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Can Your Pet Animals Be Infected With Covid-19? All Your Questions Answered.

Many people have pet animal and this question extremely bothers them.

Yes. Animal can get infected with Covid-19. Many cases are coming up in which animals are showing symptoms of coronavirus and the main mode of transmission is contact with an infected person.

People are shut inside their homes and only going out for essential activities. They are taking all necessary measures. However, one question hovers over the minds of people – can animals get infected with Covid-19?

There are also reports of animals having Covid 19 from different parts of the world after humans. Usually, corona virus is present in animal and birds, but it does not harm them and under normal circumstances it does not even enter humans.

A dog in Hong Kong and cat in Belgium found positive

Pets Animals and COVID-19: Answers to All Your Questions

A dog in Hong Kong and a cat in Belgium were found to be Covid 19 positive. These were the earliest cases of Covid 19 being confirmed in animal. In the context of both these cases, it was said that their owners had symptoms of Corona virus and it is possible that Covid 19 was transmitted to their animal.

Corona virus infection has also been found in two pet cats on 23 April in New York. It is also believed that their owners are responsible for the transmission.

Tigress in Bronx Zoo in New York

The most shocking case of animal infection came when a tigress was found Covid 19 positive at the Bronx Zoo in New York. Now cases of some other animal have also been reported in the same zoo. According to National Geographic Seven, seven more animals (lions and tigers) have been found positive in the Bronx Zoo. According to the National Geographic website, four tigers and three lions have been found to be infected. These seven new cases came to light three weeks after the Bronx Zoo tigress case.

Chief Veterinarian Paul Kale said that the tigress case is the first known case of Covid 19 in a large carnivorous creature present in a zoo. In the tigress too, the symptoms of infection were the same, which are commonly reported for humans. It is believed that she got the infection from her caretaker.

Pets and Coronavirus Risk | Everyday Health

But since the case of the tigress in the Bronx Zoo, countries around the world have increased their precautions and vigilance. Zoos are closed in most countries as a precautionary measure.

Zoos in India closed; precautionary measures for animals in place

In India, as well all zoos are closed.

In such a situation, Ministry of environment and forest have asked all zoo authorities to be more vigilant. Precautions like 24-hour monitoring of animals, use of CCTV cameras in case of any unusual behaviour, mandatory PPE for caregivers, quarantining of weak and sick animals and minimum contact with animals are being taken.

It has been clarified in this notification that carnivorous mammals, especially the species of cat species, bovine and chimpanzees should be monitored. It has also been instructed that samples of the animals should be sent for immediate examination in case of any apprehension.

It is mandatory for every person working in the zoo to follow the guidelines issued by the Government of India to stay away from the corona virus infection and to prevent its spread.

Helpful Questions and Answers about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Your Pets |  FDA



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