough, a new law will emerge someday that would only allow the political VIPs to get treatment in the hospitals, and the rest would be on the course of facing the extremism of giving up.

Tanish Sachdev
Tanish Sachdev
Tanish seeks new opportunities as a professional content writer and writes on several fundamental topics like businesses and economics. The focal point remains on expressing opinions on critical aspects concerning the economy.
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