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Covid Has Come as an excellent money-making opportunity for Failed & Impotent Government As Well As Greedy Healthcare Sector.

Indians are cladding the trepidation of survival, and with infections spiking on an appalling level every day, the hospitals are stacking up with patients. It is crystal clear by now that the Indian healthcare system is facing a grueling shortage of facilities, and there has been barely anything concrete conducted on the central and the state government level to tweak the fragilities. The irksome precis amid the coronavirus outbreak has been the government’s impotence in delivering prevention at the right time, rather inclined their focus on the discerning State of affairs. When the inhabitants were crying out in pain, the central government was engaged in tying up plans with the pharmaceutical companies to regulate the vaccine’s markets by differential pricing. When the Home Ministry of India declared Y category security level for Serum Institute of India’s CEO Adar Poonawalla, the links of the pharmaceutical company with the central government were comprehensible. The pharmaceutical companies might have deployed some funds in favor of Amit Shah. He faced allegations of declaring different prices of the same vaccines to the central and the state government. Is this some precarious manipulative strategy implemented to stock up higher doses of vaccine and then liftoff them to the markets at higher prices to earn profitable revenues? Everything is seeming ever so likely that it might be.

Even if that wasn’t enough in terms of greed for money, the healthcare system also got involved in draining more funds from patients. The private hospitals took advantage of the crippling situation prevalent across the nation. People were crying out for admission in hospitals due to shortage of beds, and the private hospitals exhausted the agony into a business revenue profession. The venting cost of ICU beds went up; the cost of life-saving injections and drugs has gone up. The situation is grim, and the people have procured those funds by mortgaging their property or selling off their assets. If we were significantly a nation of pride and dignity, the current regime healthcare system and the central government wouldn’t have bestowed down; such greedy tactics. The private hospitals turned progressive amid the coronavirus outbreak and seeing the dreadful situation today. There might have been some concessions awarded to the citizens. Yesterday, a smoldering image of an ambulance charging Rs. 10,000 for merely a four-kilometer drive. Indian middle-class families who get vented up with the pressures of procuring savings in case of a black swan event get compelled to adhere to the enormous amount just for saving their lives. The decipher of saving lives from the deadly coronavirus soon turned into a profit-making avenue for the healthcare system. It is nothing new in the issue of abrupt and unexplained overcharging in private hospitals. Despite several governments issuing orders on capping the prices for treatment amid Covid-19, private hospitals continued to flout high charges vanquishing and kept the patients in the deepening loophole. The patients had no other option, rather than approving the set prices as their overreliance on the healthcare system. The enormous embezzlement highlighted in the whole dilemma that patients even suffered fraudulent practices from the insurance companies when they denied reimbursing the hospital bills. The murking factor is private hospitals have kept on overcharging patients and disseminating their interests. The government also becomes a compliant witness of the whole synopsis and does nothing to avoid struggles for the families; it is frustrating. The healthcare infrastructure that got deemed to be robust today has failed even to regulate the primitive services. And the patients are desperate to get enrolled for treatment despite the humungous costs. How explicitly they have dealt in filling their bank accounts by utilizing their power for denting the deeds.

The central government hasn’t wavered behind acquiring money when the economy has barely received a significant boost over the past year. We all are reminiscent that how seemingly the government urged the people to donate in the PM-Cares Funds despite an existing fund already regulating for granting relief to the citizens. The dissent after the citizens figured out about the fools of themselves created by the government was inevitable. The politicians couldn’t care less to let go a single penny from their pockets. The taxes haven’t got the decisive recognition, and still, we get burdened by paying high tax rates of GST for commodities despite the fact our liquidity cash composition has dropped down to steeping levels. The government didn’t show any gratitude or concern, and why would they when all this while the one thing they cared about reconciling their homes with bulks of money. Even when the migrant workers were on a stringent strive to survive, the government claimed that their move to their native town would get handled by their end. All of this was to create a reckoning for themselves, and the migrant workers didn’t get a sniff of discount in train fares. The impotent government sources kept up reeling the miseries in their favor and raised their revenues.

AIIMS Director Dr. Randeep Guleria came out today and asserted that people are creating havoc on the pandemic. Moreover, he further said that the person contracting severe symptoms of Covid-19 shouldn’t be rushing for an oxygen cylinder every time they feel the need. It feels like the diplomacy style has worked well for the government and its followers in these gigantic private hospitals. They are coming out suppressing the facts on the endpoint and then introducing policies to quick-wittedly ramp up their revenues which the innocent think to benefit them in the foreseeable future. Why would he be telling the truth when there are so many negative congregations prevailing across the countries.

Putting a final nail on the coffin are the higher prices getting charged by crematoriums officials. They are working on the State’s order, and it is like the government could plan up to build more graveyard than beds in the coming days as it yields more revenues. Atrocious! The ball game is so grimmer that ghats in Uttar Pradesh are charging almost Rs 10,000 in surplus than the amount with the individuals. It’s like if you don’t have the money, you can go elsewhere to cremate the body. Is the government running a business avenue amid India being in the midst of the world’s largest outbreak is back-breaking to conspire?

The government has left us in the predicament of perplexion while they are busy counting on vaccine pricing, healthcare systems, and the taxes for raising its profits for the year. The staggering aspect is that the consumption of commodities has got recapitulated since the ease of the lockdown. And the government is procuring imminent revenue from the sale of those services.

Tanish Sachdev
Tanish Sachdev
Tanish seeks new opportunities as a professional content writer and writes on several fundamental topics like businesses and economics. The focal point remains on expressing opinions on critical aspects concerning the economy.
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